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Python For Everyone: From Zero To Hero 2022
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Python For Everyone: From Zero To Hero 2022
Published 9/2022
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Language: English | Size: 27.74 GB | Duration: 70h 46m

Master Python by building 100+ real projects . Learn OOP, Automation, GUI, Data Structures and more to create your APPs.

What you'll learn
You will master the Python programming language by building 100+ projects.
Be able to use Python for data scraping and automation
Build GUIs and Desktop applications with Python
Create a portfolio of real Python projects to apply for developer jobs
You will learn Selenium, Beautiful Soup, Request, Flask, Pandas, NumPy, Seabon, and Matplotlib.

No programming experience needed - you will learn everything you need to know.
Access to a computer with an internet connection.

Welcome to Python for everyone, the best and the most comprehensive Python course on the internet.At 70+ hours, this Python course is without a doubt the most comprehensive and detailed Python course available anywhere online. If you are someone who has zero programming experience, this course will take you from beginner to professional.Learning Python is one of the fastest ways to improve your career prospects as it is one of the most in demand tech skills! This course will help you in better understanding every detail of Python programming and how these concepts are implemented in high level programming language.We'll take you step-by-step through engaging video tutorials and teach you everything you need to succeed as a professional programmer.The course has been updated to be 2022 ready and you'll be learning the latest tools and technologies used at large companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and more.This course explains everything in details with beautiful animated explanation videos and tens of real life projects which you will get to build. e.g. Ping Pong Game, Snake game, Blackjack , Form Filler and more.The curriculum was developed based on my 10+ years programming experience over a period of 2 years.We've taught over 100,000 students how to code and many have gone on to change their lives by becoming professional developers at top tech companies or starting their own tech startup.You do not need to waste your money on expensive bootcamps out there, the course teaches the same curriculum with lifetime access.The course is constantly updated with new content, with new projects and modules determined by students - it is a lifetime course.We'll take you step-by-step through engaging video tutorials and teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a Python developer.The course includes over 70 hours of HD video tutorials and builds your programming knowledge while making real-world Python projects.Throughout this comprehensive course, we cover a massive amount of tools and technologies, including:Python 3 - the latest version of PythonLocal Development Environment - PyCharmPython Scripting and AutomationBuilt in Python Data StructuresRegular ExpressionsObject Oriented ProgrammingFiles and DirectoriesAutomate ExcelAutomate PDFAutomate Daily Routine TasksPython Game DevelopmentWeb ScrapingBeautiful SoupSelenium Web DriverRequestData SciencePandasGUI AutomationMatplotlibSeabornTurtlePython GUI Desktop App DevelopmentTkinterFlaskRESTAPIsDatabasesSQLSQLitePostgreSQLMy SQLAuthenticationand much much more!By the end of this course, you will be fluently programming in Python and you'll be so good at Python that you can get a job or use the language professionally.You'll also build a portfolio of 100+ projects that you can show off to any potential employer. Including:HangmanEnglish to Pig LatinFlooder GameBlackjackSnake GamePong GameEmail and Phone Number ScraperQuiz APPMusic APPDrawing FlagsBuild Your Own Public APIAutomated Form Fillerand much much more!Sign up today, and look forward to:Video LecturesLecture SlidesCode Challenges and ExercisesReal Life ProjectsQuizzesProgramming Resources and NotesDownloadsDon not just take my word for it, check out what existing students have to say about my courses:"Great explaining and has a ton of exercises, and he is updating it till this day. He codes a lot in the course, and he is fast at it, so for people looking for a fast paced course, this is a great option!." - Hyper O."The teacher is great! he explains everything in full details especially with real life examples. he uses the right algorithm in making his teaching methods effective so students don't get bored and sleepy." - Precious Ogbonna Nwakama"Nicely explained with graphics for non non programmers. Thank you. Amazingly simple to understand. Best wishes to the instructor." - Shahnawaz Ayon"- Amazing Explanation-The guy explains everything.-He explains with diagrams. Then with algorithm. Then with code.-This three times explanation makes the topics very retentive for a learner.." - Abinash Dash"Thats how a course should be! Excellent explanation and lot of coding excercises to practice.I read some comments on the accent of the trainer being not so good and all, but its very clear in fact!Am excited for the next sections...." - Siddhesh Sule"Excellent course for those looking to understand data structures and algorithms from beginner to advanced level. The theoretical explanations are well done, along with concrete real life examples. All data structures and algorithms described and then implemented, which makes the concepts easier to understand and gives you a chance to apply them in a real practice. The top tech's interview questions and answers sections are excellent bonus which allow for preparing real interviews."- Johanna DavidSo what are you waiting for? Click the buy now button and join the world's best and most comprehensive development course.


