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Solicitations: Essays on Criticism & Culture | English | ISBN-10: 807308242X | 515 pages | 2008 | PDF | 25.48 MB

The topics addressed in these essays range from laissez-faire economics and the state of contemporary culture, to the foundations of ethical philosophy. Commencing with an analysis of the rhetoric of "crisis," Armand poses questions of central concern to the future of criticism and the institutions of knowledge.

Focusing upon the role of technology in re-shaping the structures of human experience, language and cultural practice, this collection of essays offers a broad critique of the legacies of modernity and beyond. Adopting the critical paradigm of solicitation, Armand demonstrates how structure is perceived through an incidence of crisis, and that these crises are pervasive in human experience. The essays included in this volume address the work of writers, philosophers, artists, as well as broader issues of history, futurity and the digital age. Jacques Derrida, James Joyce, Immanuel Kant, Walter Benjamin, Karl Jaspers are read alongside Buckminster Fuller, Julia Kristeva, Rosalind Krauss, Marshal McLuhan, John Dewey, as well as recent and contemporary artists like John Cage, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cy Twombly, Brett Whiteley, Michael Dransfield, John Kinsella and Pierre Daguin. "This book explores--from a rigorously materialist perspective--the location of and conditions for the mind, and deploys this question in the form of essays about a wide range of criticism and culture. [...] Both individually and as a whole, these essays perform a transversal, or 'swarming' movement that covers an astonishingly wide spectrum." --Jeroen Nieuwland, Jacket

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