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Forgiveness, Letting Go, Emotional Integration-HoʻOponopono
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Forgiveness, Letting Go, Emotional Integration-HoʻOponopono
Last updated 8/2021
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Hooponopono, Gestalt therapy and releasing

What you'll learn
Techniques of emotional integration. How to apply gestalt therapy principles and techniques in self imporovement and working with clients for professionals
Letting go techniques and principles. Sedona method, six ways of releasing and release technique. How to apply in self imporovement and healing and facilitate
Successfuly integrating these approaches into most effective emotional healing ever!
Hooponopono, forgiveness and heart chakra self healing, activation and trauma self healing

No requirements, no conditions its suitable for all levels. Everyone can benefits from this, these are basic skills that can always be necessary to improve and work on. at
Just be motovated to learn and practice✨!

In this course we are learning 3 most effective techniques in order to reach:Psychological maturity, integrity, autentic personality with Gestalt therapy. Learn how to forgive and heal with your own heart through power of compassion and love heal all deseases, emotional blocks and karmic patternsLearn how to let go, remove ego identification and reach your full Spiritual and creative potential, awake intuition and master emotional literacy. Be happier, healthier and more abundant with sedona method and releasing technique! Theory, although takes small space on this course I explained it briefly, because it is necessary for you to understand practices deeper. So make sure you download all resources I uploaded, among them are e books and power point presentations. Watch it, reflect on that and enjoy your video lessions at your own pace. Ideal time for finishing course is a week. Watching and practicing 1 or 1,5 hours a day 4 times per week, by making pause a day in between. Also I am going to show you ways of creatively mixing those techniques. There is a lot of practice time during course and you Will be able to apply all those techniques and principles. No matter if you are therapist, light worker, parent, teacher, client or simply student of life wanting to achieve emotional freedom, psychological maturity, emotional literacy and manifest more abundant, healthoer life with effortless Flow and joyful Soul expansion. Take your ticket to freedom, emotional stability and rediscover your uniqueness!


Section 1: Hooponopono

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Cleansing heart and energy field

Lecture 3 Heart and crown activation

Lecture 4 Removing traumas and heal your body

Lecture 5 Different ways of utilizing Hooponopono in everyday life

Section 2: Gestalt psychotherapy - Emotional integration

Lecture 6 Mirror exercise--contact solo exercise

Lecture 7 Mirror solo exercise on contact example

Lecture 8 Contact exercise for working with client or partner

Lecture 9 Projection and reflection--Traits that annoys me in others

Lecture 10 Polarities in gestalt - Two ways of dealing with it

Lecture 11 Addictional processes and writing essays application

Lecture 12 Language of responsibility

Section 3: Sedona method and releasing technique. Let go and let God?

Lecture 13 Sedona method 1st way- strainght forward

Lecture 14 Sedona method triple welcoming

Lecture 15 Diving in

Lecture 16 Undoing polarities into nothingness

Lecture 17 Fifth way-Recognizing what is

Lecture 18 Sixth way-free way looking at the issue AS the Source

Lecture 19 Wants- Root of All suffering, basocs programs of ego

Lecture 20 Let go of negative emotions - AGFLAP

Lecture 21 Combining the ways of Sedona--exercise

Lecture 22 Letting go of problem

Lecture 23 Identity conflict

Lecture 24 Goals

Lecture 25 Dissolving resistance

Lecture 26 Release technique 1

Lecture 27 Release technique 2

For People on path of self improvement, Spiritual development, energy healers and Psychotherapist and counselors


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