Section 1: Introduction


Section 2: --------------PART 1 - Getting Started with Python--------------

Lecture 2 Getting Started with Python

Section 3: Why We Program?

Lecture 3 Why should You Learn to Write Programs?

Lecture 4 Computer Hardware Architecture

Lecture 5 Installing Python on Mac

Lecture 6 Installing Python on Windows

Lecture 7 Learning a New Language

Lecture 8 The First Conversation with Python

Lecture 9 What is a Bug? What are the Types of Bug?

Lecture 10 What is Debugging?

Lecture 11 Interpreter and Compiler

Lecture 12 Code Editors and IDEs

Lecture 13 Getting Started with Code Editors

Lecture 14 Solution to Print Statement Coding Exercise

Lecture 15 Congratulations!!!

Section 4: Variables, Expressions and Statements

Lecture 16 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 17 Values and Types

Lecture 18 Variables

Lecture 19 Solution to Switch Values

Lecture 20 Operations and Expressions

Lecture 21 Input Function - Asking the User for Input

Lecture 22 Solution to Input Function

Lecture 23 Type Errors and Type Conversion

Lecture 24 Comments in Python

Lecture 25 Variable Naming

Lecture 26 Solution to Data Types

Lecture 27 f Strings and Rounding Numbers

Lecture 28 Well Done!

Section 5: Real Python Projects ( Variable, Expressions and Statements)

Lecture 29 Project 1: Greeting

Lecture 30 Project 2: Band Name Generator

Lecture 31 Project 3: Gross Pay

Lecture 32 Project 4: Celsius to Fahrenheit

Lecture 33 Project 5: Trip Cost Calculator

Section 6: Conditional Execution

Lecture 34 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 35 Boolean Expressions

Lecture 36 Conditional Execution (IF)

Lecture 37 Solution to Even or Odd

Lecture 38 Nested Conditionals

Lecture 39 Chained Conditionals (IF/ELIF/ELSE)

Lecture 40 Solution to BMI Calculator

Lecture 41 Multiple IF Statements

Lecture 42 Solution to Burger Order

Lecture 43 Logical Operators

Lecture 44 Try and Except

Section 7: Real Python Projects ( Conditional Execution)

Lecture 45 Project 6 - Gross Pay with Overtime

Lecture 46 Project 7 - Leap Year

Lecture 47 Project 8 - Love Calculator

Lecture 48 Project 9 - Gross Program using Try and Except

Lecture 49 Project 10 - Score Checker

Section 8: Python Functions

Lecture 50 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 51 Function Calls and Built in Functions - Type and Math Functions

Lecture 52 What is a Module? - Python Math Module

Lecture 53 Solution to Area of Circle

Lecture 54 Solution to Factorial Exercise

Lecture 55 Randomisation in Python

Lecture 56 Solution to Coin Toss

Lecture 57 Creating New Functions - User Defined Functions

Lecture 58 Indentation in Python

Lecture 59 Functions in Practice

Lecture 60 Function with Inputs - Parameters and Arguments

Lecture 61 Solution to Area of Square

Lecture 62 Solution to Volume Converter

Lecture 63 Positional and Keyword Arguments

Lecture 64 Solution to Painting the Wall

Lecture 65 Functions with Outputs

Lecture 66 Solution to Concatenate

Lecture 67 Multiple Returns

Lecture 68 Solution to Password Controller

Lecture 69 Docstrings

Lecture 70 Solution to Calculator

Lecture 71 Print or Return?

Lecture 72 Why Functions?

