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Udemy - Corporate Finance
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Udemy - Corporate Finance
Last Update: 5/2022
Duration: 163h 29m | Video: .MP4, 1280x720 30 fps | Audio: AAC, 48 kHz, 2ch | Size: 71.9 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Learn corporate finance from a practicing CPA Certified Public Accountant

What you'll learn:
List corporate finance topics and understand them in a comprehensive way
Have a comprehensive corporate finance recourse to use as a reference in future endeavors
How to read & analyze financial statements
How to read & analyze financial statements
How to use Excel or Google Sheets to work many practice problems
List common financial ratios, understand how they are used, and calculate them
Create forecasts and and budgets
Explain what break-even analysis is, how it is used, and how to perform calculations
Understand how to make financing decisions
Be able to apply management of current asset concepts to run a more efficient operation
List issues related to short term financing and make short term financing decisions
Understand time value of money concepts
Know when to apply time value of money principles
Be able to calculate present value and future value using multiple methods
Calculate the valuation of bonds
Calculate the valuation of preferred stock
Calculate the valuation of common stock
Explain the concept of cost of capital and apply it to debt and equity financing
Describe to make long term capital budgeting decisions using time value of money concepts
Calculate net present value (NVP)
Calculate internal rate of return (IRR)
Describe what capital markets are and how the can be used by a corporation
Explain what investment banking is and how it can be useful to a corporation
Be able to make long term debt and lease financing decisions
Define dividends and understand how to make corporate dividend policy
Define convertible bonds and analyze them impact of them to the company and to investors
Explain what mergers and acquisitions are and common issues related to them
Understand how foreign currency transactions can impact financial decisions
Calculate foreign currency exchanges
Explain what forward contracts are and how they can be used

None - This course starts from the beginning and continues. . . . . . . . . for a comprehensive look at the topic

We will learn how to read financial statements and how to use them for decision making.
A primary tool we will use is ratio analysis. Ratio analysis is a very useful skill in a wide area of topics, and financial analysis is a great place to learn the skill.
Ratios are necessary when measuring performance, including most any job performance. For example, we must apply ratio analysis when measuring the job performance of sports athletes. Similar ratio analysis will apply to most any job performance, and also apply to the performance of corporations.
Once we analyze the past performance of a corporation, we can use this knowledge to predict future performance, helping us make decisions about the company, whether those decisions be investment-related, creditor related, or managerial.
This course will include many example problems using both a presentation format and a spreadsheet format.
Corporate finance is a wonderful tool to learn, improve, and practice Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet skills. Every spreadsheet practice problem will include a downloadable Excel file, that can be opened with Google Sheets, containing at least two tabs, one with the answer, the other with a preformatted worksheet to be filled in along with a step by step instructional video.

Who this course is for
Finance Professionals
Finance Students
Business Owners
Anybody who wants to understand financial concepts and have a reference tool for them


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