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Flutter- The 2022 Guide To Build Android, Ios And Web Apps
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Flutter- The 2022 Guide To Build Android, Ios And Web Apps
Published 9/2022
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The ultimate guide to Google flutter in developing high performance production grade apps for Android, IOS and Web.

What you'll learn
Develop high performance, production grade Android, IOS apps and websites with Flutter.
Develop back-end with Firebase and deploy web apps to Firebase hosting
Start from scratch and understand all fundamental concepts of Flutter.
Build beautiful, appealing and responsive apps that fits every device size.
Become an industry standard Flutter developer
Portfolio of apps to impress your recruiters and clients.
Latest codes and it will be updated.

Willingness to learn and grow!
No programming or coding experience needed
At-least windows 7 for Windows setup

Welcome to the best and most industry-oriented course on Google Flutter with the ultimate practical hands-on videos, the formula for you to get the salary or job you deserve.Here you'll learn to use Flutter, Dart, and Firebase to build beautiful, high-performance production-grade apps for Android, iOS, and the web.Flutter's central concept is that it aims to simultaneously address the "write once, run anywhere" issue and the "re-think the app design" issue. It has made the process of delivering apps to many platforms incredibly simple and time-saving.By the end of this course, you will be able to master topics like Layouts, animations, responsive handling, Streams, Future, Riverpod, Firebase, design patterns, and much more to develop apps that meet industry standards.Major companies such as BMW, Ali baba, eBay, Tencent, Toyota, Google and many more are using Flutter for developing their apps. The demand is high but the supply of developers is low, so this creates the perfect opportunity for you to learn about this trending topic which is Flutter!Having compiled over 2000 job descriptions, we are fully aware of the qualifications needed to become a skilled and well-paid Flutter developer. We created this course for anyone who wants to develop and release high-performance production-grade apps for Android, iOS, and the web all at once.What distinguishes this course from others is its industry standards. Your app may not be collaboration-friendly or may consume excessive power with OS shutting the app down, making the app useless. However, similar disasters can be avoided with the right industry standards.The difference between a good developer and a great developer is how you code your apps to consume less power and that is exactly where we help you to stand out. It's a commendable skill in the Flutter community. But it's also a highly neglected skill.Fortunately, it's one of the major topics you'll master here.With the amount of research we have done for a year, it ensures that you'll not just be able to develop an app but develop it with industry standards and meet the requirements of most recruiters or clients. The apps you'll build will meet proper standards and make your portfolio stand out. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the best course on Google Flutter.In this course, we will teach you all you need to know about Flutter, right from scratch, to begin your technical journey in creating mind-blowing mobile applications. The projects we will create will have user interfaces that are designed to take advantage of the advanced features of the platform.You will learn how to use Flutter's tooling to design apps, develop their layouts and logic, and write their code. Discover how to write Flutter apps, from high-level principles to code samples at the Flutter level, across iOS and Android.We begin right from setting up your code editors and build it from there onwards, so even as a beginner, you do not feel intimidated by the information overload.All the projects we will create in this course are selected in a way to demonstrate how you can create different user interactions and how important it is to have nested flows in Flutter apps. It is important that you understand the hierarchical nature of your logic when defining the Flutter app.Further, we will look at some more advanced UI widgets that we can use for our apps. We will deal with accessibility and styling all while incorporating the hit and trial approach.To test your skills and help you in revising concepts, the course has quite a few challenges here and there so you know exactly what areas you need to work upon.We have illustrative videos to ensure the best learning experience for you. Our comprehensive videos and curriculum are built keeping in mind a beginner's perspective. We have tried to answer as many questions and doubts you might have throughout the course.We have structured this course in a manner that is not about mugging concepts but practically implementing all ideas for an assigned project that are required in an actual job setting.Our extensive study over the past year guarantees that you won't simply create projects, but do so in accordance with industry standards and satisfy the needs of the majority of employers or clients. The apps you create will be up to code standards and will distinguish your portfolio. This is without a doubt the best Google Flutter training available. Period.We are eager to have you enroll in this course!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 What is flutter?
Lecture 2 How easy it is to create an app with flutter?
Lecture 3 How exactly flutter works?
