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Numerical Methods In Matlab For Engineering Students Part 2
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Numerical Methods In Matlab For Engineering Students Part 2
Last updated 7/2019
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Interpolation & Curve Fitting Techniques

What you'll learn
Least Squares Regression
Polynomial Regression
Lagrange Interpolating Polynomials
Linear, Quadratic and Cubic Splines
Curve Fitting

Be familiar with topics from Calculus
MATLAB fundamentals like logicals and for loops will be needed

Interpolation and curve fitting techniques are widely-used by scientists and engineers. Why? Well, experiments generate data and it's necessary to find a way to model this data mathematically. Curve fitting helps us do that! This course covers interpolation and curve fitting techniques typically found in an undergraduate-level Numerical Methods course. MATLAB will be used to implement the methods on the computer. What we'll cover:Least squares regressionPolynomial regressionLagrange interpolating polynomialsNewton's divided differencesLinear splinesQuadratic splinesCubic splinesMATLAB implementation of the methodsWhat comes with the course:Downloadable outline of notes (.pdf file) to help you follow along with the lectures and keep you engaged14 downloadable MATLAB .m files of all codes used in the courseEasy to follow lecture videosAfter this course you'll be able to generate your own curve fits for experimental data as well as know how to properly interpolate to get the best estimates. If you're taking a Numerical Methods course at a University, I've got you covered! We'll work through examples by hand as well as using MATLAB. This way you'll be prepared if you get an exam problem you have to complete by hand. If you're looking for a way to improve your coding skills this is a great course for that too! We'll cover lots of algorithms that'll use different coding concepts like if-elseif statements and for loops. So, if you want more practice with programming in MATLAB this course will definitely give you that experience.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome! Get started here

Lecture 2 Least Squares Regression

Lecture 3 Example with MATLAB

Lecture 4 Polynomial Regression

Lecture 5 Example

Lecture 6 Example with MATLAB

Lecture 7 Lagrange Interpolating Polynomials

Lecture 8 Example

Lecture 9 Example

Lecture 10 Lagrange Interpolating Polynomial Algorithm with MATLAB

Lecture 11 Newtons Divided Differences

Lecture 12 Example

Lecture 13 Divided Differences Algorithm & MATLAB Example

Lecture 14 Linear Splines

Lecture 15 Example with MATLAB

Lecture 16 Quadratic Splines

Lecture 17 Example with MATLAB

Lecture 18 Cubic Splines

Lecture 19 Example with MATLAB

Lecture 20 Cubic Spline with Lagrange Polynomials

Lecture 21 Example

Lecture 22 Cubic Spline Algorithm with MATLAB

Lecture 23 Cubic Spline Built In MATLAB Function

Engineers and engineering students who need to know how to do interpolation and curve fit experimental data

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