Section 9: Real Python Projects (Python Functions)

Lecture 73 Project 11 - Leap Year with Function

Lecture 74 Project 12 - Gross Pay with Functions

Lecture 75 Project 13 - Cold, Warm and Hot

Lecture 76 Project 14 - Maximum of Three Numbers

Section 10: Iteration (Lists)

Lecture 77 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 78 Understanding the Lists

Lecture 79 The Complete Data Structures and Algorithms in Python

Lecture 80 For Loop

Lecture 81 Updating Variables

Lecture 82 Solution to Highest Score

Lecture 83 Solution to Find Integer Numbers

Lecture 84 Solution of Above Average Scores

Lecture 85 Loop Over Custom Function

Lecture 86 Using range() Function with For Loop

Lecture 87 Solution to Adding Odd Numbers

Lecture 88 Solution to Adding Even Numbers in ANY Range

Lecture 89 For Loop in Practice

Lecture 90 While Loop

Lecture 91 While Loop in Practice - Hurdle 2

Lecture 92 Solution to Check Username

Lecture 93 While Loop in Practice - Hurdle 3

Lecture 94 While Loop in Practice - Hurdle 4

Lecture 95 Finishing iterations with CONTINUE and BREAK

Lecture 96 Solution to Numbers Divisible by 5 Until 130

Lecture 97 Solution to Factorial

Lecture 98 Solution to Sum, Count and Average of Entered Numbers

Lecture 99 Solution to Maximum and Minimum of Input Numbers

Section 11: Real Python Projects (Iteration)

Lecture 100 Project 15 - Dice Rolling Simulator

Lecture 101 Project 16 - Fizz Buzz Game

Lecture 102 Project 17 - Guessing the Number

Lecture 103 Project 18 - Password Generator

Lecture 104 Project 19 - Rock, Paper and Scissors

Section 12: ----------------PART 2 - Python Data Structures----------------

Lecture 105 What you will learn in PART 2

Section 13: Introduction to Data Structures

Lecture 106 What is a Data Structure?

Lecture 107 What is an Algorithm?

Lecture 108 Why are Data Structures and Algorithms important?

Lecture 109 Types of Data Structures

Section 14: Strings

Lecture 110 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 111 What is a String?

Lecture 112 Solution to Sum of Digits of 2 Digits Number

Lecture 113 String Traversal

Lecture 114 Solution to Backward Traversal

Lecture 115 Solution to Sum of Digits

Lecture 116 Solution to Count Characters in a String

Lecture 117 String Operations

Lecture 118 Solution to First and Last 2 Characters

Lecture 119 String Methods

Lecture 120 Solution to Replace Character in a String

Lecture 121 Parsing Strings

Lecture 122 Escape Sequence

Lecture 123 String Formatting

Lecture 124 Solution to Format a String

Lecture 125 Solution to Print Pattern

Lecture 126 Project 20 - String Formatting

Section 15: More on Python Lists

Lecture 127 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 128 More on Lists

Lecture 129 Solution to Square of Items

Lecture 130 Index Out Of Range

Lecture 131 List Operations

Lecture 132 Solution to Reverse a List using Slice Operator

Lecture 133 List Methods Practice

Lecture 134 Solution to Update the First Occurrence

Lecture 135 Solution to First and Last Characters

Lecture 136 List and Functions

Lecture 137 Solution to Create a List from Two Lists

Lecture 138 Solution Remove and Add

Lecture 139 Solution to Three Equal Chunks

Lecture 140 Strings and Lists

Lecture 141 Solution to Format List

Lecture 142 Nested List

Lecture 143 Solution to Add Item in Nested List

Lecture 144 Solution to Extend Nested List

Lecture 145 Objects and Values

Lecture 146 Solution to List Addition with Function

Lecture 147 Solution to Concatenate Two Lists Index-wise

Section 16: Real Python Projects (List)

Lecture 148 Project 21 - Bill Roulette

Lecture 149 Project 22 - Find the Gold

Lecture 150 Project 23 - Escaping the Maze (From Previous Section)

Section 17: Project 24 - Cryptography with Python : Caesar Cipher

Lecture 151 How to Encrypt Data?

Lecture 152 Debugging Encrypt Function

Lecture 153 How to Decrypt Data?

Lecture 154 Debugging Decrypt Function

Lecture 155 Putting Encrypt and Decrypt Together

Lecture 156 Code Optimization

Section 18: Project 25 - Practice What We Learned

Lecture 157 Dividing the Program into Steps

Lecture 158 Step 1 - Creating a Function

Lecture 159 Step 2 - Constructing the Loop

Lecture 160 Step 3 - Putting Everything Together

Section 19: Project 26 - Putting Everything Together (Hangman)

Lecture 161 Goals - How Complete Project Looks Like?

Lecture 162 Dividing the Complex Problem into a Flow Chart

Lecture 163 Step 1 - Picking a secret word and asking player input

Lecture 164 Step 2 - Check letter

Lecture 165 Step 3 - Guess Letter Again using While Loop

Lecture 166 Step 4 - Track Lives

Lecture 167 Step 5 - Adding ASCII Art

Lecture 168 Optimize the Program

Section 20: Dictionaries

Lecture 169 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 170 What is a Dictionary?

