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Ecommerce & Marketing Course: Agency, Marketer, Affiliate
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Ecommerce & Marketing Course: Agency, Marketer, Affiliate
Last updated 11/2021
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Best Ecommerce & Digital Marketing course, social media marketing, sales funnels, WordPress website, SEO, Ads, ...

What you'll learn
Selling a product online as a freelancer, agency, business owner or affiliate
Designing an advanced structure of a successful eCommerce and Marketing plan
Finding, analyzing and driving traffic online
Social media marketing on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest
Advanced advertisement strategies that increase the revenue
Advertisement on platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Pinterest
Creating a complete website from scratch to advance with an online store
Email marketing with 3 different platforms
Designing powerful funnels to drive the traffic into and increase sales and revenue
Starting and building a successful company
21 Marketing cognitive biases and customer characteristics analyzation

Join the course with an open mind to learn new things
Be able and willing to practice what we talk about inside the program
Have access to a computer or laptop to be able to use the tools we have a long the course

Ecommerce & Marketing course: For agency, freelancer, product owner and affiliate to sell any product online.By the end you will be able to start and grow a business from any step by locating the customers, delivering higher quality product using advanced strategies and finally selling any product online using sales funnels.In this eCommerce & Marketing course You will learn how to:Create and plan an advanced eCommerce structure for any businessAudience research and analyzationProduct research and analyzationThe advanced traffic blueprintInstagram marketingFacebook marketingYoutube marketingPinterest marketingContent creation for each social media with specific strategiesAdvanced advertisement:Fundamentals of advertisementFacebook adsFacebook retargetingInstagram adsGoogle adsYoutube adsPinterest adsConnector marketing (Advanced strategies)How to create full and advanced website with online store for your businessEmail marketingHook, Story, Offer strategyFundamentals and structure of funnels for sales and leadsHow to start a companyMarketing cognitive biasesCustomer characterizing and much more ...This program is designed for people who want to grow a business using eCommerce and marketing. We start learning from fundamental steps and little by little we get to advanced strategies which most people are not aware of.This eCommerce and Marketing course is so complete that include everything you may need along the way and from time to time we update the course and add new lectures and materials to the course.Student WorkstationThis course include a very complete Student Workstation which includes all of the information inside the course as written documents, with links to the needed tools. It also has each section as a PDF for students who are interested to download it and keep it for themselves offline.The student workstation also include featured marketing and design tools that can very useful to grow a business. And finally we have the student's community to increase the learning experience by engaging students, sharing about issues and problems you face a long the way with others.------------Important!The course includes a section about 21 marketing cognitive biases which are very effective in persuading others.Not everyone knows about digital marketing cognitive biases, and please please use them in ethical way. With cognitive biases you will have the ability to convince people toward your goals and it is extremely important to use it for ethical purposes !!! if you are not sure you can do it, please do not join the course.------------Important!The course include about 50 hours of content, all videos inside the course are recorded with full hd quality in a recording studio, so the audio and video quality is very good. Along the course we have assignments, exercises, and quiz to increase your learning experience by doing the tasks we learn along each lecture.Also by the end of the course you will receive your "eCommerce and Marketing" certificate, mentioning you have completed this course, so you can use it on your resume to increase your salary.If you really want to achieve everything said above join this course NOW! , master eCommerce and digital marketing, take your business to the next level with "Ecommerce & Marketing course: Agency, Marketer, Affiliate" course.Ecommerce & Marketing course: Agency, Marketer, Affiliate by Pouya Eti


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Student Workstation - important !

Lecture 2 Access to Workstation

Lecture 3 Best tips to use the course

Section 2: Ecommerce Blueprint

Lecture 4 Ecom process

Lecture 5 Business goal

Lecture 6 Ecom agency & Freelancing

Lecture 7 Ecom for business owners

Lecture 8 Ecom affiliates

Section 3: Planning

Lecture 9 Planning structure

Lecture 10 Ecom planning

Section 4: Audience

Lecture 11 Introduction to audience

Lecture 12 Who is your audience

Lecture 13 Competitor mining

Lecture 14 Product to competitor

Lecture 15 Competitor analyzation

Lecture 16 Search mindset

Section 5: Product

Lecture 17 Introduction to Product

Lecture 18 Why your product?

