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3 in 1 Ball The Complete Collection Workout l 2.18 GB

ISBN: 9781741815481

ISBN-10: 1741815487

Publisher: Hinkler Book Distributors,Australia

Date Published: 1/10/2007

Format:: DIVX (Book and accessories not included)

Language: English

The fitness ball is a popular piece of exercise equipment. it improves body and movement awareness, joint stability, posture, and muscle balance. 3 in 1 Ball: The Complete Collection incorporates three different workouts featuring Pilates Principles, a stretchband, and a resistance web.

Simply Ball with Pilates Principles: Jennifer Pohlman and Rodney Searle guide you through a 36 minute ball workout featuring Pilates principles that will create strong core muscles.

Simply Ball and Band: Enjoy a 106 minute class with Dina and Mark as they guide you through three progressive workouts. This total program will develop strength, core stability, and cardio fitness.

Simply Ball & Web: Julia Filep takes you through a complete body coditioning workout in this 70 minute video. This total-body program includes a resistance web session and will promote fitness, muscle tone, and weight loss.

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