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Books on Renaissance Civilization
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Books on Renaissance Civilization
Books : Educational : English
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Benson S.G. - Elizabethan World (4 vol.)
Saari Peggy & Aaron (eds) - Renaissance and Reformation (6 vol)
Albala Ken - Eating right in the Renaissance
Ames-Lewes Francis - The Intellectual Life of the Early Renaissance Artist
Andrews Richard - scripts and scenarios the performance of comedy in Renaissance
Arcangeli Alessandro - Recreation in the Renaissance_Attitudes towards leisure and pastimes in European culture c. 1425?1675
Barnes Bernardine Ann - Michelangelo's Last Judgment_The Renaissance Response (html pages)
Baron Hans - Crisis of the Early Italian Renaissance
Black Jane - Absolutism in Renaissance Milan_plenitude of power under the Visconti and the Sforza, 1329?1535
Black, Robert - Benedetto Accolti and the Florentine Renaissance
Bloom Harold - The Italian Renaissance
Bonfil Roberto - Jewish Life in Renaissance Italy
Capra Fritjof - The science of Leonardo inside the mind of the great genius of the Renaissance
Chabod Federico - Machiavelli and the Renaissance
Clements Robert - Michelangelo's Theory of Art
Cohen Thomas V. - Love & death in Renaissance Italy
Connor James A. - The Last Judgement_Michelangelo and the Death of the Renaissance
Cook, James Wyatt - Encyclopedia of Renaissance Literature
Couliano, Ioan P. - Eros and Magic in the Renaissance
Debora Kuller Shuger - The Renaissance Bible
Earls, Irene - Artists of the Renaissance
Elkins James & Robert Williams - Renaissance theory
Encyclopedia of the Renaissance and the Reformation
Ewan Fernie et al (esa) - Reconceiving the Renaissance_A Critical Reader
Finucci Valeria & Regina Schwartz (eds) - Desire in the Renaissance_Psychoanalysis and Literature
Frances Yates - Giordano Bruno y la Tradicion Hermetica_Una interpretacion clasica del mundo renacentista
Gerald MacLean (ed.) - Re-orienting the Renaissance_Cultural exchanges with the East
Giordano Bruno - Cause Principle and Unity and Essays on Magic
Gold, Barbara K et al (eds) - Sex and Gender in Medieval and Renaissance Texts
Goldthwaite Richard A. - The economy of Renaissance Florence
Hankins James (ed.) - Renaissance Civic Humanism Reappraisals and Reflections
Heather Lehr Wagner - Machiavelli_Renaissance Political Analyst and Author
Heather Lehr Wagner - Medicis_A Ruling Dynasty
Hulme, Edward Maslin - The Renaissance, The Protestant Revolution And The Catholic Reformation
Hunt Jocelyn - The Renaissance
Hutton Edward - Sigismondo Malatesta
James Haar (ed.) - European Music 1520?1640_Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music
Jean Fernel's 'On the Hidden Causes of Things_Forms Souls And Occult Diseases in Renaissance Medicine
Jones P.J. - The Malatesta of Rimini and the papal state
King, Margaret L. - Women of the Renaissance
Koestler, Rachel - Leonardo da Vinci
Kubovy - The Psychology of Perspective and Renaissance Art
Kuiper Kathlen (ed.) - The 100 most influential painters & sculptors of the Renaissance
Lacroix Paul - The Manners and Customs of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
Lyrics of the French Renaissance_Marot, Du Bellay, Ronsard (English versions by Norman R. Shapiro)
Maggi Armando - In the company of demons_Unnatural beings, love, and identity in the Italian Renaissance
Marie Boas - The Scientific Renaissance 1450-1630
Mark Jurdjevic - Guardians of Republicanism_The Valori Family in the Florentine in the Florentine Renaissance
Marsilio Ficino - Platonic Theology vol.1 (books I-IV)
Marsilio Ficino - The Book of Life (translated by Charles Boer)
Martin, John Jeffries - Myths of Renaissance Individualism
Martines Lauro - Power and Imagination_City States in Renaissance Italy
Mattingly, Garrett - Renaissance Diplomacy
Mazzocco Angelo - Interpretations of Renaissance Humanism
McNeese Tim - Galileo_Renaissance Scientist and Astronomer
McNeese Tim - Michelangelo_Painter, Sculptor, and Architect
Moulakis Athanasios - Republican Realism in Renaissance Florence_Francesco Guicciardini_s 'Discorso di Logrogno'
Najemy John M. - Italy in the Age of the Renaissance
Nauert Charles G. - Historical Dictionary of the Renaissance
Ogilvie Brian - Natural History in Renaissance Europe
Oxford dictionary of the Renaissance
Paganini Gianni and José R. Maia Neto (eds) - Renaissance Scepticism
Panofsky, Erwin - Renaissance and Renascences in European Art
Renaissance and Reformation, 1500?1620 a biographical dictionary
Renaissance Fantasies_The Gendering of Aesthetics in Early Modern Fiction - Prendergast, Maria Teresa Micaela
Renaissance philosophy of man (Petrarca, Valla, Ficino, Pico)
Rocke Michael - Forbidden friendships homosexuality and male culture in Renaissance Florence
Roland Sarti - Italy_a reference guide from Renaissance to the present
Routledge anthology of Renaissance Drama
Rubinstein, Nicolai - The Government of Florence under the Medici
Ruggiero Guido - Machiavelli in love_sex, self, and society in the Italian Renaissance
Ruggiero, Guido - Binding passions_tales of magic, marriage, and power at the end of the Renaissance
Sabatini Raphael - The Life of Cesare Borgia
Sarah Bradford - Lucrezia Borgia_Life Love and Death in the Renaissance Italy
Sawday, Jonathan - Engines of the imagination Renaissance culture and the rise of the machine
Shaw, Christine - Popular government and oligarchy in Renaissance Italy
Sider Sandra - Handbook to life in Renaissance Europe
Siobhan Keenan - Renaissance Literature (Edinburgh Critical Guides to Literature)
Siraisl, Nancy G. - Renaissance Medicine
Skinner Quentin - Visions of Politics vol II_Renaissance virtues
Smith, Bruce R. - The key of green_passion and perception in Renaissance culture
Society and Individual in Renaissance Florence
Spiller Elizabeth - Science, Reading, and Renaissance Literature~ The Art of Making Knowledge, 1580-1670
Stacey Peter - Roman Monarchy and the Renaissance Prince
Syncretism in the West_Pico's 900 Theses (1486)
The art of Renaissance Europe (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
The Forms of Renaissance Thought_New Essays in Literature and Culture
Through the Eyes of Leonardo da Vinci_Selected Drawings by the Great Renaissance Master
Tierney Tom - Renaissance Fashions
Trevor Dean (ed.) - Crime, society and law in Renaissance Italy
Vickers Brian (ed.) - Occult and Scientific Mentalities in the Renaissance
Walker D.P. - Spiritual and demonic Magic_From Ficino to Campanella
Walker, Paul Robert - The Feud That Sparked the Renaissance_How Brunelleschi and Ghiberti Changed the Art World
Wallace Ferguson - The Renaissance in Historical Thought_Five Centuries of Interpretation
Weinstein, Donald - Savonarola_The Rise and Fall of a Renaissance Prophet
Wootton David - Paolo Sarpi_Between Renaissance and Enlightenment
World Eras Vol.1 - European Renaissance and Reformation, 1350-1600
Zambelli Paola - White Magic, Black magic in European renaissance
Zirpolo Lilian H. - Historical dictionary of Renaissance art

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