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Architectural Rendering With Sketchup And D5 Render
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Architectural Rendering With Sketchup And D5 Render
Published 9/2022
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A Project Based Approach to ArchViz

What you'll learn
You will learn a complete project based workflow for architectural rendering utilizing SketchUp, D5 Render and Photoshop.
You will complete two projects in their entirety; a stlish interior and an natural exterior render.
Be introduced to D5 Render and will learn the various elements of the program.
You will become familiar with a professional workflow and learn the skills required to produce your own renders.
How to export your finished renders, and the best settings to use.
Use Photoshop for post-production of your D5 renders.
Make adjustments to your renders to improve the visual look and the overall quality of your renders.

A basic knowledge of SketchUp is required; how to navigate and use the beginner tools.
An understanding of basic 3D terms and concepts will be helpful
Access to the software that we use and a PC Desktop or Laptop that can run D5 (An RTX enabled graphics card is a must)

Welcome to Architectural Rendering with SketchUP and D5 Render!This course is also suitable for students who wish to understand a complete, project based ArchViz workflow, from start to end. Additionally, this course will be useful for those artists switching from another rendering program to D5 Render, but do not know where to start.We will be using a fantastic and modern rendering software D5 Render, which provides stunning visuals and has an accessible learning curve. We will cover two projects; an interior based on the Modern French style, and an exterior small home built with organic shapes. We will discuss the modeling workflow, rendering process and settings required to set up visually stunning renders.Once a student completes the course, they will have the skills they need to complete their own projects utilizing the workflow demonstrated.Finally: this course is designed to grow; with projects three and four planned out, and these will be added as soon as they are done. These projects will add new tools and new project topics to the course; including urban renders and use of additional resources like the Megascans Library.I hope you have a great experience with this course, and that you learn something of value!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Software Used
Lecture 3 Software Part II
Section 2: Project I
Lecture 4 Creation of the Floor
Lecture 5 Cration of the Walls
Lecture 6 Crating Panel I
Lecture 7 Creating Panel 2 Part I
Lecture 8 Panel 2 Part II
Lecture 9 Adding Decoration or Trim to the Panels
Lecture 10 Panel Detail with Follow Me Tool
Lecture 11 Groups
Section 3: Project I The Room
Lecture 12 Windows Part I
Lecture 13 Windows Part II
Lecture 14 Placing the Window
Lecture 15 Color Coding the Parts
Lecture 16 Panel Placement I
Lecture 17 Panel Placement II
Lecture 18 Panel Placement III
Lecture 19 Final Decorative Element
Lecture 20 Adding a Ceiling
Section 4: Project I Finishing Touches
Lecture 21 Making a Fireplace
Lecture 22 Making a Fireplace Part II
Lecture 23 Adding a Door via the Warehouse
Lecture 24 Adding a Door Part II
Lecture 25 Crosscheck
Section 5: D5 Render
Lecture 26 Intro to D5
Lecture 27 D5 Materials and adding a floor Material
Lecture 28 Making a Few Changes
Lecture 29 Wall Materials
Lecture 30 Additional Materials
Lecture 31 Fireplace Materials
Section 6: D5 Render Continued
Lecture 32 The Asset Library and Furniture
Lecture 33 Furniture Part II And Changing The View
Lecture 34 Furniture Part III Plants and Decor
Lecture 35 Decoration Part I
Lecture 36 Decoration Part II and Sampling Asset Materials
Section 7: D5 Lighting
Lecture 37 Lighting
Lecture 38 Light Types and a Teddy Bear
Lecture 39 Setting up the Lighting for Our Scene
Lecture 40 The Effects Tab and Scenes
Lecture 41 Decals and Light Fixtures
Lecture 42 Field of View (FOV)
Lecture 43 Setting up The Render
Section 8: Photoshop Post Production
Lecture 44 Introduction to Photoshop
Lecture 45 Layer Elements
Lecture 46 Masks
Lecture 47 Layer Groups
Lecture 48 Levels
Lecture 49 Camera Raw I
Lecture 50 Camera Raw II Basic Adjustments
Lecture 51 Camera Raw III Texture and Vibrance
Lecture 52 Color Adjustments (Very Important for the Final Images to Look Good!)
Lecture 53 Adding Light
Lecture 54 Final Alterations, Noise and High Pass
Lecture 55 Finishing the Render Chromatic Abberation
Section 9: Project II
Lecture 56 Required Plugins For Project II
Lecture 57 Creating the Floor of the Small Build
Lecture 58 Adding an Interior Floor
Lecture 59 Adding the Windows
Lecture 60 Lattice Windows
Lecture 61 Adding a Lattice Roof
Lecture 62 Side Walls I
Lecture 63 Side Walls II
Lecture 64 Cleaning the Model Up and Deleting Stray Edges
Lecture 65 Adding the Bathroom
Lecture 66 Cross Check and Final Changes
Lecture 67 Sandbox Enviroment
Lecture 68 Landscape Part I
Lecture 69 Landscape Part II
Lecture 70 Landscape Part III
Lecture 71 Fixing the Water
Section 10: D5 Enviroment Creation
Lecture 72 Landscape Materials
Lecture 73 Trees and Layers
Lecture 74 Painting Assets
Lecture 75 Making Layers for Elements
Lecture 76 Checking the Trees
Lecture 77 Adding the Grass
Lecture 78 Grass Updates for 2.3
Lecture 79 Rocks
Lecture 80 Continuing the Landscape
Lecture 81 Small Build Materials
Lecture 82 Fixing the Roof with SketchUV
Lecture 83 Fixing the Roof with SketchUV Part II
Lecture 84 Cross Check
Section 11: Project II Lighting and Rendering
Lecture 85 HDRI Lighting
Lecture 86 Lighting and Fog
Lecture 87 Lighting and Fog Fixing Errors
Lecture 88 Effects Tab and Test Render
Lecture 89 Critical Looking and Making Changes
Lecture 90 Fixing the Horizon
Section 12: Project II Photoshop Post Production
Lecture 91 Initial Adjustments
Lecture 92 Project II Camera Raw
Lecture 93 Project II Color Mixer
Lecture 94 Project II Depth of Field
Lecture 95 Project II Final Steps
Lecture 96 Project II Second Scene View
Lecture 97 Project II Final Touches to Render II
This course is geared towards learners who have a basic understanding of SketchUp, but want to develop their rendering skills.,This course is suitable for students who wish to understand a complete, project based ArchViz workflow, from start to end.

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