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Human Prehistory Ebooks - Andrusca - 28.06.2016

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Human Prehistory Ebook Collection / 1.38 GB

Content :

1 Prehistory\Gen, divers\

H. Mueller-Beck - Die Steinzeit (Beck-Wissen) 1998.pdf
Harding et al (eds) - Enclosing the past. Inside and outside of Prehistory (Enclosures) 2006.pdf
Hoppa&Vaupel - Paleodemography ~ Age distribution from skeletal samples 2002.pdf
W.J. Burroughs - Climate Change in Prehistory 2005.pdf

1 Prehistory\Human Evolution\

Cameron&Groves - Bones, Stones and Molecules ~ 'Out of Africa' and Human Origins 2004.pdf
Carl Sagan - The Dragons of Eden - Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence (Ballantine, 1978).pdf
Clark&Brandt (eds) - From Hunters to Farmers (in Prehistoric Africa) 1984.pdf
Delson Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory 2nd ed 2000.pdf
F. Dunsworth - Human Origins 2007.pdf
F. Schrek, Beck-Wissen - Die Fruhzeit Des Menschen 1997.pdf
G. Cohran, The 10,000 Year Explosion How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution 2009 (to).pdf
Harris&Ross (eds) - Food and Evolution ~ Toward a theory of human food habits 1987.pdf
Hovers&Kuhn, Transitions Before the Transition ~ Evolution and stability in the Middle Paleolithic and Middle Stone Age 2006.pdf
I. Tattersall - The World from Beginnings to 4000 BCE 2008.pdf
J. de Morgan, Prehistoric Man - A General Out Line Of Prehistory 1925.pdf
J. Gribbin, ?? ?????? ??? ?????.pdf
Prentiss, Kuijt & Chatters, Macroevolution in Human Prehistory 2009.pdf
S. Mithen (ed) - Creativity in Human Evolution and Prehistory 1998.pdf
Steele&Shennan (eds) - The Archaeology of Human Ancestry 1996.pdf
Thom Holmes, Primates And Human Ancestors-The Pliocene Epoch 2009.pdf
Wenke & Olszewski, Patterns in Prehistory - Humankind's First Three Million Years 2007.pdf

1 Prehistory\Life, Society\

Albarella et al (eds) - Pigs and Humans ~ 10,000 years of interaction 2007.pdf
Barnard (ed) - Hunter-Gatherers in History, Archaeology and Anthropology 2004.pdf
C. Gamble - Origins and Revolutions ~ Human identity in earliest prehistory 2007.pdf
C. Gosden, The.Prehistory.of.Food.Appetites.for.Change 1999.pdf
Guilaine & Zammit, The Origins of War - Violence in Prehistory 2005.pdf
J. Marler, The Myth of Universal Patriarchy - Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory 2003.pdf
Jane McIntosh, Handbook to Life in Prehistoric Europe [Facts on File] (2006).pdf
La Vie Privee des Hommes - Les temps prehistoriques.pdf
Levine et al - Prehistoric steppe adaptation and the horse 2003.pdf
M.A. Dobres, JSTOR Gender And Prehistoric Technology-On The Social Agency 1995.pdf
Menotti - Living on the Lake in Prehistoric Europe 2004.pdf
Percy E. Raymond--Prehistoric life 1947.pdf
R. Bradley, Ritual and domestic life in prehistoric Europe 2005.pdf
Robb (ed) Material Symbols - Culture and Economy in Prehistory (1999).pdf
V. Misra, Prehistoric human colonization.pdf
W. Andrefsky (ed) - Lithic Technology ~ Measures of production, use and curation 2008.pdf

1 Prehistory\Neanderthal\

Akazawa et al (eds) - Neandertals and Modern Humans in Western Asia 2002.pdf
C. Finlayson - Neanderthals and Modern Humans ~ An ecological and evolutuionary perspective 2004.pdf
D. van Reybrouck, Imaging And Imagining The Neanderthal - The Role Of Technical Drawings In Archaeology 1998.pdf
F. Schrenk, The Neanderthals 2005 (to).pdf
Major, Neanderthal DNA Studies.pdf
Neanderthal Acculturation Western Europe 1998.pdf
Paul Mellars, The Neanderthal Legacy 1996.pdf

