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Optimal Happy Life Practitioner & Coaching Sfc Certification
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Optimal Happy Life Practitioner & Coaching Sfc Certification
Last updated 5/2021
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100% Proactive Empowerment Method of helping yourself and others achieve sustainable success, fulfillment & happiness

What you'll learn
How to have a happy journey while obtaining what you want in life.
Easy to use formulas to serve as the main tool for your blueprint in life.
The makeup of a happy life from from internal chemistry to how to create a life you want.
How to get the most out of life. If an OK life or less than ok isn't enough and you want MORE from life, then this is the course for you.
Step by Step Practitioner challenge to get you going as you finish the course
Session by Session plan for Life Coaches to help clients wanting Success, fulfillment, Happiness and more from life.

The desire to want more out of life or
The desire to help others that want more out of life

"Happiness is the journey not the destination." -SouzaThis popular quote seen on signs around the world is the front part of a paragraph that goes on to talk about life being a cluster of obstacles that make the journey towards what we want filled with unfinished business, debt, penance of time, etc. It finishes off by reminding us to take notice of and treasure each moment of life because time isn't guaranteed to anyone.ENROLL to Have a Happy Journey towards your Happy Destination. This course will help you figure it all out and get you started, today!When we only look at the sign "Happiness is the journey not the destination." saying it can appear trite but for a snicker. We might read this and think, "Oh Yea, I must remember to make my journey happy." This partial saying implies that the destination is not a place of happiness. So WHY would we want to go there? And HOW do I make myself happy on life's journey?Could it be that the stress, the worry, the addiction, the conflicts, the poor health and many of the negative conditions we face are the result of following this sign?Think about it.We wake up one day or realize in a moment to imagine what is to come (our destination) and it causes us great stress, anxiety and worry. The journey we are on is leading us away from happiness. Many of us take this sign to heart and party like tomorrow will never come. Or we escape into pain avoidance activities that turn into addictions like overeating, gambling, pornography, risk taking, alcohol & drugs. We want today, right now, to be happy and these are thing we do to achieve what the sign tells us to do. The journey is filled with stimulations of all sorts numbing us from whatever pains are real or imagined. But is this what Souza was telling us? No, not at all because the message is edited to a cliche. And even if we read the entire paragraph there is more to the story. Souza is reminding us that we need to adjust our mindset to note that of course our destination is of happiness and our journey need not be devoid of happiness. That while challenges will keep the journey from being a straight line we can stop and smell the roses and bring happiness into the journey too. Ok so we still need to know HOW to go to our Happy Destination and have as much happiness along the way, right? That's what the course is all about.Once you complete this course you will be able to, for yourself and coach other to do this for themselves, the means to be happy on the journey while moving towards a happy destination. In short I call this have an Optimal Happy Life. Why Optimal? Because this word best describes the reality of the human voyage we each embark upon. Not Perfect! Rather Optimal because we will discover ways to operate in an excellent means. We will respond, prepare for and proactively approach what we can control and deal with what we cannot control. So Perfect isn't the right word because too much of life is beyond our control.Once completed you will have an understanding of your life that was never presented to you before. We are conditioned to believe that adulthood is complex and it's a game that only the