Normale Version: Donna Kauffman - Off Kilter (Hot Scot #2)
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Donna Kauffman - Off Kilter (Hot Scot #2)
Unabridged AudioBook | 2014 | Genre: Romance | English | ISBN-13: 9780758250896 | M4B 64Kb | Length: 11 hrs and 42 mins | 318.92 MB

Brash entrepreneur Roan McAuley has no problem getting naked. But being the only one in the room dropping kilt and giving plenty isn't his idea of fun - even if it's for the "Men of the Highlands" calendar and a good cause. However, getting feisty photographer Tessa Vandergriff all hot, bothered, and hungry is proving irresistible.even though she's not his type. And even if the sizzling attraction between them is changing everything this roguish playboy thinks he knows about lust.and love.

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