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Create Responsive Websites: From Psd Design To Code As A Pro
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Create Responsive Websites: From Psd Design To Code As A Pro
Last updated 12/2019
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Learn Web Design in Photoshop and Code with HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery and Bootstrap 4 Professionally the Easy Way

What you'll learn
Learn to create responsive, modern and professional web templates using html, css (and jqurey) from PSD
Learn web design in Adobe Photoshop professionally using powerful tools and techniques
Learn advanced css techniques
Learn to create mobile navigation using advanced css and jquery
Unleash the power of css and create an awesome popup without a single line of javascript code
Learn to create parallax effects and distinguish them by combining them with advanced gradient overlays
Learn to apply transitions and creative hover effects to web page elements
Learn to skillfully use Bootstrap 4 grid system to create advanced and easily responsive-able layouts
Learn to use and customize Bootstrap 4 carousel to create very custom sliders
Learn to use and customize a famous third party carousel
Learn to use Google Maps to show the addresses inside web pages
Learn to apply exciting animations to web page elements

A computer with Mac or Windows operating system.
Knowing how to work with the Computer.
A very basic understating of HTML and CSS is recommended.

This course is a complete front end web design course to achieve a high level understanding of how the websites are created and made Interactible. This course has been created for those who want to learn both designing web PSD templates and also coding with html, css and jquery along with the use of the power of Bootstrap 4. This course is also for those who want to learn one of the mentioned skills or those who want to learn one of them but also want to have a good understanding of other skills, this course is even for those that are rather experienced in the field and want to move to the next level. This course could have been two separate courses but it has been done this way to cover a wider range of demands. It is also necessary for learner's to know this course is not recommended for the people that are absolute beginner as it is possible for them to have difficulty keep up with the course to the end.At the end of the course, you will become a professional web graphics designer and front end developer and be able to do projects in any size.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Introduction to the Project
Lecture 3 How Much Skill in Coding is Needed to Start this Course
Section 2: Important Tips and Information
Lecture 4 Web Design Inspiration
Lecture 5 How to find Graphics to Use in Projects
Section 3: Photoshop Basics for Web Design
Lecture 6 Customizing the Photoshop's Interface
Lecture 7 Using Shape Tool
Lecture 8 Using Rectangular Marquee Tool
Lecture 9 Using Move Tool and Alignment Tools
Lecture 10 Using Pen Tool
Lecture 11 Using Direct Selection Tool
Lecture 12 Using Type Tool
Lecture 13 Applying Layer Styles
Section 4: Designing the PSD
Lecture 14 Bootstrap 4 Grid System PSD Template
Lecture 15 Picking colors
Lecture 16 Downloading and Installing Fonts
Lecture 17 Designing the Header
Lecture 18 Designing the Hero Section
Lecture 19 Designing the Features Section
Lecture 20 Designing the Professors Section
Lecture 21 Designing the Fields Section
Lecture 22 Designing the Grades Section
Lecture 23 Designing the Courses Section
Lecture 24 Designing the Subscribe Section
Lecture 25 Designing the Facilities Section
Lecture 26 Designing the Awards Section
Lecture 27 Designing the Branches Section
Lecture 28 Designing the Contact Section
Lecture 29 Designing the Mini Subscribe Section
Lecture 30 Designing the Footer and Copyright
Lecture 31 Final Touches and Improvements of the PSD
Section 5: Converting the PSD to HTML
Lecture 32 Choosing the Code Editor
Lecture 33 The Project Basic Setup and Folder Structure
Lecture 34 Writing Some Reusable CSS Code
Lecture 35 Coding the Header
Lecture 36 Coding the Hero Section
Lecture 37 Coding the Features Section
Lecture 38 Creating a Background for the Fixed Header
Lecture 39 Coding the Professors Section
Lecture 40 Coding the Fields Section
Lecture 41 Coding the Grades Section
Lecture 42 Coding the Courses Section
Lecture 43 Coding the Subscribe Section
Lecture 44 Coding the Facilities Section Part1
Lecture 45 Coding the Facilities Section Part2 - Creating the CSS Popup
Lecture 46 Coding the Awards Section
Lecture 47 Coding the Branches Section
Lecture 48 Coding the Contact Section
Lecture 49 Coding the Mini Subscribe Section
Lecture 50 Coding the Footer
Lecture 51 Reviewing the Template
Section 6: Making the HTML Template Responsive and Mobile Ready
Lecture 52 Creating the Mobile Navigation
Lecture 53 Polishing the Mobile Navigation
Lecture 54 Getting Ready to Write Media Queries
Lecture 55 Making the Header Responsive
Lecture 56 Making the Hero Section Responsive
Lecture 57 Making the Features Section Responsive
Lecture 58 Making the Professors Section Responsive
Lecture 59 Making the Grades Section Responsive
Lecture 60 Making the Subscribe Section Responsive
Lecture 61 Making the Facilities Section Responsive
Lecture 62 Making the Awards Section Responsive
Lecture 63 Making the Branches Section Responsive
Lecture 64 Making the Contact Section Responsive
Lecture 65 Making the Mini Subscribe Section Responsive
Lecture 66 Making the Footer Responsive
Section 7: Spicing Up the Project More
Lecture 67 Using Bootstrap Scrollspy
Lecture 68 Smoothing Navigation Scrolls
Lecture 69 Applying Animations to the Page Elements
Lecture 70 Final Touches and Farewell
Anyone who wants to learn web design in Adobe Photoshop,Anyone who wants to learn creating awesome and modern look web templates with html, css and bootstrap 4 from PSD,Anyone who wants to Learn creating web templates from designing the PSD Mockup to professionally coding it with html, css (and a bit of jqurey),Anyone who wants to Learn How to Effectively Use Bootstrap 4 in a Real World Project

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