Normale Version: Guy Aitchison Reinventing the tattoo (Second Edition)
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Guy Aitchison Reinventing the tattoo (Second Edition)
eLearning Video - DVD5 | English | 720x480 | MPEG2 ~8000 kbps | PCM ~1536 kbps 48 kHz | 4.12 GB
Lecture, Drawing, Painting and Desig

Rather than being a simple A-Z guide, Reinventing The Tattoo taps into Guy's unique vision and his 20 years in the tattoo profession to provide an inside look into what it takes to improve your overall artistic ability and to put these skills to work on skin to get the results that you want. Although still following the same basic format as the first edition, the text has been trimmed down, cleaned up, expanded, illustrated and captioned to make for an educational experience unlike anything else available in the tattoo industry. Whether you're an experienced professional or an apprentice working in a supervised setting, this DVD can provide you with valuable new tools for improving your work. Reinventing The Tattoo is for professional tattooists only!

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