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Paradise Process: 4 Steps To Self-Healing
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Paradise Process: 4 Steps To Self-Healing
Published 9/2022
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Heal Your Inner Child, Deepen Your Relationships and Become The Best Version Of Yourself In 4 Steps

What you'll learn
Notice when and what triggers or activates you with others.
Identify a pattern of behavior, thought or emotion that is holding you back.
Understand your personal template of a romantic relationship and how that influences your beliefs and behaviors in the present.
Identify your Attachment Style and learn about how it affects your life.
Release the past with compassion for yourself by understanding the way you learned to survive in childhood
Meet, accept and forgive your Inner Child with compassion and non-judgment.
Learn how to reconnect to and trust your gut.
Learn how to set boundaries without fear of the outcome (and identify where in your life you need to set a boundary)
Learn how to release stress and anxiety easily.
Communication skills: Learn compassionate communication techniques to help you deepen your trust and relationship with others
Learn how to 'sit' with your emotions, get information from them and allow them to pass.
Develop deeper consciousness and awareness for Self, so that you can start to shed the past and make better decisions that honor YOU in the present.

No requirements to take this course! But this course IS for you if
You have never tried therapy or self-healing and are ready to take the next step into knowing yourself and healing from the past;
OR you have tried therapy, but it didn't feel actionable or impactful enough. This course is grounded in practical tools and techniques you can bring into your every day life;
OR you are currently in some form of therapy and would like additional support and the opportunity to dive deeper into your healing.

--> Is your lack of confidence holding you back in your work life and relationships?--> Does your relationship have unnecessary conflict or misunderstandings that leaves you feeling exhausted and confused?--> Are you ever kept awake at night by stressful thoughts over your relationship, financial situation, career or your health?--> Do you bottle up emotions?--> Do you feel like your partner doesn't hear you or respect you in the way you deserve?--> Do you say "Yes" when you really want to say "No"--> Did you experience emotional pain as a child that you haven't worked through?--> Does imposter syndrome and feeling "not good enough" hold you back in your career?--> Is your relationship taking a toll on your mental health?--> Do you ever get a lump in your throat when trying to express your feelings and set a boundary?--> Do you feel stuck in a pattern within your relationship and family?The truth is -We all experience levels of this in our daily lives.The behaviors and the ways of thinking that make us who we are TODAY are based on past traumas, experiences and childhood survival mechanisms.When we don't heal these, we hold onto patterns, behaviors, and ways of thinking that no longer serve us.In order to unlock our own power for deeper joy, greater love, freedom in our choices and the confidence to ask for what we truly desire,We have to face ourselves and begin the process of self-healing.The Paradise Process is a self-paced self-healing journey complete with educational video modules, actionable activities and downloadable resources.The Paradise Process is designed to guide and stimulate the inner child work we need to gain emotional awareness of our thoughts, patterns and behaviours; to find freedom from the modes of thinking and being that have served us in the past, but are now holding us back; and ultimately to bring healed and compassionate choices into our present.This course came in a timely manner. It has helped me so much in knowing and choosing a better life for myself .I am activated to put less emphasis on external validation and at this point of my life go internal to find my authentic self and engage in self care. It is because of this course. Thank you so very much! - PatThis course is excellent and presented really well by Michelle to give people the knowledge skills to ensure that they understand what might be contributing to their issues. It provides an opportunity to work with Michelle in the healing space, gives you time and energy to look in the mirror and take care of you by being honest with yourself and help you understand why you do what you have done all these years. It helps you understand what decisions and actions that need to happen or what changes you need to implement to make you feel better because you are worth it!! Michelle has a great way of validating your experience but also challenging you to see beyond your past experiences to improve yourself and your future! Gives you Hope - KWhat You Can Expect...Four repeatable steps: Awareness, Acceptance, Consciousness and Choice.Video modules to walk you through each step in detail.Resources and more to help you integrate your new knowledge into your life.Empower yourself with the knowledge and insights you need to embark on your own Self-healing journey & receive personalised advice on the unique problems you face.Move from resentment to contentment with greater awareness, the power and tools to set boundaries and the freedom to make better choices for yourself.Find deeper love in your relationships through knowing and appreciating yourself more and communicating with compassion.Create peace and presence in your life and prioritize what matters most - YOU."Through your work you certainly helped me to find my voice and speak my truth and realise that it was me that was holding me back, not him. I'm so happy to tell you that he finally gave me the bonus I earned over the past 5 years, bought me my dream vintage Jaguar and we were married 2 months ago. I can't believe that after 15 years of being together, all it took was to realise my patterns that lead to my behaviours and forgive my younger self for keeping me safe all these years but stuck. I've never been happier and I never thought I would ever BE in this place of love and peace. Thank you." - Marina 57"Thank you so much for your help with my relationships. Thanks to you, I realized what mistake I was making in every relationship I had! It feels so good and so powerful to finally be able to see and understand why they didn't work out. I feel very excited about the new beginning. I understand how much I can give and I truly believe in myself this time." Magda 29Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ 1: How does it work?Michele walks you through the process of connecting to Self, identifying past experiences that created unconscious beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back and making you feel broken and not good enough. Through compassionate acceptance and awareness, she guide you to start to change the narrative you have about yourself, and give you the tools and techniques to create the change you need in your own life.FAQ 2: Who is it for?The Paradise Process is for you if you feel "not good enough", stuck in your job, relationship and life in general, or lonely and anxious. The Paradise Process is a unique solution to help you gain the awareness, tools and techniques to turn inwards, recognise your patterns and 'learned behaviours', and start to overcome the things that are holding you back. and in doing so ultimately achieve greater peace, confidence and freedom from the past.FAQ 3: What if it doesn't work for me?Michele and her team have spent the past year crafting this self-healing course based on 20+ years of experience of working 1:1 with clients to transform their lives and relationships, working as Wellness Expert with Deepak Chopra and her training by the best in the field: Dr Richard Brandler, Dr Gabor Maté, Dr Richard Schwartz and Paul McKenna. She also has years of experience in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Havening and Hynotherapy, all of which are incorporated into Paradise Process. So the course is designed to walk you through your own healing step-by-step in a way that will work for you if you put in the time and effort to complete the course.


