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Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Rich As a Photographer by Gary Fong
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Gary Fong Getting Rich as a Photographer 2 DVD Set.Gary says: I will clearly show you: How I started with absolutely nothing, with low prices and used a technique to build my average year after year without directly marketing to the affluent clientele. The two absolute GOLDEN RULES that you can do that are virtually ignored by 99% of all wedding photographers to create an incredible average wedding order. Why timing of your presentation steps is so important.
How to completely blow away your client with a journalistic "Storytelling" technique that makes your client rave about you everywhere. How to create a pricing structure that is super easy for your clients to understand, and immensely helps you to book more weddings. How to rapidly design beautiful fine-art albums for weddings OR portraiture at about a page a minute! How to use the Internet to practically guarantee your success in business. Why I never invested a dollar in advertising my photography business... why I never did a bridal show and why DOING THESE THINGS HURT YOUR BUSINESS! My workflow steps that will save you up to 75% off the time you are wasting now...

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