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Dave Cross - Mastering Selections in Photoshop CS5
English | Video: vp6f, yuv420p, 854x480, 819 kb/s | Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, s16 | 607 MB
Genre: Video training

Being able to make accurate selections is one of the most important skills in Photoshop and making those selections quickly and painlessly is equally important. Join Dave Cross as he covers all the key tools and techniques for selecting and masking, including the newest Photoshop CS5 techniques.


Introduction (00:48)
What is new in Photoshop CS5 (06:22)
Selections versus Masks (04:34)
Key Concepts (07:03)
Layer Masks (09:39)
Marquee Tools (05:34)
Lasso Tools (07:15)
Quick Selection Tool / Magic Wand (07:18)
Fine-Tuning Selections (05:59)
Quick Mask (05:53)
Pen Tool (05:12)
Color Range (05:12)
Refine Edge (06:29)
Saving Selections (06:03)
Channel-Based Selection (06:57)
Green Screen Extraction (05:42)
Camera Raw and Selections (05:45)
Example (06:11)
Conclusion (00:32)

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