Lecture 171 Creating Dictionary and Accessing Dictionary Elements

Lecture 172 Insert/Update an Element in Dictionary

Lecture 173 Solution to Generate Dictionary

Lecture 174 Traverse / Search for Element in Dictionary

Lecture 175 Solution to Multiply Dictionary Items

Lecture 176 Solution to Student Grades

Lecture 177 Remove Elements from Dictionary

Lecture 178 Solution to Rename Key

Lecture 179 IN / NOT IN Operators with Dictionary

Lecture 180 Solution to Count Characters in a Word

Lecture 181 Nested Dictionaries

Lecture 182 Solution to Nesting Dictionary Exercise

Lecture 183 Handling Missing Keys in Dictionary - get() and setdefault() methods

Lecture 184 Keys in Dictionary - fromkeys() and keys() methods

Lecture 185 Solution to Group Value Type

Lecture 186 Dictionary items() Method

Lecture 187 Solution Length of Dictionary Values

Lecture 188 Dictionary update() Method

Lecture 189 Solution to Concatenate Three Dictionaries

Lecture 190 Dictionary values() Method

Lecture 191 Solution to Remove Empty Items

Lecture 192 Reference to Dictionary - copy() Method

Lecture 193 Solution to Merge Two Dictionary

Lecture 194 Deep Copy

Lecture 195 Solution to Custom Deep Copy for List Values

Lecture 196 Dictionary Operations and built in Python Functions

Lecture 197 Dictionary vs List

Section 21: Real Projects (Dictionary)

Lecture 198 Project 27 - Calculate Total Price

Section 22: Project 28 - Blind Auction Program

Lecture 199 Blind Auction Flowchart

Lecture 200 Blind Auction Implementation

Lecture 201 Blind Auction Find Highest Big

Lecture 202 Blind Auction Bug Fix

Section 23: Project 29 - Quiz APP

Lecture 203 How does it work? Flowchart

Lecture 204 Project Setup - Create Questions Dictionary

Lecture 205 Quiz APP Implementation

Lecture 206 Check Player's Answer

Lecture 207 Switch Players

Lecture 208 Find Winner

Lecture 209 Show Correct Answers

Lecture 210 Optimize the Program

Section 24: Tuples

Lecture 211 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 212 What is a Tuple?

Lecture 213 Why Tuples?

Lecture 214 Unpacking Tuples

Lecture 215 Solution to Sum Tuple Elements using UNPACK

Lecture 216 Traverse Tuple - Enumerate()

Lecture 217 Solution to Even Index with Enumerate()

Lecture 218 Searching in Tuple

Lecture 219 Tuple Operations / Functions

Lecture 220 Solution to Find Most Frequent Item

Lecture 221 Nested Tuples

Lecture 222 Nested Tuple Indexing

Lecture 223 Solution to Nesting Indexing

Lecture 224 Tuple vs List

Lecture 225 Convert Tuple to Dictionary Solution

Lecture 226 Solution to Comparing Tuples

Section 25: Project 30 - English to Pig Latin

Lecture 227 How does it work?

Lecture 228 The Flowchart

Lecture 229 Separate non Letters from beginning of the word

Lecture 230 Separate non letters from end of the word

Lecture 231 Translate to Pig Latin

Lecture 232 Complete Project

Lecture 233 Refactor the Code

Lecture 234 Fixing the Bugs

Section 26: Project 31 - Music APP

Lecture 235 Complete Project

Lecture 236 Flowchart

Lecture 237 Create Nested Tuple

Lecture 238 Print Logo and Playlist

Lecture 239 Choose a Song to Play

Lecture 240 Finalize the Project

Section 27: Sets

Lecture 241 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 242 What is Set? Set Terminology

Lecture 243 Sets in Python

Lecture 244 Set Membership

Lecture 245 Adding Members to Set

Lecture 246 Solution to Adding Members from List

Lecture 247 Solution to Remove Duplicates

Lecture 248 Deleting Items from Set

Lecture 249 Solution to Delete Restricted Items

Lecture 250 Delete Restricted Items Using Remove Method

Lecture 251 Union Set

Lecture 252 Solution to Combine Sets

Lecture 253 Solution to Union List of Sets

Lecture 254 Set Intersection

Lecture 255 Solution to Find Numbers Divisible by 3 and 4

Lecture 256 Solution to Find Preposition

Lecture 257 Set Subtraction

Lecture 258 Solution to Difference of More than two Sets

Lecture 259 Set Symmetric Difference

Lecture 260 Modifying Sets

Lecture 261 Subsets and Supersets

Section 28: Real Projects (Sets)

