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"Hack Yourself First" is all about developers building up cyber-offense skills and proactively seeking out security vulnerabilities in their own websites before an attacker does.

The prevalence of online attacks against websites has accelerated quickly in recent years and the same risks continue to be readily exploited. However, these are very often easily identified directly within the browser; it's just a matter of understanding the vulnerable patterns to look for. This course comes at security from the view of the attacker in that their entry point is typically the browser. They have a website they want to probe for security risks â€" this is how they go about it. This approach is more reflective of the real online threat than reviewing source code is and it empowers developers to begin immediately assessing their applications even when they're running in a live environment without access to the source. After all, that's what online attackers are doing.

Table of contents:

Introduction25m 58s
Transport Layer Protection1h 8m
Cross Site Scripting (XSS)57m 23s
Cookies45m 14s
Internal Implementation Disclosure1h 9m
Parameter Tampering1h 31m
SQL Injection1h 16m
Cross Site Attacks1h 0m
Account Management1h 10m

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