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Wordpress E-Commerce: Build 4 Websites & Dropshipping Stores
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Wordpress E-Commerce: Build 4 Websites & Dropshipping Stores
Last updated 7/2022
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Learn WooCommerce, how to create physical & digital products, set shipping options & tax rates, dropshipping and more

What you'll learn
You will learn how use the WooCommerce plugin to build an e-commerce store that sells physical products
You will learn how use the Easy Digital Downloads plugin to build an e-commerce store that sells digital products
You will learn how to create simple, grouped, variable and affiliate products
You will learn how to Integrate payment systems including PayPal & Stripe into your website
You will learn how to create shipping options and zones for your customers
You will learn how to create coupon codes and set shipment tracking
You will learn how to build a Dropshipping store with AliDropship
You will learn how to import products from AliExpress
You will learn how to manage your customer accounts and privacy

The basics of WordPress

** UPDATED JULY 2022 WITH FULLY UPDATED WOOCOMMERCE SECTION AND ADDITIONAL DROPSHIPPING SECTION**This online e-commerce course will teach you how to build 2 different online stores and 2 different dropshipping websites.Why build an E-Commerce store?According to an article on Forbes magazine, e-commerce sales are expected to surpass the trillion dollar mark by 2025. As more people are embracing e-commerce, businesses have taken to selling their services and products online as well. If you are such an individual or business looking to sell your products online via an e-commerce store and are looking to learn how to create such a store, then you have come to the right place. 4 Courses in 1This is a very unique course as its essentially 4 in 1. First course teaches you how to build a store that sells physical products like clothes.Second course teaches you how to build a digital store that sells digital products like e-books, audio files etc.Third course teaches you how to build a dropshipping store with the classic AliDropShip pluginFourth course teaches you how to build a dropshipping store with the AliDropShip Woo Plugin"The instructor is thorough in teaching this topic. He's very easy to follow and gives you a solid understanding of the power of e-commerce websites. You get your money's worth by the valuable lessons he teaches. I'm 1/3 of the way and I've already made back on my money" -- Lemuel ReyesCurriculum Overview:The course is divided into 4 main parts plus an introductory section where you will learn how to setup a sub domain of your existing website and how to incorporate SSL encryption to greatly enhance the security of your online store. PART 1 - WooCommerce SectionIn the first part, we will build a store that sells clothes and clothing accessories using one of the most powerful and popular e-commerce plugins known as WooCommerce. With WooCommerce, you will learn how to do the following:Create simple, grouped, variable and affiliate productsConfigure shipping options, zones & classesSet up payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe to accept paymentsManaging orders and refundsManaging couponsEvery online store requires a decent design, structure and efficient navigation system which is why you will learn about the different types of WordPress themes you could use to design your online store. We will cover a very important aspect of E-Commerce - the processing of payments and refunds. You will learn how to install and setup different payment systems in your store such as PayPal and Stripe payments. You will learn about 'sandbox' environments that would allow you to test the entire transaction process on your website without using any actual money. We will also cover how to manage orders, refunds, coupons and customer accounts as well.One of the most advantageous features of WooCommerce is the ability to extend its functionality and design by numerous plugins available. We will round up part 1 by analyzing a few of these plugins and see how they can be used to improve the overall functionality of your e-commerce store. We will cover how to use the following plugins:Checkout field editorOrder Delivery Date pluginShipment tracking pluginYITH WooCommerce Wishlist pluginBy the end of this section, you will have learned enough to be able to build and manage your very own WooCommerce store."Alex delivers a well organized tutorial with clear and easy to understand steps. You will not be disappointed in the purchase of this course." -- Jacob JohnsonPART 2 - Virtual Store SectionIf you are looking to build a virtual store that sells downloadable products like music files, images and e-books then you are going to love this section.I will show you how to build the store using the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. In this store, we will be selling digital products such as e-books, audio files and posters. Customers will be able to pick which products they want to buy, pay for the products and then be able to download the product once payment has been approved.The EDD plugin is one of the very best plugins for building virtual stores and you will learn how to use it to its maximum abilities.You will learn how to how to create bundled virtual products and how to manage downloads from your customers."Very structured course. Entertaining instructor gives clear and concise information on how to do thing, what's best practice and what to avoid" -- Patrick CatthoorPARTS 3 & 4 - Build Two Dropshipping WebsitesThese two parts are designed for WordPress users who are interested in building their dropshipping stores. In part 3 you will learn how to use the classic AliDropShip plugin while part 4 will introduce you to the AliDropShip Woo plugin.Over the course of these two sections you will learn the following:Configure the AliDropship pluginSet up pricing models & payment gatewaysImport products directly from AliExpressWork with couponsApply basic SEO techniquesImport products directly from AliExpressManage user accounts and notificationsand much moreENROLLWell there you have it, a complete description of this best selling course.Sounds good? Enroll and let's get started.