Section 2: Setup and installation
Lecture 4 Install Java (Windows)
Lecture 5 Install git (Windows)
Lecture 6 Install Flutter (Windows)
Lecture 7 Install Android Studio
Lecture 8 Emulator/Physical device setup
Lecture 9 Android licenses
Lecture 10 Firebase installation
Lecture 11 Firebase installation bug
Lecture 12 Desktop app Development Setup for windows (Optional)
Lecture 13 Mac installation Part 1
Lecture 14 Mac installation Part 2
Lecture 15 Bugs
Section 3: Start with the basics- My Dashatar app
Lecture 16 Creating flutter app -1
Lecture 17 Creating flutter app - 2
Lecture 18 Coding my dashatar app with flutter part 1
Lecture 19 Adding images[Coding my dashatar app - 2 ]
Lecture 20 Changing launcher Icon[Coding my dashatar app - 2]
Lecture 21 Open new page error.
Lecture 22 Bugs
Section 4: Ninja Challenge 1
Lecture 23 What is the challenge?
Lecture 24 Solution to the challenge.
Lecture 25 Bugs
Section 5: Understanding layouts
Lecture 26 Introduction and emulator settings
Lecture 27 Hot reload vs Hot restart
Lecture 28 Lists and Column
Lecture 29 Rows and Columns
Lecture 30 LIstView and SingleChildScrollView
Lecture 31 Wrap and Stack
Lecture 32 Bugs
Section 6: Dart Programming
Lecture 33 Class and object part 1
Lecture 34 class and object part 2
Lecture 35 loop, lists and map
Lecture 36 Challenges set 1
Lecture 37 Challenges set 2
Section 7: State management- Basics
Lecture 38 Stateful vs Stateless widgets
Lecture 39 State management in action
Lecture 40 AudioPlayers package.
Lecture 41 Playing the beats.
Section 8: Ninja challenge 2
Lecture 42 The problem
Lecture 43 Solution- Introduction
Lecture 44 LaunchPad decorations
Lecture 45 Add delay and play audio
Lecture 46 Adding sound path
Lecture 47 Bugs
Section 9: Portfolio- Landing page web
Lecture 48 Creating a new project
Lecture 49 Change app icons
Lecture 50 App icon customization
Lecture 51 Change favicon
Lecture 52 coding main.dart
Lecture 53 analysis.yaml || Linters
Lecture 54 const vs final
Lecture 55 mouse region
Lecture 56 CircleAvatar
Lecture 57 padding
Lecture 58 sansBold
Lecture 59 contact details
Lecture 60 about section
Lecture 61 third section
Lecture 62 decorating the card
Lecture 63 adding more cards
Lecture 64 contact me
Lecture 65 textFields
Lecture 66 making a stateless widget
Lecture 67 Finishing textFormFields
Lecture 68 Exploring new properties
Lecture 69 Using RegExp
Lecture 70 How to validate the text
Lecture 71 Integers and double
Lecture 72 Animations
Lecture 73 Practical use of AnimationController
Lecture 74 Finishing the animated cards
Lecture 75 Firebase hosting
Lecture 76 Creating a project in Firebase
Lecture 77 Further exploring Firebase
Lecture 78 SVG Image Asset
Lecture 79 Adding social media
Lecture 80 Designing the web app
Lecture 81 Async, await and functions 1
Lecture 82 Async, await and functions 2
Section 10: Navigation
Lecture 83 First way
Lecture 84 Second way
Lecture 85 Third way
Lecture 86 Routes 1
Lecture 87 Routes 2
Section 11: Mobile Landing Page
Lecture 88 Routes
Lecture 89 Adding AppBar
Lecture 90 Adding Drawer
Lecture 91 Tabs mobile
Lecture 92 Social media link button
Lecture 93 Adding circle avatar
Lecture 94 Contact information
Lecture 95 Contact information 2
Lecture 96 About section
Lecture 97 Experience section
Lecture 98 Contact section
Lecture 99 Navigations
Section 12: Contact Page
Lecture 100 Routes and links
Lecture 101 Sliver AppBar
Lecture 102 Tabs Web
Lecture 103 CanvasKit vs HTML
Lecture 104 Adding TextForms
Lecture 105 Contact Mobile View
Lecture 106 SliverAppBar mobile
Lecture 107 Text Form Mobile
Section 13: About Page
Lecture 108 AppBar and Drawer
Lecture 109 Introduction section
Lecture 110 Back-End section
Lecture 111 About Web