gifted can master. Then we hit an obstacle. Our journey now seems overwhelming which leads to reactive behaviors that makes the journey seemly unpleasant, unfinished, debt-filled, in thought that leads to negative feelings like stress, anxiety, panic, worry and depression. Souza's sign is seen and then used incorrectly. You'll learn to see life in an easy to build formula that can be repeated over and over again so your life's journey is more happy while you move towards that happy place you wish to be Today, Tomorrow and Forever.We will break down your life in very basic and easy to understand ways.We will build up your understanding of an Optimal life via a course called the Human Voyage.We will explain how to experience happiness along the journey while staying focused on getting to your destination as quickly as possible.We will explain how the chemicals in your brain create the feeling of happiness and what safe and healthy ways to activate these natural chemicals so you can keep your journey happy. This is done in a course called, The Neuroscience, Chemistry and Art of being Happy ForeverWe will give you three courses that represent the recipe, ingredients, formula to create and achieve success, fulfillment and happiness in life.You will receive several workbooks to help you and your clients ( if you choose to use this certification as a Optimal Happy Life Coach certified by Star Family Coaching ) to learn about your life balance, your life values, your goals and more.This is a mega course made of 5 successful courses. 4 of them individually have thousands of students. Included is a new course called the human voyage. This is 5 courses in 1 sold for the price of 1 course. Plus there will be never before seen lessons, in essence a 6th course included dealing with using Optimal Happy Life Coaching as a Life Coach.Here are a few of the reviews and ratings I already have for 4 of the 5 included courses.The Neuroscience, Chemistry and Art of being Happy ForeverAriane C. *****excellent pour les parfaits débutants. bien expliqué et surtout excellente présentation avec les slide on the side and the manual to download same as the slides.Nigel W.*****Very knowledgeable. What I like about Coach Hall is his delivery. The way he's himself and very personable enables me to take in what is being said, and enjoy it. I'm an NLP Master Practitioner, Counsellor and all around study fiend, and I really enjoyed this course.Happy Life Certification: Keys to an Optimum LifeEMANUELE V.*****.I am very grateful. for all the things he has explained and made me understand so far, his teachings, his lessons, his examples and experiences of real and lived life are a wealth in terms of personal growth to which all those - who seek "lasting" balance and happiness in life - should aspire. Excellent work, excellent courses, lots of energy, honesty and genuine willingness to help others. Thanks Coach Hall I will be eternally grateful to you!Carina J.*****I absolutely highly rate this tutor this is my third course with him and his teachings have made me a better Counsellor and life Coach. Easy steps that you can implement within your daily life. I would highly recommend this course.Happy Life Certification:Ingredients for Sustainable Success& Happy Life Certification: Formula for ongoing Fulfillment*****both currently are 5 star rated courses.So individually these are highly rated courses now all bundled together with extras and the Human Voyage course.The information in these courses are the result of over two decades of collected works from the biggest names in the world of personal development like Allen, Hill, Robbins, Gordon, Ginott, Siegel, Bryson, Gottman, Piaget, Erikson, Kegan, Lovinger, Massey, Havighurst, Levin, and more.You'll get over 20 hours of lectures, several life revealing workbooks, A near 600 page course book, links and support from your coach is also available in his LLE group. Only enrollment in this class is required to enter the student support group. However, the support group is not a requirement. It is there if you want more and/or would like some support in this course.Thanks for reading this description and I hope to see you in class.Best wishes and happy studiesCoach Hall


