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Complete Stress Management
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Complete Stress Management
Last updated 3/2021
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Combining Best Strategies of Mindfulness, CBT, NLP, & Buddhism

What you'll learn
Gain a good understanding about Mindfulness
How to use the best strategies of mindfulness, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy , Neuro-Linguistic programming and Buddhist Psychology to modify response to the daily stress
Support family and friends to take benefits from this discipline

A desire to get freedom from stress, or to change the perspective about how one thinks about stress
A desire to get freedom from conventional and unhelpful thinking patterns

" Life isn't fair." We all know , but how many us live as we mean it. We still complain, argue, fight for what according to our beliefs is right. Take a journey into your core and see how you can eradicate stress. Not with any fancy technology or superfood, but with your own awareness. No need to create an instability within you that can easily boil over into completely inappropriate and undesirable reactions the next time stress hits. If you are using all of your emotional energy to keep your head above water, you just don't have anything left to deal with new or unexpected stressors. Wake up and begin the day in a calm, non-stressed frame of mind like you want to, and navigate your day in a more relaxed mood. Create space between the stressor and your reaction where you can reframe and calm your thoughts. Become a happy, loving person you want to be even when unexpected stress hits. * Identify your common stressors* Learn simple, easily workable techniques to deal with stress instead of just stuffing it down* Practice actionable steps to lessen stress by this time next week* Develop emotional strength to face new stresses* Access the peace you are craving.No equipment needed.
Section 1: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Lecture 1 Welcome
Lecture 2 Stress & Mindfulness
Lecture 3 Safety Is Foremost
Lecture 4 Origin Of MBSR
Lecture 5 Why MBSR?
Lecture 6 How Are You Feeling Right Now?
Lecture 7 What Does Well-Being Mean To You?
Lecture 8 What is Mindfulness?
Lecture 9 Benefits Of Mindfulness
Lecture 10 What is Meditation?
Lecture 11 History Of Zen Buddhism
Lecture 12 Mindful Eating
Lecture 13 Mindful Eating 2
Lecture 14 Mindful Eating 3
Lecture 15 Mindful Eating 4
Lecture 16 Mindful Eating 5
Lecture 17 Mindful Eating 6
Lecture 18 Mindful Eating 7
Lecture 19 Mindful Breathing 1
Lecture 20 Mindful Breathing 2
Lecture 21 Deconstructing Mindful Breathing
Lecture 22 What Is Present For You?
Lecture 23 Mindful Movements 1
Lecture 24 Mindful Movements 2
Lecture 25 Mindful Movements 3
Lecture 26 Mindful Movements 4
Lecture 27 Mindful Movements 5
Lecture 28 Mindful Movements 6
Lecture 29 Mindful Movements 7
Lecture 30 Taking Stock After Mindful Movements
Lecture 31 Mindful Walking 1
Lecture 32 Walking Meditation 2
Lecture 33 Mindful Pleasant Moments 1
Lecture 34 Mindful Pleasant Moments 2
Lecture 35 Mindful Unpleasant Moments 1
Lecture 36 Mindful Unpleasant Moments 2
Lecture 37 Attention Focus Meditation
Lecture 38 Attention Focus Deconstruction
Lecture 39 Stress Reactivity Awareness
Lecture 40 Interpersonal Mindfulness
Lecture 41 Mindful Consumption
Lecture 42 Mindful Speaking
Lecture 43 Mindful Listening
Section 2: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Lecture 44 What is CBT?
Lecture 45 History of CBT
Lecture 46 ABC Of CBT
Lecture 47 Man As A Meaning Making Machine
Lecture 48 The Three States of Mind
Lecture 49 Core Assumptions- Processor And Not A Victim
Lecture 50 Core Assumptions- No One Is Broken
Lecture 51 Core Assumptions- One Can Unlearn What Is Learnt
Lecture 52 Core Assumptions- Power Comes Via Responsibility
Lecture 53 Core Assumptions- Past Is Not Equal To Future
Lecture 54 Core Assumptions- Responsible For Our Communication
Lecture 55 Self Defeating Rules- 1
Lecture 56 Self Defeating Rules- 2
Lecture 57 Self Defeating Rules- 3
Lecture 58 Self Defeating Rules-4
Lecture 59 Self Defeating Rules-5
Lecture 60 Self Defeating Rules-6
Lecture 61 Self Defeating Rules-7
Lecture 62 Cognitive Distortions-1
Lecture 63 Cognitive Distortions-2
Lecture 64 Cognitive Distortions-3
Lecture 65 Cognitive Distortions-4
Lecture 66 Cognitive Distortions-Catastrophizing
Lecture 67 Cognitive Distortions-Personalizing
Lecture 68 Cognitive Distortions- Victimization