Section 1: The first step in your self-healing journey: Awareness

Lecture 1 Introduction to Awareness

Lecture 2 Notice when and what triggers or activates you with others

Lecture 3 Identify a pattern that is holding you back

Lecture 4 Understand your romantic relationship template

Lecture 5 Learn about attachment styles and how they affect your life

Lecture 6 Awareness Resources

Section 2: The second step in your self-healing journey: Acceptance

Lecture 7 Understand the ways you learned to survive in childhood, with compassion.

Lecture 8 Learn that you did nothing wrong.

Lecture 9 Learn how to integrate what you now know into your life

Lecture 10 Accept and forgive your younger self with compassion and non-judgement.

Lecture 11 Acceptance Resources

Section 3: The third step in your self-healing journey: Consciousness

Lecture 12 Recognise that 95% of our day we are unconsciously making decisions...

Lecture 13 Learn how to be present in the moment with your emotions...

Lecture 14 Learn how to become aware of when you need to set boundaries.

Lecture 15 How to compassionately communicate with people who activate you

Lecture 16 Consciousness Resources

Section 4: The fourth step in your self-healing journey: Choice

Lecture 17 Set boundaries without fear of the outcome

Lecture 18 Reconnect with Self and trust your gut

Lecture 19 Release stress and anxiety easily

Lecture 20 Understand post-traumatic growth and wisdom

Lecture 21 Choice Resources

Women and men with the desire to deepen your connection with yourself and heal from the inside out so that you can have deeper, more meaningful and loving relationships with others.


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