Lecture 19 Product evaluation

Lecture 20 Product value secret

Lecture 21 Stay ahead of competitors

Section 6: Traffic

Lecture 22 Introduction to Traffic

Lecture 23 The 5 Types

Lecture 24 Cold, Warm, Hot

Section 7: Traffic - Social Media

Lecture 25 What we have

Section 8: Instagram

Lecture 26 Introduction & IG mindset

Lecture 27 A winning page intro

Lecture 28 Username and Keywords

Lecture 29 Image is an ID

Lecture 30 Advanced bio

Lecture 31 CTA Landing page

Lecture 32 Page theme

Lecture 33 Analytics + Ads

Lecture 34 Know your PF

Lecture 35 The List

Lecture 36 Marketing strategies intro

Lecture 37 Instagram traffic source

Lecture 38 Hashtags

Lecture 39 Hashtag marketing structure

Lecture 40 Hashtag research

Lecture 41 Follow - unfollow

Lecture 42 Credit marketing

Lecture 43 Fan promotion

Lecture 44 Shoutouts

Lecture 45 Like and cm contest

Lecture 46 Contest marketing

Lecture 47 Story intro

Lecture 48 Tags

Lecture 49 Increase engagement

Lecture 50 CTA/Swipe up

Lecture 51 Live intro

Lecture 52 Live planning

Lecture 53 Practice and tips

Lecture 54 Highlights

Lecture 55 Instagram success ingredients

Section 9: Facebook

Lecture 56 Intro

Lecture 57 Introduction to Facebook Fan Page

Lecture 58 Establish Your Facebook Page

Lecture 59 Golden Keywords For Business

Lecture 60 Appear in Search Result

Lecture 61 Profile Picture Perfection

Lecture 62 Cover Photo Perfection

Lecture 63 Call To Action!

Lecture 64 Modify Tabs & Learn From Insights

Lecture 65 Post Types to Use

Lecture 66 !!! Golden Bonus - Business Advice !!!

