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Learn Electronics With Basic Theory and Home Experiments!
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Learn Electronics With Basic Theory and Home Experiments! English | January 7, 2019 | ASIN: B07MFQMFYY | 427 pages | PDF | 19 MB

Volume 1 - Basic Theory and Experiments
Basic Analog Electronics and
Basic Electronics for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and others
Basic electronic components and circuits for practical home experiments!
Fully illustrated: more than 300 images of components, circuits, uses, measurements, tips, step-by-step, etc.!!
D.I.Y = Do it yourself. Term used to designate one who does things, instead of buying them, in any area, be it electronics, mechanics, robotics, motorsports, carpentry, modeling, etc. This can occur in the following cases:
1. It is cheaper to do.
2. Want to learn the know-how and "get your hands dirty".
3. There is no ready.
This eBook has as its primary focus the beginner in electronics, with no or little prior knowledge, who wants to "do" their assemblies, prove the theory and at the same time learn the basic theory behind it. At the same time, this eBook can also be considered a great learning tool for the electronics student, the novice engineer and those who have a hobby where electronics is used.
Another very important focus for this book is the people who need to change their professional career, either of their own volition or by the demands of the labor market. In this year in which this eBook was written, the situation in several countries often requires a change of course in our professional activities and why not choose electronics because of its use in almost everything in our lives?
Let's not forget the retired, seasoned professionals, the "seniors," who also want an occupation after retirement! The learning of electronics can be done from 12 years (or before) until after 100!!
It is very important that you, when purchasing this eBook, keep in mind the following:
1. Learn Electronics with Basic Theory and Home Experiments! Volume 1, is a fairly well-illustrated book on basic analogical electronics theory, covering electron-to-circuit operational issues in an easy, fluid, non-stumbling or math manner.
2. In the initial presentation of each chapter you will find the basic theory necessary for the subject being studied, with examples, diagrams, images and simple applications.
3.. The reader will use a Protoboard mounting board, using external components and equipment, as reported in the eBook text.
4.. Included in the text you will find some basic experiments to do, using the knowledge learned in the volume. These experiences are for you to learn to identify some electronic components, make contact with the use of Protoboard and its assemblies and also to use the DMM, which will be a very important instrument in our practices. In summary, it is a "tasting" of the many practical experiences that are in the second volume of our eBooks.
5.. In the second volume Learn Electronics with Basic Theory and Home Experiments! Volume 2, you will find a series of practical experiments to do at home, with materials ease to find. It is a practical eBook, based on the theory studied in volume 1.

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