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Acoustic Guitar - Advanced Level
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Acoustic Guitar - Advanced Level
Published 9/2022
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Scales, Theory, Chords and more

What you'll learn
The important major scale
Pentatonic Scale
Transposing songs easily
The right technique for Barre Chords, usinng capo and much more

There's lots of information for beginners but it's good if you can play your chords well, and now looking for the next step

Hey everyone! Now that I've finished a course for beginner guitarists, I thought I'll do one for the next level from there. Even if you've not done that beginner course, no problem, you'll still learn a lot from this course. Here you'll learn some advanced concepts on the guitar that are usually a challenge for beginner guitarists. You'll understand how to learn scales, chords, rhythms, using capo, transposing songs and much more which will make your playing so much more easier and practical. So in case you're in a situation when you're playing live, these things will help you adjust and adapt to the moment. By the end of this course you should be able to get your fingers moving efficiently for soloing, playing songs with ease and understand the chord relationships with these easy methods. Hope you enjoy learning from this course, take your time, don't rush, don't expect anything fast. Focus on practicing everyday and you'll be good! All the best and keep practicing!Topics Covered :1. Chords2. Theory3. Major Scales4. Chord Progressions5. Rhythm Exercises6. Barre Chords7. Transposing songs/ or changing keys of songs8. Using a Capo9. More Scales, rhythms and chordsIf you have any questions regarding any of these topics, feel free to send me a message. I'll be happy to help you out and clear and difficulties.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: 7th Chords
Lecture 2 D7, A7, G7
Lecture 3 B7, C7, E7
Section 3: Theory
Lecture 4 Notes in Music
Lecture 5 Sharps and Flats
Lecture 6 Semi Tone and Tone
Lecture 7 Notes on the Fretboard
Lecture 8 Music Terms and Notes
Section 4: Major Scale
Lecture 9 Major Scale Formula
Lecture 10 C Maj Scale
Lecture 11 D Maj Scale
Lecture 12 F Maj Scale
Lecture 13 Bb Maj Scale
Lecture 14 Learning Chords from Scales
Section 5: Chord Progressions
Lecture 15 I - IV - V
Lecture 16 I - vi - IV - V
Lecture 17 I - V - vi - ii - IV
Lecture 18 I - ii - iii - IV - V
Lecture 19 Practicing in Every Key
Lecture 20 Practicing in Every Key
Section 6: Rhythm Exercises
Lecture 21 Ex 1 and Ex 2
Lecture 22 Ex 3 and Ex 4
Lecture 23 Ex 5 and Ex 6
Lecture 24 Ex 7 and Ex 8
Lecture 25 Ex 9
Lecture 26 Ex 10
Lecture 27 Dynamics and Articulation
Section 7: Barre Chords
Lecture 28 What are Barre Chords?
Lecture 29 5th and 6th string notes
Lecture 30 How to place the finger?
Lecture 31 6th string Major Chord
Lecture 32 6th string Minor Chord
Lecture 33 6th string 7th Chord
Lecture 34 5th string Major Chord
Lecture 35 5th string Minor Chord
Lecture 36 5th string 7th Chords
Section 8: Transposing Songs
Lecture 37 Transposing Songs
Section 9: Using a Capo (Your best friend)
Lecture 38 Using a Capo
Section 10: C Maj Scale
Lecture 39 1st Position
Lecture 40 2nd Position
Lecture 0 Two Octaves
Lecture 41 Intervals
Lecture 42 In 2's
Lecture 43 In 3's
Lecture 44 In 4's
Lecture 45 In 5's
Lecture 46 Single String Scales
Section 11: Pentatonic Scale
Lecture 47 What does pentatonic mean?
Lecture 48 1st Position
Lecture 49 2nd Position
Lecture 50 3rd Position
Lecture 51 4th Position
Lecture 52 5th Position
Lecture 53 Playing in 2's
Lecture 54 Playing in 3's
Lecture 55 Playing in 4's
Lecture 56 Playing in 5's
Lecture 57 Minor Pentatonic Scale
Lecture 58 Connecting the Shapes
Section 12: Blues Rhythm
Lecture 59 Ex 1 and Ex 2
Lecture 60 Ex 3 and Ex 4
Lecture 61 Ex 5 and Ex 6
Lecture 62 Ex 7 and Ex 8
Section 13: Blues Chords
Lecture 63 7ths
Lecture 64 9ths
Lecture 65 12 Bar Blues
Lecture 66 Artists to listen to
Section 14: What are Power Chords?
Lecture 67 What are Power Chords?
Lecture 68 Power chords in E Major
Beginner to Advanced

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