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3 Habits Life Coach Positive Psychology Certificate [3 Of 9]
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3 Habits Life Coach Positive Psychology Certificate [3 Of 9]
Last updated 3/2022
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Life Coach Cert. : (2 in 1). One of the Nine Prerequisites Required for the Positive Psychology Master Coach Diploma

What you'll learn
Udemy Instructor with Superb Student Reviews!
Get 24x7 Access to the Instructor
Premium Bonus: 160 Page Presentation and ALL the Slides Used in this Course
Internationally Accredited Program: CPD provider Number is 777313
Coaching Assignments throughout the Program: Practice As You Go through the Course
Students from 174 Countries!
Instructor Overall Rating: Over 3,700 5 STAR Reviews
GET 7 FREE Books
The Entire Course in the Audio Format as a FREE Download and "Listen on the Go"
Coach Your Clients to Improve Their Life by Changing Their Habits
Apply Habits Coaching Model and Coaching Life Cycle
Understand how to introduce Habits Coaching to your Clients
Hear Real Life Coaching Stories and Learn Practical Habits Coaching Skills
Content Slide Attached to Each Lecture

Pre- Requisite to take this course is Certified Habits Practitioner Course
You should have pen and paper ready for exercises / applications
Ready and Willing to Change Your Life and the Life of People around You

This course is accredited by the internationally recognized CPD Accreditation Group (Provider No: 777313) and upon completion of this course, you will receive an official Accredited Certificate from Life Success Academy. This course is also a part of the PPMC Program - Positive Psychology Master Coach Diploma offered exclusively for Udemy Students by Life Success Academy.JOIN OUR > 44,000 HAPPY STUDENTS from 174 COUNTRIES who have already taken our Udemy courses and gave Mr. Pobric over 3,700 5 STAR REVIEWS!As a Prominent Leader in Online Learning and the Authority Figure in the field of Positive Psychology, Happiness, Leadership, and Human Flourishing Braco Pobric is actively involved in this amazing community of happier people and does his best to answer all the questions within 48 hours.This training is a fully-accredited professional program by The CPD Accreditation Group with 20 OPTIONAL CPD / CE Credit Hours. The course contains HD video content, the Entire Audio version of the program, course transcript, workbook, assignments, handouts, and supplementary resources that you can download any time and from any device.You will also have FREE access to a private positive psychology/leadership coaching community network with over 3,000 active life coaches from all over the world and FREE one-on-one mentoring/coaching where you can be coached by one of our Certified Coaches or practice habits coaching skills and receive valuable credit hours. The coaches within this network have either completed or are completing one of the Life Success Academy certification programs.Upon successful completion of this training, you will be eligible to apply for and receive an Official and Accredited Certificate issued by the Academy of Life Success FREE of charge.At the end of this course, you will:Practice Coaching Clients to establish new routines and change bad habits Apply Habits Coaching ModelUse Habits Life Cycle in your Coaching Practice Adopt Client Ready Coaching Form and Questionnaires to Your BusinessUnderstand how to introduce Habits Coaching to your ClientsReceive 7 FREE Books and Amazon Bestseller Habits and Happiness Get access to Research PapersGet examples of Real Life Coaching Stories Apply specific Habits Coaching Tools Help Clients achieve True Life Success Complete multiple Practical Assignments and Tests Choose One or More Habits You Want To Change This program is a Fully Accredited CPD / CE Program by the CPD Standards.Our CPD provider Number is 777313Habits and Happiness Udemy Program combines years of research by experts in the field of habits, neuroscience, traditional and positive psychology, and teaches you how to apply this new information in a very simple and practical way. This program will help you understand your habits: why you have them, why you can or cannot change them, and how they can work to help you live a great life. Implementing habitual behavior in accordance with this program will help you become happier and more successful, will improve your wellbeing, and will assist you in living the life you've always wanted to live.Everything you want to achieve in life--from a successful career, thriving relationships, improved health, or simply increase your happiness and wellbeing-everything starts with habits. Everything! If your goal is to double your income, get a new job, do well on an interview, lose weight, gain weight, start exercising, start meditating, improve relationships, change your diet, become happier - or anything else in life - this course is for you. This program is based on my bestselling book - Habits and Happiness: How to Become Happier and Improve Your Wellbeing by Changing Your Habits, my Habits and Happiness workshops, individual coaching sessions, and many years of helping others change their life for the better in the areas they believe are most necessary. Regardless of what areas of your life need improvement - income, career, health, relationships, spirituality, or anything else - you can only make that happen by changing your habits. Click the "take this course" button, top right, now ... Enroll NOW to become happier and more successful. Every minute you delay is actually COSTING you...Happiness, Health, Success... ENROLL NOW!