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction To Optimal Happy Life Coaching Certification

Lecture 2 Your course resources & Tips for best retention

Lecture 3 Who is your Instructor?

Lecture 4 Course Sections Overview

Lecture 5 Goals of the course

Lecture 6 Student Support

Section 2: Human Voyage

Lecture 7 Human Voyage Section Overview

Lecture 8 Life experience part1

Lecture 9 Life experience part 2

Lecture 10 Life experience part 3

Lecture 11 Life experience part 4

Lecture 12 Experience Phases & Balance part 1

Lecture 13 Experience Phases & Balance part 2

Lecture 14 Experience Phases & Balance part 3

Lecture 15 Experience Phases & Balance part 4

Lecture 16 Experience Tank part 1

Lecture 17 Experience Tank part 2

Lecture 18 Experience Tank part 3

Lecture 19 Experience Tank part 4

Lecture 20 Experience Tank part 5

Lecture 21 Experience Knowledge Understanding part 1

Lecture 22 Experience Knowledge Understanding part 2

Lecture 23 Experience Knowledge Understanding part 3

Lecture 24 Experience Knowledge Understanding part 4

Lecture 25 Personal Self Development part 1

Lecture 26 Personal Self Development part 2

Lecture 27 Personal Self Development part 3

Lecture 28 Personal Self Development part 4

Lecture 29 Personal Self Development part 5

Lecture 30 Personal Self Dev SFC Suggestions part 1

Lecture 31 Personal Self Dev SFC Suggestions part 2

Lecture 32 Personal Self Dev SFC Suggestions part 3

Lecture 33 Personal Self Dev SFC Suggestions part 4

Lecture 34 Personal Self Dev SFC Suggestions part 5

Lecture 35 Relationship Development part 1

Lecture 36 Relationship Development part 2

Lecture 37 Relationship Development part 3

Lecture 38 Relationship Development part 4

Lecture 39 Relationship Development part 5

Lecture 40 Relationship Dev SFC Suggestions part 1

Lecture 41 Relationship Dev SFC Suggestions part 2

Lecture 42 Relationship Dev SFC Suggestions part 3

Lecture 43 Relationship Dev SFC Suggestions part 4

Lecture 44 Listening part 1

Lecture 45 Listening part 2

Lecture 46 Listening part 3

Lecture 47 Listening part 4

Lecture 48 Listening part 5

Lecture 49 Listening part 6

Lecture 50 3 ships Development part 1

Lecture 51 3 ships Development part 2

Lecture 52 3 ships Development part 3

Lecture 53 3 ships Development part 4

Lecture 54 3 ships Dev SFC suggestions part 1

Lecture 55 3 ships Dev SFC suggestions part 2

Lecture 56 3 ships Dev SFC suggestions part 3

Lecture 57 OTM Development part 1

Lecture 58 OTM Development part 2

Lecture 59 OTM Development part 3

Lecture 60 OTM Development part 4

Lecture 61 OTM Development part 5

Lecture 62 OTM Dev SFC Suggestions part 1

Lecture 63 OTM Dev SFC Suggestions part 2

Lecture 64 OTM Dev SFC Suggestions part 3

Lecture 65 OTM Dev SFC Suggestions part 4

Lecture 66 CPGC development part 1

Lecture 67 CPGC development part 2

Lecture 68 CPGC development part 3

Lecture 69 CPGC development part 4

Lecture 70 CPGC development part 5

Lecture 71 CPGC development part 6

Lecture 72 CPGC Dev SFC Suggestions part 1

Lecture 73 CPGC Dev SFC Suggestions part 2

Lecture 74 CPGC Dev SFC Suggestions part 3

Lecture 75 TMCA Development part 1

Lecture 76 TMCA Development part 2

Lecture 77 TMCA Development part 3

Lecture 78 TMCA Development part 4

Lecture 79 TMCA Development part 5

Lecture 80 TMCA Dev SFC Suggestions part 1

Lecture 81 TMCA Dev SFC Suggestions part 2

Lecture 82 TMCA Dev SFC Suggestions part 3

Lecture 83 Phase Interaction part 1

Lecture 84 Phase Interaction part 2

Lecture 85 Phase Interaction part 3

Lecture 86 Phase Interaction part 4

Lecture 87 Phase Interaction part 5

Lecture 88 Interaction Balance part 1

Lecture 89 Interaction Balance part 2

Lecture 90 Interaction Balance part 3

Lecture 91 Interaction Balance part 4

Lecture 92 Life Balance Interaction part 1

Lecture 93 Life Balance Interaction part 2

Lecture 94 Life Balance Interaction part 3

Lecture 95 Life Balance Interaction part 4

Section 3: The Secret

Lecture 96 The Secret Section Overview

Lecture 97 The 3 pillars of happiness

Lecture 98 Believing

Lecture 99 Time in the Trenches

Lecture 100 Core Values

Lecture 101 Value Alignment

Lecture 102 Defined Goals

Lecture 103 Legacy Goals

Lecture 104 Knowledge > Plan

Lecture 105 What do they Have?

Lecture 106 Define Success

Lecture 107 Define Happiness

Lecture 108 Define Fulfillment

Lecture 109 Define Excellence

Lecture 110 Define Optimum

Lecture 111 Mental Mirror

Lecture 112 Secret Reveal

Lecture 113 Theory of Excellence

Section 4: Face Your Mind

Lecture 114 Where's your "A" point?

Lecture 115 Who are you?

Lecture 116 Core Values part 1

Lecture 117 Core Values part 2

Lecture 118 Core Values part 3

Lecture 119 Core Values part 4

Lecture 120 Core Values part 5

Lecture 121 Core Values part 6

Lecture 122 Core Value Alignment

Lecture 123 Life Balance Overview

Lecture 124 Life Balance Questionnaire part 1

Lecture 125 Life Balance Questionnaire part 2

Lecture 126 Life Balance Questionnaire part 3

Lecture 127 Life Balance Questionnaire part 4

Lecture 128 Life Balance Questionnaire part 5

Lecture 129 Life Balance Questionnaire part 6

Lecture 130 Life Balance Questionnaire part 7

Lecture 131 Life Balance Questionnaire part 8

Lecture 132 Tally up your life balance

Lecture 133 Where are you?

Lecture 134 What do you need?

Lecture 135 Where are we?

