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Powershell In-Depth - Udemy
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Powershell In-Depth - Udemy
Last updated 10/2020
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Concepts and Methodologies required for Automation of your Environment using Powershell

What you'll learn
Powershell scripting with all the concepts explained In-Depth
Coding approach

Basic computer knowledge

In this course, we explained the below concepts.-Windows PowerShell Architecture-setting up the scripting environment-Language fundamentals1. Variables, Arrays, and Hash Tables2. Pipeline3. objects4. conditional logic, loops, functions, and filters-script blocks and error handling-Regular expressions,XML-User management-Creating new cmdlets and extensions.-I/O and error handling-PowerShell providers- snapins- session objects- remoting-Files and REgistry-Services, process monitoring, and event logging-working with AD using ADSI-WMI


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Intrduction part 2

Lecture 3 Assignment Details

Section 2: Powershell Environment

Lecture 4 Windows Terminal to launch multiple powershell tabs

Lecture 5 Powershell Installation on Linux-Ubuntu

Lecture 6 Powershell Environment

Lecture 7 Execution Policy

Lecture 8 Bypass policy

Section 3: Language Fundamentals

Lecture 9 Variables,environment variables,Noun-Verb syntax,Aliases

Lecture 10 Variable commandlets, Scope of Variables

Lecture 11 Objects oriented concepts,Formatting,process,output

Lecture 12 Services,Extensions(Snap-Ins,Modules),PSDrives,PSProviders,Saving commands,get-m

Lecture 13 Pipeline and calling dotnet libraries

Section 4: Object Oriented Concepts

Lecture 14 Custom object creation and its members,$host object,Loading COM objects

Lecture 15 Interacting with VirtualBox as a COM-object and executable

Section 5: Pipeline explained

Lecture 16 Pipeline, conditional statements,Switch,where-object,loops like foreach

Lecture 17 Difference between foreach and foreach-object,aliases,functions

Lecture 18 Functions,filters and serialization

Section 6: Powershell Reporting and Remoting

Lecture 19 Process,service and eventlog reporting with more details

Lecture 20 Powershell Remoting - PSSession

Lecture 21 Powershell Remoting - Invoke command

Section 7: FileSystem, Registries and WMI. AD concepts with ADSI

Lecture 22 File System In-Depth

Lecture 23 File System Continued and Registries

Lecture 24 WMI and ADSI

Section 8: Assignments

Anyone who are eager to learn


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