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Six Pack Shortcuts Mike Chang Complete Workout
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Genre : Elearning

- Full 12 week workout (& Exercise Vault, Getting Started, Workout Outline)
- 24 Week Advanced Fitness Coaching
- Six Pack Abs Diet

All Files Are:

- .FLV
- .PNG (For Workout Outline)
- .PDF (For Six Pack Pro Diet)
- .TXT (For occasional Workout Details

Workout Details:

Six Pack Shortcuts is a training course consisting of a series of online videos that that are designed to help you get a ripped six pack after around 3 months on the six pack abs exercises that Mike teaches. It??é¼?äós dubbed the ??é¼?ôSix Pack Shortcuts??é¼?¥ as the abs workouts are specifically designed for training efficiency (the most possible results in the least amount of time).
The Six Pack Shortcuts course is structured in a way that is easy to follow, but most importantly, teaches you to understand the reasons why you will get your six pack abs. The six pack program is structured in the following stages:
The Introduction to Phase 1 Video - Mike Explains and Walks You Through Every Workout

Phase 1: Accelerate Your Metabolism ??é¼?�£ Mike teaches you how to change your workout program to incorporate HIIT (high intensity interval training) techniques. This phase is designed to increase your muscle mass and calorie expenditure by training with higher intensity for shorter periods.

Phase 2: Burn the Belly Fat The next stage of getting a six pack involves burning your belly fat. Once your metabolism is raised, you will further increase the intensity on this phase and going on Mikes Will Power Eating System??é¼?äó.

Phase 3: How to Build a Six Pack once you have low body fat and can start to see your six pack stomach, You move onto another video and Mike teaches you about 10 or 12 specific six pack abs exercises which he has perfected over the years.

Phase 4: Learn how to Maintain Your Six Pack Stomach for Life The final video teaches you a few additional exercises and tips to shed those last couple of pounds and keep them off for good. By this point you will probably have your ripped six pack abs and not really need to much stuff from this video.

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