Section 1: Welcome to the Course

Lecture 1 Preview - The WooCommerce Store We Shall Build Together

Lecture 2 Connect with Me

Lecture 3 Checklist

Section 2: Introduction to Domain Names & Web Hosting

Lecture 4 Introduction

Lecture 5 Buying Hosting & Domain Names

Lecture 6 Try Siteground or Cloudways Hosting

Lecture 7 Installing WordPress Quickly

Lecture 8 Installing WordPress Locally with Local by Flywheel

Section 3: Building our WooCommerce Store

Lecture 9 Installing WordPress

Lecture 10 Installing WooCommerce

Lecture 11 Creating Shipping Zones

Lecture 12 Creating Shipping Classes

Lecture 13 Adding the Product Images

Lecture 14 How to Create a Simple Product

Lecture 15 How to Create a Variable Product

Lecture 16 How to Create a Grouped Product

Lecture 17 Assignment - Adding Product Images

Lecture 18 Adding Upsells & Cross-Sells

Lecture 19 Product Settings

Lecture 20 Setting Up PayPal

Lecture 21 Creating PayPal Sandbox Test Accounts

Lecture 22 Testing Payments with PayPal

Lecture 23 Connecting Stripes

Lecture 24 Update - Notice !!!

Lecture 25 Accounts & Privacy Settings

Lecture 26 Managing Accounts & Order Flow

Lecture 27 Working with Coupons

Lecture 28 WooCommerce Analytics

Section 4: WooCommerce Design

Lecture 29 Website Setup

Lecture 30 Choosing our Theme

Lecture 31 Customizing OceanWP Theme

Lecture 32 Customizing the Product Pages

Lecture 33 Customizing the Homepage Part 1

Lecture 34 Customizing the Homepage Part 2

Lecture 35 Customizing the Homepage Part 3

Lecture 36 Customizing the Homepage Part 4

Lecture 37 Building the Contact Us Page

Section 5: Section Preview - Woo Commerce Functionality

Lecture 38 Section Preview

Lecture 39 Customizing the Checkout Fields

Lecture 40 Adding Order Delivery Dates

Lecture 41 Adding Order and Shipment Tracking

Lecture 42 Adding Wishlist Functionality

Lecture 43 Managing Refunds

Lecture 44 Review Update

Section 6: Woo Commerce SEO

Lecture 45 Section Preview

Lecture 46 Working with Rank Math

Lecture 47 Adding Product Videos

Lecture 48 Addling ALT Text to Images

Lecture 49 Image Optimization with Optimole

Lecture 50 Conclusion

Section 7: Building a Virtual Store

Lecture 51 Introduction - What We Shall be Building

Lecture 52 Site Preview

Lecture 53 The Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Plugin

Lecture 54 EDD Overview

Lecture 55 EDD General Settings

Lecture 56 EDD Email, Styles Settings

Lecture 57 EDD Tax Settings

Lecture 58 EDD Misc Settings

Section 8: Creating & Managing Downloads with EDD

Lecture 59 Creating a Simple Digital Product

Lecture 60 Creating a Variable Digital Product

Lecture 61 Creating a Bundle of Digital Products

Lecture 62 The Checkout Process

Lecture 63 Setting up the Downloads and Category Pages

Lecture 64 Customizing the Downloads Page

Section 9: Payment Gateways & Account Settings

Lecture 65 The PayPal Payment Gateway

Lecture 66 The Test Payment Gateway

Lecture 67 The Buy Now Button

Lecture 68 Customer Accounts in EDD