Lecture 67 Introduction to Fan Page Marketing Strategies

Lecture 68 All Connections

Lecture 69 Invite Potential Followers

Lecture 70 Shoutout Rules

Lecture 71 Distributer Pages For Your Content

Lecture 72 Competitions: Rules & Steps

Lecture 73 How To Create Network Effect

Lecture 74 Notification Challenge

Lecture 75 Introduction To Facebook Groups

Lecture 76 Start Your Group

Lecture 77 Fundamental Group Marketing Setup

Lecture 78 Group Monetization

Section 10: YouTube

Lecture 79 Introduction to YouTube marketing

Lecture 80 YouTube fundamentals

Lecture 81 YouTube marketing

Section 11: Pinterest

Lecture 82 Introduction to Pinterest marketing

Lecture 83 Start your business page

Lecture 84 Name & Description

Lecture 85 Claim your website

Lecture 86 Competitor's notes

Lecture 87 Photo pin rules

Lecture 88 Video pin rules

Lecture 89 Create content

Lecture 90 Follow unfollow

Lecture 91 3 Marketing strategies

Section 12: Content Production

Lecture 92 Introduction

Lecture 93 Content production diagram

Lecture 94 Instagram post

Lecture 95 Instagram video structure

Lecture 96 YouTube videos

Lecture 97 Pinterest post

Lecture 98 Photoshop environment

Lecture 99 Selecting tools part 1

Lecture 100 Selecting tools part 2

Lecture 101 Patching and merge

Lecture 102 Brush and shadow

Lecture 103 Gradiant and text

Lecture 104 Layer setting

Lecture 105 Coolors

Lecture 106 Canva environment

Lecture 107 Edit page

Lecture 108 Resource pack

Lecture 109 Camtasia environment

Lecture 110 Video edit

Lecture 111 Audio edit

Lecture 112 Subtitle

Lecture 113 Export

Lecture 114 Video leap

Section 13: Advertisement

Lecture 115 Introduction to ads

Lecture 116 Structure of ads

Lecture 117 retargeting

Section 14: Facebook Ads

Lecture 118 Introduction to Facebook ads

Lecture 119 Ads manager

Lecture 120 Billing

Lecture 121 Campaigns

Lecture 122 Ad set

Lecture 123 Ad

Lecture 124 Audience

Section 15: Facebook Retargeting

Lecture 125 Facebook Pixel

Lecture 126 Facebook events

Lecture 127 Audience based on events

Lecture 128 Conversion ad

Lecture 129 Prospecting ads

Lecture 130 A/B testing

Section 16: Instagram Ads

Lecture 131 The importance of ads on Insta

Lecture 132 4 type of Instagram ads

Lecture 133 Facebook ads manager

Lecture 134 Billing and payment

Lecture 135 Instagram ads documents

Lecture 136 Instagram ads structure

Lecture 137 Define your target

Lecture 138 Instagram ads planning

Lecture 139 Create your instagram ads by Facebook ads manager

Lecture 140 Promote your posts from Instagram

Lecture 141 Scarcity, reward & curiosity tendency

Lecture 142 Viral posts in practice

Lecture 143 The 4 energy on Instagram

Section 17: Google and Youtube Ads

Lecture 144 Introduction to Google ads

Lecture 145 Google ads environment

Lecture 146 Keyword planner

Lecture 147 Creating campaigns

Lecture 148 Linking accounts

Lecture 149 Tips to write a better ad

Lecture 150 Responsive ads & audiences

Lecture 151 Section douments

Section 18: Pinterest Ads

Lecture 152 Introduction to Pinterest ads

Lecture 153 Create the ad set

Lecture 154 Create the ad

Section 19: Build your Website

Lecture 155 Introduction to Website

Lecture 156 Website documents

Lecture 157 The general plan

Lecture 158 Domain

Lecture 159 Host

Lecture 160 Free host & domain

Lecture 161 Important Issues

Lecture 162 WordPress environment

Lecture 163 WordPress theme

Lecture 164 Theme analyzation

Lecture 165 Importing demos

Lecture 166 Neve options issue

Lecture 167 Important notes

Lecture 168 Logo

Lecture 169 Font

Lecture 170 Html

Lecture 171 Css

Lecture 172 Header

Lecture 173 Footer

Lecture 174 Colors

Lecture 175 Layouts

Lecture 176 Customize

Lecture 177 Classic page

Lecture 178 Elementor

Lecture 179 Elementor environment

Lecture 180 Container

Lecture 181 Editor tabs

Lecture 182 Headline & text

Lecture 183 Image and video

Lecture 184 Buttons

Lecture 185 Divider & spacer

Lecture 186 Google map & icon

Lecture 187 Image & icon box

Lecture 188 Gallery

Lecture 189 Counter & progress

Lecture 190 Tabs

Lecture 191 Accordion & toggle

Lecture 192 Alert, sidebar & more

Lecture 193 Shape divider

Lecture 194 Responsive

Lecture 195 Inspect element

Lecture 196 Reading inspect element

Lecture 197 Inspect element style

Lecture 198 Search mindset

Lecture 199 Design inspiration

Lecture 200 Design resources

Lecture 201 Introduction to Canva

Lecture 202 Canva editor

Lecture 203 Canva practice

Lecture 204 Assignment - Clickfunnels (1)

Lecture 205 Assignment - Clickfunnels (2)

Lecture 206 Assignment - Clickfunnels (3)

Lecture 207 Override

Lecture 208 Posts

Lecture 209 Menus

Lecture 210 Widgets

Lecture 211 Clean dashboard

Lecture 212 Assignment - Shopify (1)

Lecture 213 Assignment - Shopify (2)

