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Hackerrank Python (Complete 115 Solutions) [33+ Hours]
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Hackerrank Python (Complete 115 Solutions) [33+ Hours]
Published 6/2022
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Language: English | Size: 14.89 GB | Duration: 33h 52m

Master Python by Solving 115 Problems from Scratch.

What you'll learn
You will be able to write code even if you ae not from Coding Background.
You will master the Python programming language by Solving 115 Problems.
You will learn Regex, Parsing, Sets, Iteration Tools, Strings, Collections, NumPy.
You will learn how to create logics and Reasons for each problem.
No programming experience Needed, You will learn from scratch.
Basic School level of Understanding.
Willingness to learn new Topics with the help of Python. (For Example:- HTML, Roman Numerals)
A PC computer with access to the internet.
No paid software required.

1. This Course is for Students having background in any stream and willing to learn Coding.2. This Course is exclusively made from Beginners point of view.3. If you have any experience in any Coding Language prior to this then you can have a look.4. If you want to learn building Programming Sense and Logic.5. This is a Problem Solving Course.6. This Course will be covering only Python Language.7. Solutions of Each Problem will be in Detail, some Question dealt in more than one Hour for better Understanding(For Example:- Alphabet Rangoli, Calendar Problem).8. You will be able to learn different topics with the help of Python.9. You will be able to handle any Problem in Different Programming Languages after finishing this Course.Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world - Huge companies use it in there Critical Projects.Q:- Will the course teach me Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?A:- No, All of these topics are branches of Python programming, and they require separate Attention all together.With over 3+ Years of Experience and a 4.0 Instructor Rating in Udemy, I am Coming Up with purely problem Solving Course of more than 33+ Hours of Problem Solving called HackerRank Python (Complete 115 Solutions)[33+ Hours].The curriculum was developed over a period of 1 year.If you are satisfied in any way, Check out my other Courses as well.So what are you waiting for? Click the buy now button and join me on this Wonderful course.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Python Solutions
Lecture 2 Say Hello!
Lecture 3 Weird Numbers
Lecture 4 Arithmatic Operators
Lecture 5 Division
Lecture 6 Loops
Lecture 7 Leap Year
Lecture 8 Print
Lecture 9 Runner Up!
Lecture 10 List Comprehension
Lecture 11 Nested Lists
Lecture 12 Finding Average
Lecture 13 Lists
Lecture 14 Tuples
Lecture 15 sWAP cASE
Lecture 16 Split, String and Join
Lecture 17 What's your Name?
Lecture 18 Mutations
Lecture 19 Find Substring
Lecture 20 String Validations
Lecture 21 Text Wrap
Lecture 22 Designer Door Mat
Lecture 23 Text Alignment
Lecture 24 String Formatting
Lecture 25 Capitalize!
Lecture 26 itertools.product()
Lecture 27 itertools.permutation()
Lecture 28 collections.Counter()
Lecture 29 Polar Coordinates
Lecture 30 Sets
Lecture 31 Alphabet Rangoli
Lecture 32 Default Dict
Lecture 33 Exceptions
Lecture 34 Minion Game
Lecture 35 Collections.namedtuple()
Lecture 36 Calendar Module (Calendar Project)
Lecture 37 Time Delta
Lecture 38 Collections.OrderedDict()
Lecture 39 Symmetric Difference
Lecture 40 itertools.combinations
Lecture 41 Set .add()
Lecture 42 itertools.combinations_with_replacement
Lecture 43 Set .union() Operation
Lecture 44 Set .intersection() Operation
Lecture 45 Set .difference() Operation
Lecture 46 Set .symmetric_difference() Operation
Lecture 47 Zipped!
Lecture 48 Re.split()
Lecture 49 Map and Lambda Function
Lecture 50 Set .discard(), .remove() & .pop()
Lecture 51 Collections.deque()
Lecture 52 Python Evaluation
Lecture 53 Input()
Lecture 54 Check Subset
Lecture 55 Check Strict Superset
Lecture 56 Set Mutations
Lecture 57 Arrays
Lecture 58 Shape and Reshape
Lecture 59 Transpose and Flatten
Lecture 60 Concatenate
Lecture 61 Zeroes and Ones
Lecture 62 Eye and Identity
Lecture 63 Array Mathematics
Lecture 64 Floor, Ceil and Rint
Lecture 65 Sum and Prod
Lecture 66 Min and Max
Lecture 67 Mean, Variance and Standard Deviation
Lecture 68 Dot and Cross
Lecture 69 Inner and Outer
Lecture 70 Polynomials
Lecture 71 Linear Algebra
Lecture 72 XML 1 - Find The Score
Lecture 73 XML 2 - Find The Maximum Depth.
Lecture 74 The Captain's Room
Lecture 75 Mod Divmod
Lecture 76 Power-Mod Power
Lecture 77 Integers Come In All Sizes
Lecture 78 No Idea!
Lecture 79 Word Order
Lecture 80 Compress the String!
Lecture 81 Piling Up!
Lecture 82 Triangle Quest
Lecture 83 Triangle Quest 2
Lecture 84 Incorrect Regex
Lecture 85 Detect Floating Point Number
Lecture 86 Validating phone numbers
Lecture 87 Validating Roman Numerals
Lecture 88 Words Score
Lecture 89 Company Logo
Lecture 90 Athlete Sort
Lecture 91 ginortS
Lecture 92 iterables and iterators
Lecture 93 Reduce Function
Lecture 94 Regex Substitution
Lecture 95 Default Arguments
Lecture 96 Validating Credit Card Numbers
Lecture 97 Validating Email Addresses With a Filter
Lecture 98 Validating UID
Lecture 99 Re.findall() & Re.finditer()
Lecture 100 HTML Parser (Part-1)
Lecture 101 HTML Parser (Part-2)
Lecture 102 Detect HTML Tags, Attributes and Attribute Values
Lecture 103 Hex Color Code
Lecture 104 Validating and Parsing Email Addresses
Lecture 105 Merge the Tools!
Lecture 106 Validating Postal Codes
Lecture 107 Matrix Script
Lecture 108 Class 2 - Find the Torsional Angle
Lecture 109 Classes Dealing with Complex Numbers
Lecture 110 Maximize It!
Lecture 111 Standardize Mobile Number Using Decorators
Lecture 112 Decorators 2 - Name Directory
Lecture 113 Any or All
Lecture 114 Group(), Groups() & Groupdict()
Lecture 115 Re.start() & Re.end()
Lecture 116 Find Angle MBC
Section 3: Last Lecture
Lecture 117 What Next?
If you want to learn to code in easy and simple way, then take this course.,If you are a complete beginner and scared of Coding.,If you want to level up your Coding Skills.

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