1 Prehistory\Neolithic\

Bocquet-Appel&Bar-Yosef (eds) - The Neolithic Demographic Transition and its Consequences 2008.pdf
Bogaard - Neolithic Farming in Central Europe ~ An archaeobotanical study of crop husbandry practices 2004.pdf
C. Scarre, Monuments and Landscape in Atlantic Europe ~ Perception and society during the Neolithic 2002.pdf
D. Bailey - Prehistoric Figurines ~ Representation and corporeality in the Neolithic 2005.pdf
E.B. Banning, The Neolithic Period,Triumphs Of Architecture, Agriculture, And Art 1998.pdf
I. Kuijt (ed) - Life in Neolithic Farming Communities 2002.pdf
I. Kuijt - Place, Death, And The Transmission Of Social Memory In Early Agricultural Communities Of The Near Eastern Pre-Pottery Neolithic.pdf
I. Kuijt, Anthropology Life in Neolithic Farming Communities - Social Organization, Identity, and Differentiation 2002.pdf
I. Thorpe - The Origins of Agriculture in Europe 1999.pdf
J. Hancock - Plant Evolution and the Origin of Crop Species 2004.pdf
J. Thomas - Understanding the Neolithic 1991.pdf
M. Currat, The Effect Of The Neolithic Expansion On European Molecular Diversity 2005.pdf
M. Edmonds, Ancestral Geographies of the Neolithic 1999.pdf
M. Gimbutas-Europe from Neolithic to Iron age 1963.pdf
M. Richards, Annual Review Of Anthropology - The Neolithic Invasion Of Europe 2003.pdf
Mithen-Sexual Symbols In Early Neolithic Southern Levant,Documenta Praehistorica Xxxii, 2005.pdf
R. Bradley, The Significance of Monuments ~ On the shaping of human experience in Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe 1998.pdf
Raoul A Robinson - Farming And Us - The History And Development Of Agriculture And Its Influence On Human Behaviour And Culture.pdf
Whittle - The Archaeology of People ~ Dimensions of Neolithic Life 2003.pdf
Whittle&Cummings (eds) - Going Over ~ The Mesolithic-Neolithic Transition in North-West Europe 2007.pdf

1 Prehistory\Regions\

Alizadeh - Choga Mish II ~ The development of a prehistoric regional center in Lowland Susiana, Southwestern Iran 2008.pdf
Alizadeh - Excavations at the Perhistoric Mound of Chogna Bonut, Khuzestan, IRan 2003.pdf
Alizadeh - The Origins of State Organizations in Prehistoric Highland Fars, Southern Iran 2006.pdf
B. Cunliffe, The Oxford Illustrated Prehistory Of Europe - Cunliffe 2004.pdf
Barham&Mitchell - The First Africans 2008.pdf
Braidwood et al (eds) - Prehistoric Archeology along Zagros Flanks 1983.pdf
Braidwood&Howe - Prehistoric Investigations in Iraqi Kurdistan 1960.pdf
BRAIDWOOD, R. J., The Iranian Prehistoric Project, 1959-1960 , Iranica 1961.pdf
Brantingham et al (eds) - The Early Upper Paleolithic beyond Western Europe 2004.pdf
Bruck&Goodman - Making Places in the Prehistoric World ~ Themes in Settlement Archaeology 1999.pdf
Castleden - The Making of Stonehenge 1993.pdf
Castleden - The Stonehendge People ~ An exploration of life in Neolithic Britain 4700-2000 BC, 1987.pdf
D. Bailey, Balkan Prehistory - Exclusion, incorporation and identity 2002.pdf
E. Blake, The Archaeology of Mediterranean Prehistory 2005.pdf
Edmonds - Stone Tools and Society ~ Working stone in Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain 1995.pdf
Furuya, Y.. Study of Building iii at the neolithic acropolis of Halai, Greece, A. 2004. (THESIS).pdf
Hassan (ed) - Droughts, Food and Culture ~ Ecological change and food security in Africa's later prehistory 2002.pdf
Jensen - The Prehistory of Denmark 1982.pdf
John Hoffecker, A Prehistory of the North 2005.pdf
L. Dupree - Deh Morasi Ghundai - A Chalcolithic Site in South-Central Afghanistan 1963.pdf
L. Zapata, Early Neolithic Agriculture In The Iberian Peninsula 2004.pdf
Midgley - The Megaliths of Northern Europe 2008.pdf
Mussi - Earliest Italy ~ An overview of the Italian Paleolithic and Mesolithic.pdf
Noble - Neolithic Scotland ~ Timber, stone, earth and fire 2006.pdf
Patton - Statements in Stone ~ Monuments and Society in Neolithic Brittany 1993.pdf
Pettitt et al (eds) - Paleolithic Cave Art at Creswell Crags in European Context 2007.pdf
R. Bradley, The Prehistory of Britain and Ireland 2007.pdf
Robb - The Early Mediterranean Village ~ Agency, Material Culture, and Social Change in Neolithic Italy 2007.pdf
T. Darvill - Prehistoric Britain 1987.pdf

1 Prehistory\Religion\

J. F. M. French - Prehistoric Faith and Worship 1912.pdf
The Beginning of Religion at the Beginning of the Neolithic, 2001.pdf

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