Section 1: Let's Start With a Story and the Assignments
Lecture 1 Help Your Client Understand Their Existing Habits
Lecture 2 Practice Your Course Knowledge with the Assignments
Lecture 3 How Do I Get Additional Help While Going Through This Course
Lecture 4 Life Coach Cycle for Habits Coaching (1 of 2)
Lecture 5 Life Coach Cycle for Habits Coaching (2 of 2)
Lecture 6 Coach Your Client to Choose One New Habit
Lecture 7 Habits Coaching Outcome
Section 2: Introduction to Habits Life Coach Certification Course
Lecture 8 What's Included Inside Habits Life Coach Certification Course
Lecture 9 How This Course is Organized
Lecture 10 Things You will Learn and Things You Will Not Learn in this Course
Section 3: Course Workbook, Assignments, Presentations and FREE Books
Lecture 11 FREE Books and Other Resources
Lecture 12 Certified Habits Life Coach (CHLC) Audio Files
Lecture 13 Certified Habits Practitioner (CHP) Audio Files
Section 4: Fell Free to SKIP This Section (Or Some Lectures) If You Already Know me Well..
Lecture 14 Important: Please Read: About this Section
Lecture 15 Before we Start...What Lectures You Can Skip
Lecture 16 About Braco Pobric and his Teaching Style
Lecture 17 What I expect From My Students
Lecture 18 What Do You Expect From This Course?
Lecture 19 Receive CPD / CE International Accreditation and Certificate
Section 5: Let's Start Coaching Our Clients on Habits
Lecture 20 How to Introduce Habits Coaching to Your Clients
Lecture 21 Accountability Partner Coaching
Lecture 22 Support Group Coaching
Lecture 23 Replacement Habits Coaching
Lecture 24 Generic Trigger Coaching
Lecture 25 Happiness Chemical (Dopamine) Coaching
Lecture 26 Circle Habits Coaching
Lecture 27 Assignment: Circle Habits Coaching
Lecture 28 Small Wins Coaching
Lecture 29 Coach Your Client Using the Small Wins Tools
Lecture 30 Will Power Coaching
Lecture 31 20 Second Rule Coaching
Lecture 32 Seven Secrets of Habits and Happiness Coaching
Section 6: Coaching Stories, Lessons Learned From My Clients and Your Coaching Assignments
Lecture 33 What I Hear a Lot From My Clients
Lecture 34 Client Story: Chris - Coaching on the Rewards
Lecture 35 Client Story: Helen - Coaching on Establishing Exercise Routine
Lecture 36 Client Story: Helen Again - Coaching Clients to Measure Exercise Success
Lecture 37 Client Story: Dennis - Coaching Clients on the Weight Loss
Lecture 38 Client Story: Tashica - Coaching Clients to Become Happier
Lecture 39 Client Story: Darlene - Coaching Clients to Deal With Stress
Lecture 40 Client Story: Chris (Another Chris :)) - Coaching Clients to Do What They Love
Lecture 41 Client Story: Ashih - Coaching Clients on Journaling Habits
Lecture 42 Client Story: JoAnn - Coaching Clients to Spend Money Well
Lecture 43 Client Story: Lisa - Coaching Clients to Exercise Mind and the Body
Lecture 44 Client Story: Ilene - Coaching Clients to Use Their Strengths
Lecture 45 Client Story: Dominic - Coaching Clients on Money Management
Section 7: CHP Certified Positive Psychology Habits Practitioner
Lecture 46 From This Section till the End...
