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Python Programming & Cybersecurity - Web Attacks/Hacking
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Python Programming & Cybersecurity - Web Attacks/Hacking
Published 9/2022
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Learn python, web application basics, web vulnerabilities and use python programming in creating web attacks

What you'll learn
Careers in Python Programming
Python Basics
HTTP Basics
Kali Linux Basics
Web Attacks
Web Attacks using Python

Computer Basics
Linux Basics

Welcome to Python Programming & Cybersecurity - Web AttacksIn this course will be focusing on Python, Web Vulnerabilities and Web Attacks/Hacking.The approach of this course is to learn Web Technologies, then understand how we apply automation Web Attack automation using Python scripts.Learn the basics of Python and web vulnerabilities based on OWASP Top 10 ! This course provides you at least 30 python sample scripts design for aspiring Web Application Firewall specialist and Web Application Penetration TestersThe course consist of whiteboarding discussions and lots of hands-on lab demonstrations.The lab includes Kali Linux which is attackers and couple of target websites that we will hack. One is PHP Hack it Auction Site and Sytx Show Blog/Vlog web site.This is course also prepares student for F5 303 ASM Specialist Exam. The course requires you to have not just F5 BIG-IP knowledge but also understand the concepts of web technologies, different web vulnerabilities and web attacksTarget AudiencePython Programmers (Aspiring)Web Application SpecialistF5 ASM/Adv WAF SpecialistSecurity EngineersPenetration TestersExpectationsWill cover basic PythonWill cover basic HTTPWill cover basic web attacksYou won't become a professional HackerNeed to learn many thingsSoftware TechnologiesLinux - Kali, UbuntuDockerPython 3.XWeb Applications - HackIT Auction and Styx Show Blog/Vlog siteSectionsIntroductionF5 BIG-IP, Python and Docker Security LabPython ProgrammingPython BasicsWeb Technologies BasicsWeb Application VulnerabilitiesPython for Web ApplicationsWeb Attacks using Python ScriptsCompletion


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 About the Course

Lecture 3 About the Instructor

Lecture 4 Course Flow

Section 2: F5 BIG-IP, Python and Docker Security Lab

Lecture 5 Python and Docker Security Lab Overview

Lecture 6 Python Web Security Lab Resources

Lecture 7 Python Web Security Topology

Lecture 8 Python Web Security Lab Details

Section 3: Python Programming

Lecture 9 Python Programming Overview

Lecture 10 Introduction to Python

Lecture 11 Careers in Python Programming

Lecture 12 CyberSecurity

Lecture 13 Web Application Attacks

Section 4: Python Basics

Lecture 14 Python Basics Overview

Lecture 15 Python Concepts

Lecture 16 Executing Python

Lecture 17 String

Lecture 18 Integers

Lecture 19 List

Lecture 20 List vs Tuples

Lecture 21 Dictionaries

Lecture 22 Python Basic Demo Part 1

Lecture 23 Python Basics Demo Part 2

Lecture 24 Booleans

Lecture 25 Conditional Statement

Lecture 26 Loops

Lecture 27 Python Basic Demo Part 3

Lecture 28 Input

Lecture 29 Function

Lecture 30 Modules

Lecture 31 Project 1

Lecture 32 Project 1 Demo

Lecture 33 Project 2

Lecture 34 Project 2 Demo

Section 5: Web Technologies Basics

Lecture 35 Web Technologies Basics and Lab Overview

Lecture 36 Network and Internet

Lecture 37 HTTP Basics

Lecture 38 Demo - HTTP Basics

Lecture 39 HTTP Connections

Lecture 40 Demo - HTTP Connections

Lecture 41 Web Development Stack

Lecture 42 Demo - Web Development Stack

Lecture 43 HTTP Messages

Lecture 44 Demo - HTTP Messages

Lecture 45 HTTP Basics and Status Codes

Lecture 46 Demo - HTTP Status Codes

Lecture 47 Web Forms - HTTP Methods

Lecture 48 Web Forms - Fields and Selections

Lecture 49 Demo - Web Forms

Section 6: Web Application Vulnerabilities

Lecture 50 Web Attacks Basics and Lab Overview

Lecture 51 Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

Lecture 52 Parameter Tampering

Lecture 53 Demo - Parameter Tampering

Lecture 54 Hidden Field Manipulation

Lecture 55 Demo - Hidden Field Manipulation

Lecture 56 Forceful Browsing

Lecture 57 Demo - Forceful Browsing

Lecture 58 Sensitive Data Exposure

Lecture 59 Demo - Sensitive Data Exposure

Lecture 60 SQL Injection

Lecture 61 Demo - SQL Injection

Lecture 62 Broken Authentication & Session Management

Section 7: Python Automation for Web Applications

Lecture 63 Python Automation for Web Applications Overview

Lecture 64 Python Revisit

Lecture 65 Demo - Python Revisit

Lecture 66 Python Web Modules

Lecture 67 Demo - Python Web Modules

Lecture 68 Find Function

Lecture 69 Demo - Find Function

Lecture 70 Automating Web Registration

Lecture 71 Demo -Automating Web Registration

Lecture 72 Automating Web Log in

Lecture 73 Demo - Automating Web Log in

Lecture 74 Accessing Files

Lecture 75 Demo - Accessing Files

Section 8: Web Attacks using Python Scripts

Lecture 76 Web Attacks using Python Scripts and Lab Overview

Lecture 77 Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Lecture 78 Demo - Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Lecture 79 Broken Access Control / IDOR

Lecture 80 Demo - Broken Access Control / IDOR

Lecture 81 Brute Force Attack

Lecture 82 Demo - Brute Force Attack

Section 9: Completion

Lecture 83 Wrap Up

Lecture 84 Moving On

Lecture 85 Message from the Instructor

Lecture 86 Course Completion

Beginner Python,Curious about Web Attacks,Curious about Penetration Testing


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