Lecture 112 About me first section web
Lecture 113 Ending About page
Section 14: Blog and Works Page
Lecture 114 Creating Routes and adding Drawer
Lecture 115 Custom Text widgets
Lecture 116 Sliver appBar
Lecture 117 Blog Post widget
Lecture 118 Blog Post 2
Lecture 119 Blog Post 3
Lecture 120 Re-think design
Lecture 121 Works appBar
Lecture 122 Showcasing apps
Lecture 123 Coding the Drawer- works
Section 15: Firebase setup
Lecture 124 Android and IOS
Lecture 125 kIsWeb
Lecture 126 Web
Section 16: Firebase for blog
Lecture 127 Introduction to Cloud Firestore
Lecture 128 Fetching data
Lecture 129 Streams
Lecture 130 Displaying blog from Firestore
Lecture 131 Displaying blog from Firebase part 2
Lecture 132 Adding data to Blog
Section 17: Firebase for contact
Lecture 133 Stream articles function
Lecture 134 Text-editing controller
Lecture 135 Validator
Lecture 136 Add response function
Lecture 137 Upload response
Lecture 138 Deploy to web
Section 18: Firebase security rules
Lecture 139 Introduction
Lecture 140 Message rules
Lecture 141 Articles and testing
Lecture 142 Domain name transfer (Optional)
Section 19: Advance State management
Lecture 143 Introduction
Lecture 144 Provider part 1
Lecture 145 Provider part 2
Lecture 146 Riverpod part 1
Lecture 147 Riverpod part 2
Section 20: Budget app
Lecture 148 Introduction
Lecture 149 Creating our Firebase project
Lecture 150 Adding the SHA files
Lecture 151 Adding the IOS app
Lecture 152 Web setup
Lecture 153 Google O_Auth
Lecture 154 Using the responsive handler
Lecture 155 Using the responsive handler 2
Lecture 156 Using the responsive handler 3
Lecture 157 Log in mobile UI
Lecture 158 Adding the app logo and the fields
Lecture 159 What is the obscure property?
Lecture 160 Using the isObscure variable
Lecture 161 Creating a custom reusable widget
Lecture 162 Rows and user registration
Lecture 163 Error pop-ups
Lecture 164 RegExp
Lecture 165 Creating the log in button
Lecture 166 Registering and logging in to the app
Lecture 167 Creating the Google Sign-In button
Lecture 168 Sign in with Google Web and mobile
Lecture 169 Correcting Google Sign-In to Firebase auth
Lecture 170 Coding the Login View web
Lecture 171 Adding image assets
Lecture 172 Email field
Lecture 173 Password field
Lecture 174 Register and Sign in buttons
Lecture 175 Creating ' Sign in with Google' button on web
Lecture 176 Google sign in successful
Lecture 177 Security rules
Lecture 178 Drawer
Lecture 179 Log out button
Lecture 180 Social media links
Lecture 181 Dashboard
Lecture 182 TODO comments
Lecture 183 Container for the variable names
Lecture 184 Variable names and divider
Lecture 185 Add expense mobile
Lecture 186 Add expense function
Lecture 187 TextForm widget
Lecture 188 TextForm widget 2
Lecture 189 User collection
Lecture 190 How to add data to Cloud Firestore
Lecture 191 Creating the Add income button
Lecture 192 Add income function
Lecture 193 Name and amount fields
Lecture 194 Save button function
Lecture 195 The expenses list
Lecture 196 The expenses list 2
Lecture 197 Incomes list
Lecture 198 Extracting the docs from Firebase & clean lists
Lecture 199 Running the functions
Lecture 200 Reset function
Lecture 201 Web AppBar
Lecture 202 Add expense web
Lecture 203 Add income web
Lecture 204 Total calculations
Lecture 205 Expenses list
Lecture 206 Incomes list
Your age is in between 16 to 26 years old,You want to develop high performance production grade apps.,You are a beginners, intermediate or professional curious about learning the in-trend topic Flutter and Dart,You want to developer apps for Android IOS and Web in with one code base.,Want to learn Firebase,Connect any backend server with flutter

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