Lecture 262 Project 32 - Powerball Lottery

Lecture 263 Powerball Lottery - Step 1

Lecture 264 Powerball Lottery - Step 2

Lecture 265 Powerball Lottery - Step 3

Lecture 266 Powerball Lottery - Step 4

Lecture 267 Powerball Lottery Final

Section 29: Data Structures and Algorithms in Python

Lecture 268 Data Structures and Algorithms in Python

Lecture 269 DSA in Python Curriculum

Lecture 270 The Complete Data Structures and Algorithm Course in Python

Section 30: -----PART 3 - Recursion, Regular Expressions, Files and OOP-----

Lecture 271 What you will learn in PART 3

Section 31: Recursion

Lecture 272 Goals: what you will learn by the end of this section

Lecture 273 What is Recursion?

Lecture 274 Why do we need Recursion?

Lecture 275 The Logic Behind Recursion

Lecture 276 Recursive vs Iterative Solution

Lecture 277 How to write recursive solution in 3 steps?

Lecture 278 Fibonacci Numbers using Recursion

Lecture 279 Solution to Sum of List using Recursion

Lecture 280 Solution to 'a' to the power 'b' - using Recursion

Lecture 281 Solution to Sum of Positive Integers

Section 32: Project 33 - Flooder Game

Lecture 282 The Complete Project - How it looks like

Lecture 283 bext Module in Python

Lecture 284 Step 1 - Get New Board

Lecture 285 Step 2 - Display the Board

Lecture 286 Step 3 - Ask for Player Move

Lecture 287 Step 4 - Check for Win

Section 33: Scope in Python

Lecture 288 Goals: what you will learn by the end of this section

Lecture 289 Global vs Local Scope

Lecture 290 Block Scope in Python

Lecture 291 Modify Global Variable

Lecture 292 Python Constants and Global Scope

Section 34: Project 34 - BlackJack - Practice What we have learnt

Lecture 293 The Complete Project - How it looks like

Lecture 294 BlackJack Program Requirements

Lecture 295 Step 1 - Set the Constants

Lecture 296 Step 2 - Get Bet

Lecture 297 Step 3 - Get Deck

Lecture 298 Step 4 - Display Cards

Lecture 299 Step 5 - Get Hand Values

Lecture 300 Step 6 - Display Hands

Lecture 301 Step 7 - Get Move

Lecture 302 Final Step - Complete Project

Section 35: Debugging - Find and Fix Programming Errors

Lecture 303 Goals: what you will learn by the end of this section

Lecture 304 Identify the Problem (Error)

Lecture 305 Reproduce the Bug

Lecture 306 Analyse Each Line

Lecture 307 Fix Errors - IDE Messages

Lecture 308 Using print() in Debugging

Lecture 309 Debugger Tools

Lecture 310 Error Types - Syntax Errors

Lecture 311 Runtime Errors

Lecture 312 Logical Errors

Lecture 313 Debugging - Challenge 1

Lecture 314 Debugging - Challenge 2

Lecture 315 Debugging - Challenge 3

Lecture 316 Handling the Errors

Lecture 317 Handling Exceptions - Challenge 1

Lecture 318 Raise Your Own Exceptions

Lecture 319 Handling Exceptions - Challenge 2

Section 36: Regular expressions

Lecture 320 Goals: what you will learn by the end of this section

Lecture 321 What is Regular Expression?

Lecture 322 Solution - Find Three Consecutive Numbers

Lecture 323 Metacharacters

Lecture 324 Groups and Alteration

Lecture 325 Repetition in Regular Expression Patterns ( ?, *,)

