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Food Science and Technology (Collection)
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Food Science and Technology (Collection)
English | PDF, ePub mobi | Collection | 8 Gb

Concise Encyclopedia of Foods and Nutrition, Second Edition (The).rar 375 Mb
Encyclopedia of Food Science and Technology.pdf 313 Mb
Gums and stabalizers in food industry 14.rar 158 Mb
gums and stabalizers in food industry.rar 158 Mb
METHODS IN chemosensory reserch.rar 130 Mb
Cheese Chemistry, Physics Microbiology, Two-Volume Set, Volume 1-2, Third Edition.rar 106 Mb
Handbook food analytical chemistry.pdf 93 Mb
Polysaccharide Association Structures in Food.gz 86 Mb
Nutrient Metabolism.rar 78 Mb
Functional Foods and Biotechnology_Shetty.pdf 74 Mb
Computational fluid dynamics in food processing.rar 69 Mb
Foodborne Disease Handbook, Volume 3.rar 68 Mb
Water properties of food, pharmaceutical, and biological materials.rar 60 Mb
Polysaccharides Structural Diversity and Functional Versatility.pdf 59 Mb
Principles Practice of Disinfection Preservation and Sterilization 3HAXAP.pdf 59 Mb
Food Analysis by HPLC.pdf 58 Mb
Dimensions of Food, Fifth Edition.rar 53 Mb
Innovations in Food Packaging, Elsevier (2005), 0123116325.pdf 53 Mb
Flavour Science, Volume 43 Recent Advances and Trends.pdf 52 Mb
Food Lipids Chemistry, Nutrition, and Biotechnology 3rd ed.pdf 51 Mb
Food Colloids Fundamentals of Formulation.rar 51 Mb
Foodborne Disease Handbook, Volume 1.rar 50 Mb
Cheese Chemistry, Physics and Microbiology Volume 1 Third Edition General Aspects.rar 49 Mb
Standart Methods of water examination 20th Edition.pdf 48 Mb
Food Chemistry, 3rd Edition.Marcel Dekker,.[1997.ISBN0824793463].pdf 47 Mb
Unit Operations in Food Engineering.pdf 46 Mb
Produce degradation pathways and prevention.rar 44 Mb
Dairy Processing Handbook.rar 42 Mb
Foodborne Disease Handbook, Volume 4.rar 41 Mb
Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry (3rd Edition).rar 40 Mb
food analysis.pdf 40 Mb
Flavourings Production, Composition, Applications, Regulations.pdf 39 Mb
Food Mycology A Multifaceted Approach to Fungi and Food, Volume 25 (Mycology).rar 39 Mb
The gluten proteins.rar 39 Mb
Food Safety Handbook.rar 39 Mb
Foodborne Disease Handbook, Volume 2.rar 36 Mb
Frying Technology and Practices.pdf 36 Mb
Dictionary of Food Compounds.pdf 36 Mb
Fundamentals of Cheese Science.pdf 34 Mb
Data Sourcebook for Food Scientists and Technologists.rar 34 Mb
Fermentation and biochemical Engineering Handbook 829s.pdf 33 Mb
Microstructural Principles of Food Processing and Engineering (2nd Edition).rar 33 Mb
Wine Science, 2nd Ed, Elsevier (2000).pdf 33 Mb
Antioxidant Food Supplements in Human Health.rar 31 Mb
Handbook of Meat Poultry and Seafood Quality.rar 31 Mb
Fenaroli's Handbook of Flavor Ingredients.pdf 30 Mb
Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering - 4 Volume 30 Mb
Plastic Food Packaging Materials Barrier Function, Mass Transport, Quality Assurance.pdf 29 Mb
Food Materials Science,Principle and practices. Springer.pdf 29 Mb
Food Biotechnology.pdf 29 Mb
Handbook of Culture Media for Food Microbiology, 2nd edition (Progress in Industrial Microbiology 37).rar 29 Mb
Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing.pdf 29 Mb
Plant Biopolymer Science Food and Non-Food Applications (Special Publication).rar 29 Mb
PET packaging technology.pdf 29 Mb
Coffee Flavor Chemistry.pdf 29 Mb
Brewing Yeast and Fermentation.rar 28 Mb
Thermal food processing new technologies and quality issues.rar 28 Mb
Bioterrorism and Food Safety.pdf 28 Mb
Descriptive Sensory Analysis in Practice.rar 28 Mb
Case Studies in Food Microbiology for Food Safety and Quality.rar 28 Mb
Continuous thermal processing of foods pasteurization and UHT sterilization.pdf 27 Mb
Bakery Products Science And Technology.rar 27 Mb
Handbook of Indices of Food Quality and Authenticity.rar 26 Mb
Food The Chemistry of its Components, 4th 26 Mb
