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The Guinness World Records 2013 eBook features thousands of brand new inspirational achievements and exclusive pictures chronicling Guinness World Records from all over the world! With more than 4,000 records and a dozen chapters Guinness World Records 2013 is the must-have eBook of the year for aspiring record-breakers of all ages. From Wacky Vehicles and Animalympics to special pages devoted to a world tour of superlatives and an exploration of the extremes of record-breaking, Guinness World Records 2013 is lavishly designed and brings to you the world of record-breaking like you?ÇÖve never seen it before!

Guinness World Records 2013 is crammed with new and updated records, and never-before-seen photography. Meet the new shortest living man and a slam-dunking parrot, and witness the fiercest predators in the ocean - you can see them in 3D with our new augmented reality app!

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