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INE - Introduction to IPv6 H264 AAC
[Bild: c89a0cfc6a691d37b9636fb4e77f219c.jpeg]

Codec: H264- MPEG-4 AVC
Resolution: 1280x720
Frame rate: 29.970029
Decoded Format: Planar:2:0 YUV

Codec: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)
Channels: Stereo
Sample rate 32000Hz

In this course you will learn about IPv6 from the perspective of your existing knowledge of IPv4 Technologies. It will cover the new addressing schemes including Link Local addressing, Stateless Auto Configuration, Stateless DHCP, and DHCPv6. It will also cover the major changes to ICMP and the underlying technologies to support the lack of broadcasting in IPv6. We will be covering the changes to the routing protocols RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP in relation to IPv6 and the basics of how to implement these on Cisco IOS. IPv6 Transition mechanisms including GRE, 6to4, ISATAP, DMVPN, and MPLS 6PE/6VPE.

Course Duration: 10hrs 01min

Instructor: Dave Smith
CCIEx2 #19125 (R&S, Data Center), VMWare VCP


Introduction 3min
Introduction to IPv6 16min
IPv6 Simplified Header 21min
IPv6 Extension Headers 8min
IPv6 Addressing 31min
IPv6 Solicited Node Multicast 25min
IPv6 Address Assignment 33min
Total Duration: 2hrs 19min

IPv6 Address Configuration
Manual Address Configuration 17min
SLAAC Configuration 18min
IPv6 Stateless DHCP Configuration 12min
IPv6 DHCP Configuration 23min
IPv6 DHCPv6 Prefix Deligation 27min
Total Duration: 1hrs 39min

IPv6 Routing Protocols
RIPng 14min
EIGRP 38min
OSPF 19min
BGP IPv4 over IPv6 32min
OSPF Database 6min
BGP IPv6 over IPv6 36min
BGP IPv6 over IPv4 10min
BGP IPv4 over IPv6 25min
Redistribution 31min
Total Duration: 3hrs 36min

Transition Mechanisms
Tunnels 5min
GRE 17min
IPv6 Tunnels 3min
6to4 Tunnels 16min
IATAP Tunnels 11min
DMVPN 32min
MPLS 6PE 22min
MPLS 6VPE 25min
Dual Stack 11min
Total Duration: 2hrs 26min

[Bild: download20100311005411.gif]



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