Lecture 47 Introduction to Habits: My Story
Lecture 48 Analyze Your Existing Habits
Lecture 49 Analyze Your Existing Habits: Assignment 1
Lecture 50 Analyze Your Existing Habits: Assignment 2
Lecture 51 3 Groups of Habits
Lecture 52 One Habit You Are Going To Change or Introduce in Your Life
Lecture 53 Establish Multiple Habits - How One Habit Can Trigger Another
Lecture 54 Accountability Partner
Lecture 55 Making a Commitment
Lecture 56 You Succeeded in Creating a New Habit - Give Yourself a Reward
Section 8: CHP - Understanding Habits - Let's Gain Some Knowledge / Theory Behind Habits
Lecture 57 The Habit Loop
Lecture 58 Examples of Habit Loops
Lecture 59 Identify Your Habit Loops and Triggers
Lecture 60 When a Trigger is Missing
Lecture 61 4 Types of Habits
Lecture 62 Physical Habits
Lecture 63 Thinking Habits
Lecture 64 Emotional Habits
Lecture 65 Circle Habits
Lecture 66 Think of Your 3 Habit Types - Circle, Thinking and Emotional. See the Assignment
Lecture 67 Reward Yourself with some Happiness Chemical
Lecture 68 Identify Ways to Release Your Own Happiness Chemical
Lecture 69 Brain Changes Itself
Lecture 70 Brain Changes Itself Assignment
Section 9: CHP: 7 Secrets To Change Your Habits and Improve Your Life
Lecture 71 The Secret Number 1: Yes I Can!
Lecture 72 Putting Secret Number 1 to Work - An Exercise
Lecture 73 The Secret Number 2: Release Your Own Happiness Chemical, Try this NOW!
Lecture 74 Putting Secret Number 2 to Work - An Exercise
Lecture 75 The Secret Number 3: Start Any New Habit NOW!
Lecture 76 Putting Secret Number 3 to Work - An Exercise
Lecture 77 The Secret Number 4: Increase Your Willpower Starting TODAY!
Lecture 78 Putting Secret Number 4 to Work - An Exercise
Lecture 79 The Secret Number 5: Start or Change Any Habit in 20 Seconds
Lecture 80 Putting Secret Number 5 to Work - An Exercise
Lecture 81 The Secret Number 6: Get Support from Friends and Even Strangers!
Lecture 82 Putting Secret Number 6 to Work - An Exercise
Lecture 83 The Secret Number 7: Let the Whole World Know...It will Help You!
Lecture 84 Putting Secret Number 7 to Work - An Exercise
Lecture 85 Review The 7 Secrets
Section 10: CHP: Implementing Your New Habits
Lecture 86 The Spending Money Well Habit
Lecture 87 The Exercise Habit
Lecture 88 The Exercise Habit - Action: Establish Your Own Exercise Habit
Lecture 89 The Unexpected Kindness
Lecture 90 The Unexpected Kindness - Action: Implement Your Own Unexpected Kindness Habit
Lecture 91 The Buying Experience Habit
Lecture 92 The Buying Experience - Action: Implement Your Own Buying Experience Habit
Lecture 93 The Five Deep Breath
Lecture 94 The Five Deep Breath - Exercise Directions
Lecture 95 The Five Deep Breath - Action: Create Your Own Five Deep Breath Habit
Lecture 96 The Gratitude Habit
Lecture 97 The Gratitude Habit Action
Lecture 98 The Gratitude Habit - Action: Create Your Own Gratitude Habit
Lecture 99 The TV Habit
Lecture 100 TV Habit - Action: Create Your New TV Habit
Lecture 101 The Measuring Exercise Success
Lecture 102 The Measuring Exercise Action
Lecture 103 The Measuring Weigh Habit
Lecture 104 The Mindfulness Habit
Lecture 105 The Meditation Habit
Lecture 106 The Journaling Habit
Lecture 107 The Journaling Habit - Action: Start Your Own Journaling Habit
Lecture 108 Bonus Lecture: Accredited Certificate w/CPD/ CE Hours + Special Bonuses
Life coaches looking for scientifically proven tools to help their clients,Future Life Coaches,Corporate Executives,Managers,Therapists,Psychotherapists

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