Lecture 69 Setting up the Login & Registration Pages

Lecture 70 Setting up the Edit Profile Page

Lecture 71 Setting up the Logout Page

Section 10: Designing & Extending our Online Store

Lecture 72 The Vendd Theme

Lecture 73 Customizing the Menu

Lecture 74 Review Update

Lecture 75 Hiding the Admin Bar

Lecture 76 Setting up our Pages

Lecture 77 Setting up the Homepage

Lecture 78 Designing our Main Menu

Lecture 79 EDD Extensions

Lecture 80 Conclusion

Section 11: Dropshipping Section

Lecture 81 Introduction to the Section

Lecture 82 AliDropship or AliDropship Woo

Lecture 83 Choosing your Market

Lecture 84 How to Choose the Right Products

Section 12: Build a Dropshipping Store with AliDropship Plugin

Lecture 85 Section Preview

Lecture 86 Introduction to the AliDropShip Plugin

Lecture 87 AliDropShip General Settings

Lecture 88 Choosing our Theme

Lecture 89 Customizing the Rubens Theme - Part 1

Lecture 90 Customizing the Rubens Theme - Part 2

Lecture 91 Updates, Shipping & Payment Gateways

Lecture 92 Accounts & Notifications

Section 13: Working with Products - AliDropShip

Lecture 93 How to Import Products Directly from AliExpress

Lecture 94 How to Manually Add your Products

Lecture 95 Assignment - Adding more Products

Lecture 96 How to Setup Pricing

Lecture 97 Working with Coupons

Section 14: Customizing our Website - AliDropShip

Lecture 98 Customizing the Home Page

Lecture 99 Customizing the Single Product Page

Lecture 100 Customizing the Checkout Pages

Lecture 101 Customizing the Rest of our Pages

Lecture 102 Testing Payments & Account Creation

Lecture 103 How to Process Orders

Lecture 104 Basic SEO Techniques

Lecture 105 The El Greco Theme

Lecture 106 Dropshipping Tips

Lecture 107 Conclusion

Section 15: Build a Dropshipping Store with AliDropship Woo

Lecture 108 Section Preview

Lecture 109 Installing WooCommerce

Lecture 110 General Settings for AliDropship Woo

Lecture 111 General WooCommerce Settings

Lecture 112 Creating Shipping Zones & Methods

Lecture 113 Accounts, Privacy & Emails

Lecture 114 How to Import Products Directly from AliExpress

Lecture 115 Assignment - Adding More Products

Lecture 116 How to Set up Pricing

Lecture 117 Setting up Payment Gateways

Lecture 118 Testing Payments with PayPal & Stripe

Lecture 119 Choosing our Theme - Da Vinci

Lecture 120 Creating Additional Pages and our Menus

Lecture 121 Customizing the Header

Lecture 122 Customizing the Footer

Lecture 123 Customizing the Home Page

Lecture 124 Customizing the WooCommerce Pages

Lecture 125 Customizing the About Us Page

Lecture 126 Customizing the Contact Us Page

Lecture 127 How to Process Orders

Lecture 128 Section Conclusion

Section 16: Conclusion

Lecture 129 Getting your Certificate

Business owners who want to create an e-commerce store,Students who want to learn about WooCommerce,Individuals who want to learn how to build membership sites


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