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Artist: Rory Gallagher
Title Of Album: Notes From San Francisco
Year Of Release: 2011
Label: Eagle Rock
Genre: Hard-Blues-Rock
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Total Time: 02:00:58
Total Size: 294 MB


CD1 (Studio)
01. Rue The Day
02. Persuasion
03. B Girl
04. Mississippi Sheiks
05. Wheels Within Wheels
06. Overnight Bag
07. Cruise On Out
08. Brute Force & Ignorance
09. Fuel To The Fire

10. Wheels Within Wheels (Alt version)
11. Cut A Dash
12. Out On The Tiles

CD2 (Live)
01. Follow Me
02. Shinkicker
03. Off The Handle
04. Bought And Sold
05. I’m Leavin’
06. Tattoo’d Lady
07. Do You Read Me
08. Country Mile
10. Shadow Play
11. Bullfrog Blues
12. Sea Cruise


Rory Gallagher (guitars, Vocals)
Gerry McAvoy (bass)
Lou Martin (piano, keyboards)
Ted McKenna (drums)
Joe O'Donnell (violin on 'Mississippi Sheiks')
Martin Fiero (Saxophone on 'Rue The Day' and 'Brute Force & Ignorance')

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