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Premiere Pro: Cinematic Videos From Shooting To Editing
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Premiere Pro: Cinematic Videos From Shooting To Editing
Published 9/2022
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Learn all the foundational tools someone can use to get started in editing

What you'll learn
Master Premiere Pro and be CONFIDENT Editing Your Own Videos
Walk through the practical editing skills to create impactful and unique videos that satisfy both you and your audience.
Editing process from A-Z
Teach you the skills which I use in my own professional environment.

Should have Adobe Premiere Pro installed on their computers

Instructor CredentialsMy name is Anthony Giunta, and I'm a feature film maker - a writer, director, producer and editor. And I'll be your instructor for the Premiere Pro course.As a filmmaker who writes, directs, and edits, it's a threefold blessing - because, in film, there are three opportunities to tell the story. Firstly, writing the script and refining the drafts as the development process continues throughout pre-production. Secondly, when the film goes into production and is being directed, changes can be made based on variables like an actor's performance, settings, and so on. Lastly and most importantly, the "shaving process" where improvements to the overall flow of the story and major changes can be made - or in other words, the editing stage.Having experience working as a writer, director, producer, and editor, I realized how appealing editing work is. When editing, the editor gets to choose what is most important in every shot. In this process, depending on the shots and the order the editor chooses, the editor gives the audience the information that he or she wishes to disclose - which can also greatly affect an individual's interpretation of the film itself.The same principles apply to editing YouTube videos or family videos: you, as the editor, decide where the audience will focus their attention at every moment.Teaching ExperienceOver the years, I've taught students - mostly high schoolers - the fundamentals of filmmaking in all the writing/directing/editing arenas.I've volunteered at a non-profit called Mighty Writers in Philadelphia, as well as worked for a semester at Project Twenty1 - accompanying students through the entire process of making a short film, from hatching an original idea through to putting the finishing touches on the final edit.Once I've gone through such an exercise for every step in the lesson plan, I'm confident that I'll be accompanying you in a sound way that builds on each preceding lesson - which I believe is the best way to learn.In this Premiere Pro course, I will walk through the practical editing skills to create impactful and unique videos that satisfy both you and your audience. I believe what sets this course apart from others is that it's taught by a produced feature filmmaker. I am someone who is ingrained in the editing process from A-Z, and I'm excited to teach you the skills which I use in my own professional environment.Course DescriptionThe best way to summarize this Premiere Pro course that I'll be teaching is to use one word: springboard.This <Premiere Pro: Polished Video-Editing> course will provide all the foundational tools someone can use to get started in editing, and will be taught in a fun, user-friendly way that will give you the skills you need to grow as an editor.This course is for anyone who doesn't have any editing experience yet or who wants to learn all the basics of video editing such as adding elements, effects, and assets. To get the most benefits from this course, make sure to take each lesson in sequence, use the tools and tips to help you master editing your own original content.To StudentsOnce you finish this course, you'll be able to edit videos such as many of the ones that you see everyday on YouTube.To make the class experience even more effective, I would suggest approaching the course content on a parallel track since the course has been designed to have each new module built on the ones that preceded it.Try to stay open to the world around you as you make your way through your everyday life. The more you allow yourself to be open to capturing the various sights and sounds you encounter, the more your creative possibilities will expand.
Section 1: Chapter 1: Introduction to Premiere Pro
Lecture 1 Introduction to Course & Instructor
Lecture 2 Approaching Editing as a Beginner
Lecture 3 Acquiring Video Clips to Practice Editing
Lecture 4 Multi Platforms / Hardware Requirements / Aspect Ratio
Lecture 5 Preparing File Management Folders
Lecture 6 Aspect Ratio
Lecture 7 Fonts
Lecture 8 Uses of Fonts / Free Fonts vs. Paid Font Resources
Lecture 9 Copyright Info
Lecture 10 Introduction to Premiere Pro Interface
Section 2: Chapter 2: Exploring Basic Tools
Lecture 11 Tour: Preferences Setting
Lecture 12 Tour: Editing Bin
Lecture 13 Tour: Source and Program Monitors
Lecture 14 Tour: Timeline Snapshot
Lecture 15 Tour: Project Settings
Lecture 16 Tour: Effects Control Panel
Lecture 17 Tour: Setting Shortcut Keys
Lecture 18 Tour: Timecode
Section 3: Chapter 3: Editing Methods
Lecture 19 Customizing Workspace
Lecture 20 Additional Bins / Changes / Color Coding
Lecture 21 Logging & Importing Other Assets
Lecture 22 Creating a Clip Sequence
Lecture 23 Creating Proxies
Lecture 24 Relinking Offline Files
Lecture 25 Toolbar Essentials
Lecture 26 Creating an Inital Timeline
Lecture 27 Editing our First Sequence
Lecture 28 Audio Clip Edits & Audio Levels
Lecture 29 Rough Cut, Part 1
Lecture 30 Rough Cut, Part 2
Lecture 31 Nesting
Lecture 32 Audio Sync
Lecture 33 Audio Transition Effects /Audio Gain
Lecture 34 Trimming the Timeline
Lecture 35 Editing Dialogue
Lecture 36 Adding and Editing Music
Lecture 37 Stills & Slide Shows with Ken Burns Effect
Lecture 38 Multicam Sequences
Lecture 39 Freeze Frame
Lecture 40 Warp Stabilization
Lecture 41 Enabling Clips / Cleaning up Timeline
Lecture 42 Unlinking Clips / Auto-Save
Section 4: Chapter 4: Adding Effects
Lecture 43 Opacity and Blend
Lecture 44 Other Video Effects / Blur
Lecture 45 Audio Effects
Section 5: Chapter 5: Getting Assets
Lecture 46 Transitions: Video Transitions & Audio Transitions (w/CVC)
Lecture 47 Assets: Paid vs. Free Assets
Section 6: Chapter 6: Finishing Touches
Lecture 48 Creating Basic Titles
Lecture 49 Creating Subtitles/Captions
Lecture 50 Finishing: Color Grading Basics
Lecture 51 Finishing: Rendering and Exporting
Lecture 52 Closing
You are a video creator (or want to make videos), and are wanting to edit videos with THE BEST video editing application today.,You are a complete beginner who has never opened Premiere Pro

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