Lecture 136 Mind Mapping Overview

Lecture 137 Example of Mind Mapping

Lecture 138 Using Mind Mapping for Life Balance

Lecture 139 Mentor Model part 1

Lecture 140 Mentor Model part 2

Section 5: Keys to an Optimum Life

Lecture 141 Keys to an Optimal Life Overview

Lecture 142 Key # 1

Lecture 143 Key # 2

Lecture 144 Key # 3

Lecture 145 Key # 4

Lecture 146 Key # 5

Lecture 147 Key # 6

Lecture 148 Key # 7

Lecture 149 Key # 8

Lecture 150 Key # 9

Lecture 151 Key # 10

Lecture 152 Key # 11

Lecture 153 Key # 12

Lecture 154 Key # 13

Lecture 155 Key # 14

Lecture 156 Key # 15

Lecture 157 Key # 16

Lecture 158 Key # 17

Lecture 159 Key # 18

Lecture 160 Key # 19

Lecture 161 Key # 20

Lecture 162 Key # 21

Lecture 163 Key # 22

Lecture 164 Key # 23

Lecture 165 Key # 24

Lecture 166 Key # 25

Lecture 167 Key # 26

Lecture 168 Key # 27

Lecture 169 Key # 28

Lecture 170 Key # 29

Lecture 171 Key # 30

Lecture 172 Key # 31

Lecture 173 Key # 32

Lecture 174 Key # 33

Lecture 175 Key # 34

Lecture 176 Key # 35

Lecture 177 Key # 36

Lecture 178 Key # 37

Lecture 179 Key # 38

Lecture 180 Key # 39

Lecture 181 Key # 40

Lecture 182 Key # 41

Section 6: Ingredients to Sustainable Success

Lecture 183 Ingredient # 1

Lecture 184 Ingredient # 2

Lecture 185 Ingredient # 3

Lecture 186 Ingredient # 4

Lecture 187 Ingredient # 5

Lecture 188 Ingredient # 6

Lecture 189 Ingredient # 7

Lecture 190 Ingredient # 8

Lecture 191 Ingredient # 9

Lecture 192 Ingredient # 10

Lecture 193 Ingredient # 11

Lecture 194 Ingredient # 12

Lecture 195 Ingredient # 13

Lecture 196 Ingredient # 14

Lecture 197 Ingredient # 15

Lecture 198 Ingredient # 16

Lecture 199 Ingredient # 17

Lecture 200 Ingredient # 18

Lecture 201 ABC part 1

Lecture 202 ABC part 2

Lecture 203 How to change Part 1

Lecture 204 How to change Part 2

Lecture 205 Mixing this with that

Section 7: Formula for Ongoing Fulfillment

Lecture 206 Information part 1

Lecture 207 Information part 2

Lecture 208 Knowledge

Lecture 209 Application

Lecture 210 Experience

Lecture 211 Understanding

Lecture 212 Practice

Lecture 213 Mastery

Lecture 214 Mastery L2

Lecture 215 Vision

Lecture 216 Task

Lecture 217 Method

Lecture 218 Method Change Cycle

Lecture 219 Optimum Performance

Lecture 220 Short Goals

Lecture 221 Medium Goals

Lecture 222 Big Goals

Lecture 223 Legacy Goals

Lecture 224 Galton

Lecture 225 Ericsson

Lecture 226 Gladwell

Lecture 227 Habit

Section 8: The Neuroscience, Chemistry and Art of being Happy Forever

Lecture 228 Happy Questions

Lecture 229 Looking at happiness

Lecture 230 Happy Differences

Lecture 231 Happy States

Lecture 232 Pick Your Happy

Lecture 233 Happy Course

Lecture 234 Happy Motivation

Lecture 235 What drives you Happy?

Lecture 236 Our Happy Brain

Lecture 237 Happy Brain Waves

Lecture 238 Happy Architecture

Lecture 239 Happy Chemicals

Lecture 240 Happy Endorphins

Lecture 241 Happy Gaba

Lecture 242 Happy Serotonin

Lecture 243 Happy Endocannabinoids

Lecture 244 Happy Dopamine

Lecture 245 Happy Oxytocin

Lecture 246 Happy Adrenaline

Lecture 247 Happy Mind

Lecture 248 Happy Filter & Collector

Lecture 249 Happy Automator & Perceiver

Lecture 250 Happy Director

Lecture 251 Happy Math

Lecture 252 Happy Now

Lecture 253 Happy Tomorrow

Lecture 254 Happy Forever part 1

Lecture 255 Happy Forever part 2

Lecture 256 Happy Don'ts

Lecture 257 Happy Habits

Lecture 258 Happy Who

Lecture 259 Happy Values

Lecture 260 Happy Proof

Lecture 261 Doable Happiness with Happy Actions

Section 9: Practitioner & Coaching

Lecture 262 Practitioner & Coaching Overview

Lecture 263 Review your A

Lecture 264 Face your mind Questions

Lecture 265 Face your Heart Questions

Lecture 266 Practitioner Step 1

Lecture 267 Practitioner Step 2

Lecture 268 Practitioner Step 3

Lecture 269 Practitioner Step 4

Lecture 270 Teach & Coach

Lecture 271 Coaching Sessions 1-3

Lecture 272 Coaching Session 4

Lecture 273 Coaching Session 5

Lecture 274 Coaching Session 6

Lecture 275 Coaching Sessions 7-12

Lecture 276 Wrap up

Section 10: Bonus

Lecture 277 Links to additional courses

Lecture 278 Additional Tips on how to be happy written by Neuroscientist

Do you want the best of life, like success, fulfillment, happiness etc...? This mega master 5 in 1 course is for you!,Are you a Life Coach that wants to offer a proactive modality to give your clients true personal empowerment & real achievement? This is for you!,Have you moved from being reactive to responsive to life, and now you're ready for the next level of personal freedom? This is for you!


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