Normale Version: The Villagers - {Awayland} (Deluxe Version) (2013)
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Genre:Indie-Pop, Indie-Rock
Bitrate:320 kb/s
Size:155.22 MB
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1 My Lighthouse
2 Earthly Pleasure
3 The Waves
4 Judgement Call
5 Nothing Arrived
6 The Bell
7 {Awayland}
8 Passing a Message
9 Grateful Song
10 In a Newfound Land You Are Free
11 Rhythm Composer

Bonus Tracks:
12. Nothing Arrived (Live at Attica)
13. The Bell (Live at Attica)
14. My Lighthouse (Live at Attica)
15. Earthly Pleasure (Live at Attica)
16. The Waves (Live at Attica)

PW: hell

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Villagers - {Awayland} (Deluxe Version) (2013)

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