Lecture 69 Cognitive Distortions-Blaming
Lecture 70 Cognitive Distortions- Facts & Feelings
Lecture 71 Cognitive Distortions- Beliefs vs Truth
Lecture 72 Cognitive Distortions- Minimalization
Lecture 73 Police For Thoughts-1
Lecture 74 Police For Thoughts-2
Lecture 75 Tools For CBT- Assessment
Lecture 76 The Chimp Paradox
Lecture 77 Tools For CBT- Reconceptualization
Lecture 78 Tools For CBT-Skills Acquisition
Lecture 79 Tools For CBT-Skills Consolidation
Lecture 80 Tools For CBT-Skills Maintenance
Lecture 81 Foundation Of Life
Lecture 82 Core Identity Model
Lecture 83 Good Enough Principle
Lecture 84 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Lecture 85 Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs-2
Lecture 86 Roadblocks To Healthy Communication-1
Lecture 87 Roadblocks To Healthy Communications-2
Lecture 88 Roadblocks to Healthy Communication-3
Lecture 89 Roadblocks to Healthy Communications-4
Lecture 90 Roadblocks to Healthy Communication-5
Lecture 91 Roadblocks to Healthy Communication-6
Lecture 92 Roadblocks to Healthy Communication-6
Lecture 93 Roadblocks to Healthy Communication-8
Lecture 94 Four Levels Of Communication
Lecture 95 The STOPP Card Strategy
Lecture 96 Chunking Up & Chunking Down
Lecture 97 Fixed Mindset Vs Growth Mindset
Lecture 98 How A Belief Is Formed
Lecture 99 Parental Timeline Method
Lecture 100 Finding Your Passion
Lecture 101 Finding Your Passion 2
Lecture 102 Finding Your Passion-3
Section 3: Neuro Linguistic Programming
Lecture 103 History of NLP
Lecture 104 What is NLP?
Lecture 105 What Does NLP Do?
Lecture 106 Neurological Flexibility
Lecture 107 Neurological Rigidity
Lecture 108 Perceptual Positions
Lecture 109 Presuppositions Of NLP - Paradigm Of The World
Lecture 110 Presuppositions Of NLP- Communication
Lecture 111 Presuppositions Of NLP- Perception vs Reality
Lecture 112 Presuppositions Of NLP- Experience vs Reality
Lecture 113 Presuppositions Of NLP- Map is not the territory
Lecture 114 Presuppositions Of NLP- Intention vs Behaviour
Lecture 115 Presuppositions Of NLP- Everyone Does Their Best
Lecture 116 Presuppositions Of NLP- Incapable vs Unhelpful state
Lecture 117 Presuppositions of NLP- Failure vs Feedback
Lecture 118 Satir Reframing Matrix
Lecture 119 Understanding Behaviorism
Lecture 120 Understanding Behaviorism- Little Albert Experiment
Lecture 121 Understanding Behaviorism- Covert Conditioning
Lecture 122 Understanding Behaviorism- Aversion Therapy
Lecture 123 Understanding Behaviorism- Stanford Prison Experiment
Lecture 124 Understanding Behaviorism- Monster Study
Lecture 125 Anchoring
Lecture 126 Dissociation Technique
Lecture 127 Meta Model
Lecture 128 Building Rapport
Lecture 129 Importance Of Active Listening
Lecture 130 Emphasis in Communication
Lecture 131 Well Formed Outcomes
Lecture 132 Modelling Excercise
Lecture 133 Lazarus Technique
Lecture 134 Interpretation Of Events: Our Responsibility
Lecture 135 Taking Steps Towards Desired Future
Lecture 136 Human Experiential Model- Inputs & Outputs
Lecture 137 Inputs- Performance & The Past
Lecture 138 Inputs- Social Persuasion & Love
Lecture 139 Comparative Vs Evaluative Feedback
Lecture 140 Unlocking Your Purpose 1
Lecture 141 Unlocking Your Purpose 2
Lecture 142 The Truth Statements
Lecture 143 Psychological Defence Mechanisms
Lecture 144 Anger & Denial
Lecture 145 Repression & Displacement
Lecture 146 Transference & Reaction Formation
Lecture 147 Regression & Rationalization
Lecture 148 Sublimation & Acting Out
Lecture 149 Dissociation & Projection
Lecture 150 Humour
Lecture 151 Eisenhower Decision Matrix
Lecture 152 Human Core Values
Section 4: Buddhism
Lecture 153 Buddhism- A Religion Or A Path
Lecture 154 Buddhism Teachings
Lecture 155 Universal Truths-1
Lecture 156 Universal Truths-2
Lecture 157 Universal Truths-3
Lecture 158 The Three Practices-1
Lecture 159 The Three Practices-2
Lecture 160 The Three Practices-3
Lecture 161 The Four Noble Truths-1
Lecture 162 The Four Noble Truths-2
Lecture 163 The Four Noble Truths-3
Lecture 164 The Four Noble Truths-4
Lecture 165 Five Precepts
Lecture 166 Additional Precepts
Lecture 167 The Eight Fold Path
Lecture 168 Right Understanding
Lecture 169 Right Thinking
Lecture 170 Right Speech
Lecture 171 Right Action
Lecture 172 Right Livelihood
Lecture 173 Right Effort
Lecture 174 Right Mindfulness
Lecture 175 Right Concentration
Lecture 176 End of Course- Recap
Everyone who wants control to deal with stress using mindfulness and psychological training

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