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Dream Theater - Ultimate Tab E-Books Collection
English | PDF | Ebook Collection | All In One | 445 MB

This collection is only a start! Right now I have most of the tablature books from Dream Theater in the best qualities I could find available on the internet, as well as John Petrucci's Suspended Animation book, one of the most sought-after tab books, and Black Clouds & Silver Linings
I would very much like to add to this collection, so I need the communities' help in either tracking down or creating high-quality and full-band backing tracks (minus guitar) for playing along with the tab books. This will aid in creating a complete go-to reference for playing Dream Theater music!


Dream Theater - Ultimate Tab Book Collection

Alternate Scans
Dream Theater - Awake.pdf 12 Mb
Dream.Theater - Train of Thought.pdf 2 Mb
Suspended Animation Backing Tracks
Damage Control.mp3 17 Mb
Wishful Thinking.mp3 7 Mb
Glasgow Kiss.mp3 7 Mb
Jaws of Life.mp3 7 Mb
Curve.mp3 6 Mb
Lost Without You.mp3 5 Mb
Dream Theater - Keyboard Anthology.pdf 83 Mb
Dream Theater - Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence.pdf 49 Mb
Dream Theater Anthology.pdf 39 Mb
John Petrucci - Suspended Animation.pdf 37 Mb
Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos.pdf 36 Mb
Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Linings.pdf 33 Mb
Dream Theater - Train Of Thought.pdf 32 Mb
Dream Theater - Awake.pdf 17 Mb
Dream Theater - When Dream And Day Unite.pdf 16 Mb
Dream Theater - Images & Words.pdf 10 Mb
Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons.pdf 10 Mb
Dream Theater - Falling To Infinity.pdf 8 Mb
Dream Theater - Octavarium.pdf 7 Mb
Dream.Theater - Scenes From A Memory.pdf 6 Mb

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