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Kelby Training Adobe Illustrator CS5 Power Session | 321 MB
Genre: eLearning

Illustrator CS5 has gone through some major changes. From Beautiful Strokes, to being able to design in a 3D plane, Adobes flagship Illustration software really needs to be experienced to be believed. NAPP Instructor RC Concepcion takes you through all of the changes that have been made in Illustrator CS5. There is no faster way to get up to speed than a Power Session.


* Introduction (00:59)
* Using the Width Tool for Changing Strokes (07:13)
* Working with Dashes and Arrowheads in Illustrator CS5 (05:10)
* Draw Behind/Draw Inside (05:23)
* Bristle Brush Overview (04:53)
* Shape Builder and Pixel Grids (06:07)
* Naming Your Artboards (10:30)
* 9 Slice Scaling with Graphics (02:36)
* Using Perspective Drawing 1 (11:56)
* Segmented Brushes in Illustrator (02:08)
* Roundtrip with Flash Catalyst (08:37)
* Conclusion (00:41)

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