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Udemy - Practical Excel.2013 Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
[Bild: 2cc2b1435516d2f1d631e11d0c5f3b15.jpg]
Udemy - Practical Excel 2013 Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
MP4 | Video: 1274x720 | 74 kbps | 44 KHz | Duration: 4 Hours | 796 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Learn the best thing since sliced bread! Become a power user and earn a huge raise by working Pivot magic in Excel.
This course provides an in-depth coverage of pivot tables and pivot charts in Excel 2013. These are two of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, data analysis tools in Excel's arsenal, and they should definitely be mastered by anyone who aspires to becoming an Excel "power user." As this course will illustrate with many examples, the tools are surprisingly easy to learn and use-once you know they exist. To learn Excel Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts quickly and effectively, download the companion exercise files so you can follow along with the instructor by performing the same actions he is showing you on the videos.

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***** COURSE UPDATED: July 2015 *****

"The Optima Train two part series on Pivot Tables is pure gold! The material is so amazingly thorough and clear that anyone watching the videos and doing the exercises provided will without a doubt become a true expert at working with Pivot Tables and likely become a hero at work by applying and sharing this new-found knowledge. There is nothing like it on the market." - Phil, FORMER TREASURY OPERATIONS MANAGER - EXXONMOBIL

"When I first looked up this site I was a bit skeptical, but I soon realized how amazing these courses are. They have helped me excel in all my business classes. The PowerPivot course now makes business analytics easy and at my fingertips." - Wilson Xu, STUDENT

90% of Excel users do not use Pivot Tables but those that do save hours of time and become valuable assets in their companies. The hours of time you'll save translates to real money in your pocket of earning potential! Imagine the power you will have as a knowledge worker in your company that people go to when they need help. Upper management will notice your sharp analysis and will not be able to do without you. Pivot Tables has been called the best thing since sliced bread. Once you start using it you'll never stop. Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts are not difficult to learn and it's bewildering that not many people use it - you can take advantage of that short supply of power users in the workforce by becoming a power user yourself and an indispensable resource to your work place. Simplify your work and personal life by learning this extremely useful tool.

This is the most comprehensive Excel Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts course and has 43 short video tutorials. The follow-on course of PowerPivot & Advanced Business Intelligence Tools builds on where this course ends. There is zero fluff and no time wasted in this course. The instructor, Dr. Chris, has decades of experience using Excel in real-world settings solving complex business problems. There is no quicker way to learn Excel than to watch these videos and follow along with the free companion exercise workbooks which are downloadable. If you want to stand out among your colleagues, earn a promotion, further your professional development, save tons of hours every year, and learn Excel Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts in the quickest and simplest manner then this course is for you!

You'll have lifetime online access to watch the videos whenever you like, and there's a Q&A forum right here on Udemy where you can post questions.

What are the requirements?

Microsoft Office 2013
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 45 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
An understanding of how pivot tables allow you to break down numerical data by categories, something other Excel tools can do, but not nearly so quickly or easily
How to build pivot tables by clicking and dragging
An understanding of the advantages of using Excel tables as a basis for pivot tables
How to sort and filter in pivot tables
How to build pivot charts, which are automatically synchronized with the corresponding pivot tables
Methods for grouping categories, especially dates, with many categories in pivot tables
An understanding of the role of pivot caches for extremely fast pivot table calculation
How conditional formatting in pivot tables provides even more insightful reports
How to create calculated items and calculated fields for pivot tables
How to use pivot tables for finding unique values, creating histograms, and classification (learning which variables are related to a Yes/No variable)
What is the target audience?

Any competent Excel users who want to take their Excel data analysis skills to a whole new level

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