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Total Kabbalah: Bring Balance and Happiness into Your life | Maggy Whitehouse | 2007 | ISBN: 0811861376 | English | 224 pages | PDF | 67 MB

In the same illustrated format as the best-selling Total Feng Shui, here is a highly accessible guide to the practice of Kabbalah, the once-hidden tradition of Jewish mysticism. Total Kabbalah systematically describes each school of kabbalistic thought, including Jewish, Christian, Magical,

Toledano, Lurianic, and Hasidic varieties. Straightforward text and easy-to-read diagrams, charts, and bulleted lists outline the facts, traditions, legends, and formulae behind each doctrine and also address the rumors and misunderstandings that surround this mystical practice. From divine principles and guidance on reading the Bible to practical techniques for prayer and meditation, Total Kabbalah makes it easy to draw on this ancient wisdom today.

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