Lecture 326 Solution to Repetition EX1

Lecture 327 Solution to Repetition EX2

Lecture 328 Solution to Repetition EX3

Lecture 329 Greedy and Non Greedy Matches

Lecture 330 Character Classes

Lecture 331 Solution to Character Class EX1

Lecture 332 Solution to Character Class EX2

Lecture 333 Custom Character Classes

Lecture 334 Solution to Character Class EX3

Lecture 335 Solution to Character Class EX4

Lecture 336 Solution to Character Class EX5

Lecture 337 Caret, Dollar and Dot / Dot-Star

Lecture 338 Solution to Regex Pattern EX6

Lecture 339 Solution to Regex Pattern EX7

Lecture 340 Solution to Regex Pattern EX8

Lecture 341 Anchors

Lecture 342 Solution to Anchors

Lecture 343 More on Regex Groups

Lecture 344 Solution to is Decimal

Lecture 345 Backreferences

Lecture 346 More on Grouping Constructs

Lecture 347 Regex Matching with Flags

Lecture 348 re Searching Functions

Lecture 349 re Substitution Functions

Lecture 350 Solution to Regex Substitution

Lecture 351 re Utility Functions

Section 37: Project 35 - Phone and Email Scraper

Lecture 352 What we will make?

Lecture 353 TODO 1 - Phone Regex Pattern

Lecture 354 TODO 2,3 and 4

Section 38: Local Development Environment - Installing PyCharm

Lecture 355 Goals: what you will learn by the end of this section

Lecture 356 Steps for setting up Local Development Environment

Lecture 357 Download PyCharm (Windows/Mac)

Lecture 358 Install PyCharm on Mac

Lecture 359 Install PyCharm on Windows

Lecture 360 Common Features of PyCharm

Section 39: Project 36 - Strong Password Detection using Local Development Environment

Lecture 361 What we will develop?

Lecture 362 Implementation using Regular Expressions

Section 40: Files and Directories

Lecture 363 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 364 File Systems

Lecture 365 Terminal on Mac and Command Prompt Windows

Lecture 366 Relative and Absolute File Paths

Lecture 367 Navigate the File System with OS Module

Lecture 368 Get File Details with OS Module

Lecture 369 More on OS Module

Lecture 370 Solution Number of Files in Current Directory

Lecture 371 List All Files in Directory Recursively

Lecture 372 Filename Matching with glob Module

Lecture 373 Python's New Pathlib Module

Lecture 374 Operating System Differences

Lecture 375 Find Last Modified File using Pathlib

Lecture 376 Project 38 - Display a Directory Tree

Lecture 377 Project 39 - Rename all Files in a Directory TODO 1

Lecture 378 Project 39 - Rename all Files in a Directory TODO 2

Lecture 379 Open and Read Files Text Files

Lecture 380 File Cursor, Read Line and Read Lines

Lecture 381 Searching Through a File

Lecture 382 Reading File Challenge / Exercise 1

Lecture 383 Parsing Text File

Lecture 384 Solution to Reading File Exercise 2

Lecture 385 Solution to Number of Characters

Lecture 386 File Modes

Lecture 387 Writing to Files

Lecture 388 Printing a Text to Files

Lecture 389 Time Table Exercise - (File Writing)

Lecture 390 What is a Binary File?

Lecture 391 Writing and Reading to Binary File

Lecture 392 Shelve Module

Lecture 393 Data Manipulation with Shelve

Lecture 394 More on Shelve Module

Lecture 395 Moving and Copying Files

Lecture 396 Deleting Files

Section 41: Project 40 - Quiz using Files

Lecture 397 Project Overview

Lecture 398 Step 1 and 2 - Parse Data

Lecture 399 Step 3 - Question Files

Lecture 400 Step 4 - Answer Files

Lecture 401 Step 5 - Write Content

Lecture 402 Step 6 - Delete Files

Section 42: Object Oriented Programming - OOP

Lecture 403 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 404 What is OOP? Why we need it?

