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Monte Scheinblum - Drive 4 Dough - mata00 - 23.04.2016

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Monte Scheinblum - Drive 4 Dough (2016)
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Genre: eLearning Video / Golfing
Complete Guide to Driver & Full Swing: Nearly 4 HOURS of practical & applicable instruction covering all aspects of driving and the full swing in general. Improve your distance and accuracy by making your swing more efficient.Eliminate Your Misconceptions: Revolutionize your swing by learning what creates speed and what slows you down. Learn the secrets to developing an efficient swing and you will discover that swinging FASTER isnt only LONGER, but also MORE ACCURATE.

Lets be honest. The cliche about long-drive competitors is that theyre massive freaks of nature that arent necessarily very good at playing golf. Monte Scheinblum is the exception to this. In addition to his long-drive exploits, he had many top finishes on the Nike Tour (known as the today) and continues to play tournament golf to this day. As an instructor, he has given short game lessons to a number of current PGA tour pros. And as a ball-striker, Monte still hits a regular 45? driver 320-350 yards, while playing regular old golf, at nearly 50 years of age.

More importantly, Monte understands the mechanics of the golf swing. He knows how to hit it far and he knows WHY certain swings produce more distance than others. This video isnt about how to hit it thirty yards further out of bounds. Its about how to improve your golf swing so that you can swing faster and more accurately at the same time. The lessons learned with DRIVE 4 DOUGH apply to every club in the bag.

3.5 hours of 1080P HD content divided into two segments. 1080P H264 files included for maximum compatibility. Videos will play on computers, smart phones, & tablets.

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