Lecture 214 Plugin analyzation

Lecture 215 Essential plugins

Lecture 216 Duplicate page

Lecture 217 Elementor addons

Lecture 218 Warning

Lecture 219 Custom header

Lecture 220 Wp-Optimize

Lecture 221 Autoptimize

Lecture 222 Yoast - SEO

Lecture 223 WooCommerce

Lecture 224 WooCommerce settings

Lecture 225 Add product

Lecture 226 Create store

Lecture 227 WooCommerce customization

Lecture 228 Ultimate members

Lecture 229 UM settings

Lecture 230 Slider revolution 6

Lecture 231 WPforms intro

Lecture 232 WPforms - Creating forms

Lecture 233 Mailster

Lecture 234 Campaigns

Lecture 235 Forms

Lecture 236 Lists

Lecture 237 Setting SMTP

Lecture 238 Google analytics

Lecture 239 SSL certificate

Section 20: Website Optimization

Lecture 240 Introduction

Lecture 241 Optimization fundamentals

Lecture 242 Travel agencies

Lecture 243 Restaurant

Lecture 244 Dentists

Lecture 245 Typography

Section 21: SEO

Lecture 246 Intro to SEO

Lecture 247 the 3 major SEO steps

Lecture 248 SEO full documents

Lecture 249 Keywords conversion & Bounce

Lecture 250 The 2 type of keywords

Lecture 251 Create the list

Lecture 252 Competitor keyword research

Lecture 253 Google keyword planner

Lecture 254 Google trend

Lecture 255 Possibility to rank #1

Lecture 256 Keyword validation

Lecture 257 Intro To Building Web Page

Lecture 258 Page Title, URL & Headline

Lecture 259 Yoast

Lecture 260 Body Rules

Lecture 261 BackLinks

Lecture 262 Google Search Console

Lecture 263 Sitemap

Lecture 264 Indexing

Lecture 265 Queries

Lecture 266 Page Speed

Lecture 267 SSL Certificate

Lecture 268 Free SSL Certificate

Lecture 269 Data Highlighter

Lecture 270 Intro To Drive Traffic

Lecture 271 Quora

Lecture 272 Social Media & resources

Lecture 273 Competitors Traffic Channels

Lecture 274 SEO Documents

Section 22: Connector Marketing

Lecture 275 Intro to connector marketing

Lecture 276 Who is the connector

Lecture 277 Find connectors

Lecture 278 Create the list

Lecture 279 Step 1 engagement

Lecture 280 Contact connectors

Lecture 281 Fan and offer

Lecture 282 Own your list

Section 23: Email Marketing

Lecture 283 What you will learn in "Email Marketing"

Lecture 284 Section Documents

Lecture 285 4 Stages of email marketing

Lecture 286 Cheapest ways to capture email leads

Lecture 287 Setup Mailchimp

Lecture 288 Mailchimp Audience

Lecture 289 Sign up forms: builder, embeded & pop up

Lecture 290 Import signup form into Facebook page

Lecture 291 Content, report & template

Lecture 292 Email campaigns

Lecture 293 Email automation - Get Response

Lecture 294 Section Article

Section 24: Hook, Story, Offer

Lecture 295 Introduction

Lecture 296 Section documents

Lecture 297 Hook structure

Lecture 298 Story structure

Lecture 299 Offer structure

Section 25: Funnel

Lecture 300 Introduction to funnels

Lecture 301 Section documents

Lecture 302 What is sales funnel

Lecture 303 Funnel types

Lecture 304 Squeeze page

Lecture 305 Application funnel

Lecture 306 Trip wire funnel

Lecture 307 Sales letter

Lecture 308 Product lunch funnel

Lecture 309 Webinar funnel

Lecture 310 Auto webinar funnel

Lecture 311 Winning offer

Lecture 312 Reverse engineer

Lecture 313 Funnel article

Section 26: Building a company

Lecture 314 Introduction to company

Lecture 315 Entrepreneur mindset

Lecture 316 Company registration

Lecture 317 Budget

Lecture 318 Business partner

Lecture 319 Management tips

Lecture 320 Business owner characteristics

Lecture 321 Keep records

Section 27: Cognitive biases of Marketing

Lecture 322 Introduction to Cognitive Biases

Lecture 323 The List & Lollapalooza Tendency

Lecture 324 Scarcity - Part 1

Lecture 325 Scarcity - Part 2

Lecture 326 Reward & Punishment Tendency

Lecture 327 Liking/Loving Tendency & Disliking/Hating Tendency

Lecture 328 Contrast Misreaction Tewndency

Lecture 329 Reciprocation Tendency

Lecture 330 Inconsistency-Avoidance Tendency

Lecture 331 Exercise - A woman from Poland

Lecture 332 Doubt-Avoidance Tendency

Lecture 333 Influence-from-Mere Association Tendency

Lecture 334 Simple, Pain-Avoidance Psychological Denial

Lecture 335 Excessive self regard tendency

Lecture 336 Overoptimism Tendency

Lecture 337 Social Proof

Lecture 338 Curiosity Tendency

Lecture 339 Stress-Influence Tendency

Lecture 340 Availability-Misweighing tendency

Lecture 341 Authority-Misinfluence Tendency

Lecture 342 Twaddle Tendency

Lecture 343 Reason-Respecting Tendency

Lecture 344 Booking hotel - part1

Lecture 345 Booking hotel - part2

Lecture 346 Amazon vs ebay

Lecture 347 Udemy

Lecture 348 Additional information on cognitive biases

Section 28: The 4 Business Energy

Lecture 349 Introduction to 4 business Energy

Lecture 350 The 4 type of business energies

Lecture 351 Calculation of the 4 energies

Lecture 352 Understanding our lead business energy

Lecture 353 Ways to improve our weakest energy

Lecture 354 The lead energy of your customer

Lecture 355 How to act against each lead energy

Lecture 356 The effect of colors on customers

Section 29: Web Persuasion

Lecture 357 Turkish airline vs Austrian airline

Lecture 358 Dave dolle

Lecture 359 Apple vs Microsoft

Lecture 360 Mcdonalds, Subway & KFC

Lecture 361 Berkshire hathaway

Section 30: Finalizing

Lecture 362 Final talk

People who want to work in marketing field as a freelancer or agency,People who want to sell their own product online as a business owner,People who want to start an affiliate business


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