Lecture 405 Object Oriented Thinking

Lecture 406 OOP Concepts: Classes, Objects, Attributes and Mehtods

Lecture 407 Constructing Objects - Accessing Attributes and Methods

Lecture 408 BlackJack OOP

Lecture 409 BlackJack OOP Solution Part 1

Lecture 410 BlackJack OOP Solution Part 2

Lecture 411 Classes - Create Your Own Class

Lecture 412 Class Attributes

Lecture 413 Class Methods

Lecture 414 OOP Challenge 1

Lecture 415 OOP Challenge 2

Lecture 416 OOP Challenge 3

Lecture 417 Checking Instance Types

Lecture 418 Encapsulation

Lecture 419 Getters and Setters

Lecture 420 Getters and Setters Challenge

Lecture 421 Inheritance

Lecture 422 Inheritance with Parameters

Lecture 423 Inheritance Challenge

Lecture 424 Overriding Methods

Lecture 425 Overriding Methods Challenge

Lecture 426 Abstraction

Section 43: Project 41 - Bike Rental System using OOP

Lecture 427 Project Overview

Lecture 428 datetime Module in Python

Lecture 429 TODO 1, 2 and 3

Lecture 430 TODO 4 and 5

Lecture 431 TODO 6

Lecture 432 TODO 7, 8 and 9

Lecture 433 TODO 10, 11 and 12

Lecture 434 Challenge Solution

Section 44: ----PART 4 - PYTHON AUTOMATION: Automate Daily Routine TASKS----

Lecture 435 What you will learn in PART 4

Section 45: Excel Automation - Openpyxl Library

Lecture 436 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 437 Introduction - Advantages and Use Cases of Openpyxl

Lecture 438 Reading Excel Spreadsheets

Lecture 439 Iterating Through Excel

Lecture 440 Columns, Rows and Cells

Lecture 441 Manipulate Excel Data

Section 46: Project 42 - Automate Daily Routine Excel Task

Lecture 442 Project Overview

Lecture 443 Step 1 - Reading Data from Excel

Lecture 444 Step 2 - Manipulate data using Data Structures

Lecture 445 Step 3 - Write Output to the File

Section 47: Excel Automation - Openpyxl Library continued

Lecture 446 Create Spreadsheet, Sheets and Update Cells

Lecture 447 Manage Rows and Columns

Lecture 448 Generate Random Excel Data - Challenge

Lecture 449 Excel Formulas

Lecture 450 Cell Styles

Lecture 451 Conditional Formatting

Lecture 452 Charts

Lecture 453 Line Charts - Coding Challenge

Section 48: Project 43 - Transpose Excel File from Rows to Columns

Lecture 454 Project Objective

Lecture 455 Steps For Completing the Project

Section 49: PDF Automation

Lecture 456 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 457 Introduction

Lecture 458 Extract PDF Metadata and Text

Lecture 459 Create, Merge and Copy PDFs

Lecture 460 Split, Rotate and Overlay

Lecture 461 Decrypt and Encrypt

Section 50: Project 44 - Combine Specific Pages (add cover page) to PDF

Lecture 462 Project Solution - Todo 1 , 2 and 3

Section 51: Web Scraping with Beautiful Soup

Lecture 463 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 464 What is Web Scraping?

Lecture 465 Basic HTML Skills

Lecture 466 Parsing HTML with Beautiful Soup

Lecture 467 Find and Select Specific Elements

Lecture 468 Steps for Web Scraping a Real Website

Lecture 469 Do All Websites Allow Web Scraping?

Section 52: Project 45 - Beautiful Soap - Airpods rating on Amazon

Lecture 470 Project Objective

Lecture 471 Steps for Completing the Project

Section 53: Selenium Library - Python BOTs

Lecture 472 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 473 Why Selenium?

Lecture 474 Setup Selenium

Lecture 475 How Select Elements in Website

Lecture 476 Scrap Data using Selenium

Lecture 477 How to Clicking Buttons and Filling Text Fields

Lecture 478 Sending Special Keys and Browser Buttons

Section 54: Project 46 - Selenium - Follow on Instagram

Lecture 479 Project Objective

Lecture 480 Steps to Complete the Project

Section 55: GUI Automation

Lecture 481 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 482 What is GUI Automation? Installing PYAUTOGUI Module

Lecture 483 Mouse Movement

Lecture 484 Mouse Interaction

Lecture 485 Mouse Drag - Challenge

Lecture 486 Screenshot and Image Recognition

Lecture 487 Controlling the Keyboard and Show Messages

Section 56: Project 47 - GUI Automation - Looking Busy

Lecture 488 Project Objective

Lecture 489 Solution

Section 57: Project 48 - Form Filler

Lecture 490 Project Objective

Lecture 491 Steps To Complete the Project

Section 58: Working with CSV Data - The Pandas

Lecture 492 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 493 Reading CSV

