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Dance Workout for Dummies
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Dance Workout For Dummies is a fun and easy wayTM to burn off extra calories and improve your fitness level.Use these two 20-minute dance workouts regularly and you ll not only notice a difference in the way you look, but also in the way you feel because dance builds confidence and boosts energy levels.Don t worry if you haven't danced before these routines are easy to follow starting with simple foot patterns and gradually adding arm movements and style. To make it even easier to complete these dance workouts,we include a separate tutorial that covers the foundation moves.This quick segment allows you to get the basics of the dance at a slower pace. This way, when you go on to the main programs, you can feel comfortable and move with ease.
About the Instructor: Michelle LeMay is a world-renowned choreographer and fitness instructor certified by the American Council
on Exercise (ACE). She was a pioneer of the dance and fitness workout blend.Through her private studio and televised workouts shows, Michelle has inspired students to get up and dance for more than 20 years.

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