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Jorgen Rasmussen - 21 century regression & Conversational protocol
[Bild: 1d00aa6d0eeb8bdb90f1c9e32675ccda.jpg]
Jorgen Rasmussen - 21 century regression & Conversational protocol
Getting deep into fast, effective and efficient Hypnotic Regression work!
Learn not only Jorgens number one bread-and-butter hypnotic changework fromat...

...but also an entire approach to conversational change that can be used in conjunction with or separate from the formal process work!
Taught and facilitated personally by Jorgen Rasmussen

Hi, James Tripp here...
Welcome to this information page for Jorgen Rasmussens 21st Century Regressions... A one off live Q&A supported by 10 hours of video tuition (plus bonus interviews) in conducting both formal regressions AND powerful conversational changework.
In July 2015 I invited master changeworker and author of Provocative Hypnosis and Provocative Suggestions Jorgen Rasmussen over to HWT HQ to conduct a one-off training in his approach to hypnotic regression.

I had my personal reasons for doing this - a recent experience had shown me just how powerful regression work could be, both for good and, if mishandled, ill and so I wanted to explore regression work more deeply than I had in the past (coming from a solution focused background).
What I needed was a switched on guide - a master of regression work who understood the both the power and the pitfalls of this kind of work, and Jorgen was the most obvious choice (I have known Jorgen for about 5 years and have learned a fantastic amount about human beings and pragmatic, real-world changework from him during that time. Not only is he is probably the single most knowledgeable person I have met in this field, but he is also a true explorer and creative experimenter.)

Jorgen seemed like the perfect guide and teacher for this project for another powerful reason - as I mentioned Jorgen has a reputation a creative experimenter and explorer (he once ran an impossibles practice on a no change no fee basis)...
...but one of the things that enables him to do this is that he has his regression format as a reliable and solid fallback!

This regression format has been evolving for over 15 years through hundreds of client sessions and is still Jorgens fallback for tough cases.
That the regression format being taught in this weekend intensive is very powerful... a protocal powerful enough to build a very successful hypnotherapy practice around just on its own.

So it made good sense to invite Jorgen over to share it and teach it, but when he came what he ended up delivering was so much more!
You see, Jorgens work is in constant evolution so although he still uses formal regression work, he tends to prefer effecting change purely conversationally (a hypnotic conversation, that is) so in addition to the formal regression process work, he also shared an entire format for conversational change that can either stand alone OR underpin the formal regression work as a powerful framing conversation (I would say pre-talk, but that just does NOT do it justice).

So all of this is captured in the 10 hours of video tuition that underpins this programme.
Formal Regression Format AND Conversational Changework Protocol

So, let me emphasise, this is what you are learning...
A powerful, tried and tested formal hypnotic regression format capable of effecting deep, powerful and instant change.
A complete conversational changework protocol, just as powerful, and fully capable of standing alone.

Personally speaking, I cannot overstate how valuable this is second aspect is - as a teacher of hypnosis, I get people asking me all the time about conversational hypnosis. The way I do it is based upon years of clinical intuition so I cannot teach what I do as a protocol (although I do coach in it).
What Jorgen has delivered here is a close to an out of the box conversational hypnosis changework protocol as I have ever seen!
And by this I DONT mean that it is just superficially delivered as a dumb recipe, without rhyme or reason - it is fully unpacked with the underpinning thinking and rationales explained (dont be surprised to find shifts occuring in your own life just through engaging with it).

And all of that is before we even get to the formal regression work!
Regarding the formal process-work - there is not much that needs to be said here on that as there are videos contained on this page showing elements of the work as well as a full session (showing a slightly older but still relevant incarnation of the process). What I will say is, unlike many other changework training products, we are including follow ups with the volunteers who Jorgen worked with in the training. What you will clearly get from this is that REAL CHANGEWORK is taking place and being taught, and not just some display only demonstration.

[Bild: b56ef2dc1e53c133002599e93043842b.jpg]

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