Lecture 494 Data Types and Basic Statistics

Lecture 495 Pandas Data Structures - Series

Lecture 496 Accessing Series Elements

Lecture 497 Pandas Data Structures - DataFrame

Lecture 498 Accessing DataFrame

Lecture 499 Query Dataset

Lecture 500 Group and Aggregate the Data

Lecture 501 Write to CSV

Lecture 502 Pandas CSV Challenge

Section 59: ----------PART 5 - Graphical User Interface in Python----------

Lecture 503 What you will learn in PART 5

Section 60: Turtle Module

Lecture 504 Goals: what you will make by the end of this section

Lecture 505 Introduction to Turtle Graphics

Lecture 506 Move Turtle

Lecture 507 Draw Shape - Challenge 1

Lecture 508 Drawing and Filling Present Shapes

Lecture 509 Drawing Polygons

Lecture 510 Draw Dashed Shapes

Lecture 511 RGB Color - Generate Random Color

Lecture 512 Screen and Turtle Properties

Lecture 513 Move Random Directions - Challenge 2

Lecture 514 How to Create Games with Turtle

Lecture 515 Write Method - Default Values for Function Arguments

Section 61: Project 49 - Draw National Flag of Azerbaijan

Lecture 516 Project Objective

Lecture 517 Steps to Complete the Project

Section 62: Project 50 - Draw National Flag of India

Lecture 518 Project Objective

Lecture 519 Steps to Complete the Project

Section 63: Project 51 - Draw National Flag of Your COUNTRY

Lecture 520 Project Objective

Section 64: Project 52 - Schengen Countries

Lecture 521 What you will make

Lecture 522 Solution

Section 65: Project 53 - Turtle Race

Lecture 523 Project Objective

Lecture 524 Solution

Section 66: Project 54 - Snake Game using OOP

Lecture 525 What you will make by the end of section

Lecture 526 Steps to Complete the Project

Section 67: Tkinter Module

Lecture 527 Introduction to Tkinter

Lecture 528 Creating and Configuring Widgets

Lecture 529 Unlimited Positional and Keyword Arguments (*args and **kwargs)

Lecture 530 Widget Placement - Geometry Managers

Lecture 531 Important Message

Section 68: Project 55 - Feedback Form

Lecture 532 Important Message

Section 69: Project 56 - Pomodoro App

Lecture 533 Important Message

Section 70: Project 57 - Text Editor

Lecture 534 Important Message

Section 71: --------PART 6 - Working with Databases and Webservices--------

Lecture 535 What you will learn in PART 6

Section 72: Using SQLite in Python

Lecture 536 What is SQLite?

Section 73: Project 58 - SQLite App

Lecture 537 Project Objective

Section 74: Project 59 - Bookstore

Lecture 538 Project Objective

Section 75: Using MySQL in Python

Lecture 539 What is MySQL?

Section 76: Project 60 - MySQL App

Lecture 540 Project Objective

Section 77: Using PostgreSQL in Python

Lecture 541 What is PostgreSQL?

Section 78: Project 61 - PostgreSQL

Lecture 542 Project Objective

Section 79: Web Services - RESTful APIs with Flask

Lecture 543 Important Message

Section 80: Project 62 - APIs

Lecture 544 Project Objective

Section 81: ---------------PART 7 - Advanced Python---------------

Lecture 545 What you will learn in PART 7

Section 82: Advanced Python - Lambda , List Comprehension, Generators, Decorators

Lecture 546 Important Message

Section 83: Multithreading in Python

Lecture 547 Important Message

Section 84: Data and Meta Classes

Lecture 548 Important Message

Section 85: Project 63 - Advanced Python

Lecture 549 Project Objective

Section 86: ------------PART 8 - Data Analyses and Visualization------------

Lecture 550 What you will learn in this PART 8

Section 87: Matplotlib

Lecture 551 Important Message

Section 88: Seaborn

Lecture 552 Important Message

Section 89: Project 64 - Titanic Project

Lecture 553 Project Objective

Section 90: Project 65 - Stack Market Analyses

Lecture 554 Project Objective

Section 91: ----------------PART 9 - Building Your Portfolio----------------

Lecture 555 What you will learn in this PART 9

Section 92: Project 66 - Portfolio Project (Files and Directories)

Section 93: Project 67 - Portfolio Project (Files and Directories)

Section 94: Project 68 - Create Amazon Price Tracker (Beautiful Soup)

Lecture 556 Project Overview

Section 95: Project 69 - Website Blocker

Lecture 557 Project Overview

Section 96: Project 70 - Create Spotify Playlist (APIs)

Lecture 558 Project Overview

Section 97: Project 71 - 100

Lecture 559 Important Message

Lecture 560 Bonus Lecture

If you want to learn Python from scratch through building fun and useful projects, then take this course.,If you want to start your own startup by building your own apps.,If you are an experienced programmer wanting to switch to Python then this is the quickest way through real coding projects.,If you are an intermediate Python programmer this course will help you to level up.


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