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Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary 18 vol - Andrusca - 27.04.2015

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Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary - 18 volumes (pdf) l 82.58 MB

High quality retail-source pdf files, with some improvements for usability.

This new commentary series represents the best in current mainline moderate to liberal scholarship. The series is not yet complete, and of the available volumes, this torrent includes the following eighteen:

Leviticus-Numbers (Lloyd R. Bailey)
Deuteronomy (Mark E. Biddle)
1 & 2 Samuel (Tony W. Cartledge)
1 & 2 Kings (Walter Brueggemann)
Job (Samuel E. Balentine)
Proverbs-Ecclesiastes (Milton P. Horne)
Jeremiah (Terence E. Fretheim)
Ezekiel (Margaret S. Odell)
Daniel (Sharon Pace)
The Twelve, part 1: Micah-Malachi (James Nogalski)
Matthew (Ben Witherington III)
Mark (R. Alan Culpepper)
Romans (Charles H. Talbert)
Ephesians (Thomas B. Slater)
Hebrews-James (Edgar V. McKnight, Christopher Church)
1 & 2 Peter, Jude (Richard B. Vinson, Richard F. Wilson, Watson E. Mills)
Revelation (Mitchell G. Reddish)

publisher description of the series:

The Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary series brings insightful commentary to bear on the lives of contemporary Christians. Using a multimedia format, the volumes employ a stunning array of art, maps, and drawings to illustrate the insights of the Bible. It is built upon the idea that meaningful Bible study can occur when the insights of contemporary biblical scholars blend with sensitivity to the needs of students of Scripture. In addition, the CD-Rom, which offers powerful searching and research tools, pairs the text with a digital resource that is a distinctive feature of this series.

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