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General Rules english
General Rules

§1.1 - Consideration for everyone
Please be kind!
Express yourself in a way which everyone can understand (languages: German,English or Spanish)
Your behaviour should be like to be on a visit to a friend
§1.2 - Advertising
Advertising for other warez projects/forums generally is prohibited, unless you, as the Thread creator / Posting User are administrator of your advertised private project (e.g. blogs; not forums/blogs like
If you are, you're free to place a decent link in your signature.
§1.3 - Political and religious topics
You should avoid these topics.. There is no general restraint. Although we will intervene if we detect exessive statements or topics getting out of hand.
Radical opinions like slogans or propaganda are prohibited
§1.4 - Clarity
Use the search function to avoid double threads.
Use the edit function instead of making a new post.
Try to give your posts an attractive layout.
§1.5 - undesired Content
Pornography,Child pornography, Zoophilia, computer virus/trojan horses, fakes, freeware, demos and trading are not allowed will be penalized hard.
§1.6 - Signature
We make no generell standards for the size or content of your signature. But in extreme cases we will step in.
Ref-links to OCH or link crypters are limited to two links in the signature. Other ref-links are prohibited.
Pornographic material is not allowed. Erotic pictures however are OK as long as they do not violate the general taste.
§1.7 - Link stealing
You are not allowed to use links you have not uploaded on your own.
The remote upload is untouched of this until you are not remoting files having a password.
Also the use of pictures, tutorials, descriptions is not allowed if you not uploaded these things on your own or just copied from someone.

Warez specific Rules
§3.1 - CODE is duty
Download links have to be posted in CODE only.
§3.2 - Password contained links
Passwords containing links to other sites have to be posted without the url-tag.
§3.3 - Thread title
The thread title should contain the release title without the use of any additional character. Phrases like "hot", "New" etc. are not allowed.
Prefixes should be used.
§3.4 - Necessary Informations
In general you have to mention the
picture (cover or preview), description, language, hoster, size. in your post.
Some additional informations have to be mentioned:
movie / serie / documentation
anime area
language of the sub and dub; kind of coloration (manga)
If the upload does not contain a scene release you have to mention the kind of crack.
music / audio book
runtime; playlist; bitrate
version; supported OS
ebook Area
used format


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