Food Chemical Risk Analysis.pdf 26 Mb
HANDBOOK OF Cane sugar Engineering.djvu 26 Mb
Agrochemical Pesticide Safety Handbook.pdf 26 Mb
faoh1.rar 25 Mb
Rapid and online instrumentation for food quality assurance.rar 25 Mb
Spectral Methods in Food Analysis Instrumentation and 25 Mb
Food Industries Manual.rar 25 Mb
Food Additives, Second Edition Revised and Expanded.pdf 25 Mb
Instrumental Methods in Food Analysis.rar 25 Mb
Pests of Stored Foodstuffs and Their Control.pdf 25 Mb
Total quality assurance for the food industries.pdf 24 Mb
Food Macromolecules and Colloids (Special Publication).zip 24 Mb
Fats in Food Technology (Sheffield Food Technology).zip 24 Mb
Technology of Cereals.rar 24 Mb
Handbook of Nutrition and Food (CRC, 2007).pdf 23 Mb
Computer Applications in Food Technology.pdf 22 Mb
Chemistry and Safety of Acrylamide in Food.pdf 22 Mb
processing Fruit science and technology.rar 22 Mb
Surimi and Surimi Seafood.rar 22 Mb
Ingredient interactions effects on food quality.rar 21 Mb
Bubbles, Drops, and Particles in Non-Newtonian Fluids, Second Edition.rar 21 Mb
Starch Advances in Structure and Function (Special Publication).rar 21 Mb
Handbook of Industrial Drying.pdf 21 Mb
Rapid Detection Assays for Food and Water (Special Publication).rar 21 Mb
Encyclopedia of spices.chm 20 Mb
The Microbiology of Safe Food.rar 20 Mb
egg nutrition and biotechnology.rar 19 Mb
Mass Spectrometry of Natural Substances in Food RCS.rar 19 Mb
Food Chemicals Codex (5th).pdf 19 Mb
Food Texture - Measurement and Perception.rar 19 Mb
Food Biotechnology Elsevier Science Publishing Company.rar 19 Mb
Flavor of Meat, Meat Products and 19 Mb
Food Processing Recent Developments.pdf 19 Mb
Handbook of Beverage Packaging.rar 19 Mb
Spectra for the Identification of Additives in Food Packaging.rar 19 Mb
Food Flavorings.pdf 19 Mb
Practical Dehydration.rar 19 Mb
Food Hygiene Microbiology and HACCP 3r ed.pdf 18 Mb
Food Irradiation Principles and 18 Mb
Essentials of Food Sanitation.pdf 18 Mb
Adverse Reactions to Food.rar 18 Mb
Culture Media for Food Microbiology.PDF 18 Mb
Rheology of Fluid and Semisolid Foods - Principles and Applications.pdf 18 Mb
Gums and Stabilisers for the Food Industry 13.pdf 17 Mb
Case studies in food product development.rar 17 Mb
Gums and Stabilisers for the Food Industry 13.rar 17 Mb
fermentation and food safety.rar 17 Mb
Anti-Angiogenic Functional and Medicinal Foods NST6.pdf 17 Mb
Food engineering research developments.pdf 16 Mb
Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Food Science.pdf 16 Mb
Fatty acids in food and their health implication.pdf 16 Mb
Food Engineering 2000.rar 16 Mb
Food Texture and Viscosity, Elsevier (2002), 0121190625.pdf 15 Mb
engineering properties of foods.rar 15 Mb
The Science of Ice Cream (RSC Paperbacks).zip 15 Mb
Science of Ice Cream (RSC Paperbacks).zip 15 Mb
Flavours and Fragrances-Chemistry Bioprocessing and Sustainability.pdf 15 Mb
Transport properties of food.pdf 15 Mb
Starch in food Structure, function and applications.pdf 15 Mb
The Food Chemistry 15 Mb
Food Flavour Technology.rar 15 Mb
statistical quality control in food industry.rar 15 Mb
Advances in Flavours and Fragrances.pdf 14 Mb
Handbook of food engineering practice.pdf 14 Mb
Handbook of Food Engineering.pdf 14 Mb
Kinetic modeling of reactions in foods.pdf 14 Mb
Kinetic Modeling Foods.pdf 14 Mb
Kinetic_Modeling_Foods.pdf 14 Mb
Handbook of frozen foods.pdf 14 Mb
Sensory-Directed flavor analysis.rar 14 Mb
Asian Functional Foods.pdf 14 Mb
Engineering and food for the 21th century.pdf 14 Mb
Enzymes in Food 14 Mb
Active Food Packaging pass dtucSP2008.rar 14 Mb
Poultry Meat processing.rar 14 Mb
Food Irradiation A Reference Guide.rar 13 Mb
Encyclopedia Fruits and Berries.pdf 13 Mb
Wine tasting.pdf 13 Mb
Handbook of milk composition.rar 13 Mb
Chromatographic Analysis of Environmental and Food Toxicants.rar 13 Mb
Lactic Acid Bacteria Microbiological and Functional Aspects.pdf 13 Mb
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