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Creating a photorealistic character : Joan of Arc - Making of
[Bild: 16116399869tcdf.jpg]

Creating a photorealistic character : Joan of Arc - Making of
Instructors: MikeHong
61 Lessons | Duration: 26h 30m
Video: MP4 1280x720 44 KHz | English
Level: Intermediate | Size: 11.7 GB

This is a full video tutorial about making a 3D full body character, armor, and props.The tutor will show you the collected reference images and will build everything from a sphere to the final render. The course goal is to show his full workflow for character creation, so students can understand the process and apply it to their own work.
Chapter 1:Zbrush head sculpting
1. Sculpting Basic Structure(28m 7s)
2. Initial Break up(31m 4s)
3. Scecondary Break up(27m 23s)
4. Tertiary Details(24m 52s)
5. Additional Touch Up and Ear Sculpt(30m 40s)
6. Hair Sculpting for Placeholder(20m 44s)
Chapter 2:Eye modeling and texturing
7. Eye Modeling(14m 51s)
8. Eye Texturing(30m 43s)
9. Eye Sculpting(22m 42s)
10. Eye Shading(14m 28s)
Chapter 3:Head Retopology and UV in Maya
11. Head ReTopo PartA(31m 31s)
12. Head RreTopo PartB(27m 17s)
13. Head ReTopo PartC(30m 56s)
14. Head UV unwrap(18m 8s)
Chapter 4:Zbrush head detailing
15. Head Zbrush Detail Projection(15m 51s)
16. Head Texture Projection(30m 58s)
17. Head Texture Refinement(17m 26s)
18. Head Sculpt Over(24m 55s)
Chapter 5:Zbrush body sculpting
19. Zbrush Body Sculpt(31m 19s)
20. Zbrush Body Detailing A(23m 39s)
21. Zbrush BodyDetailing B / Hand Sculpting(25m 24s)
22. Hand Projection with Additional Sculpting(32m 47s)
Chapter 6:Armor modeling in Maya
23. Armor part A - Neck A(25m 40s)
24. Armor part A - Neck B(24m 34s)
25. Armor part B - Torso A(23m 45s)
26. Armor part B - Torso B(23m 43s)
27. Armor part C - Skirt(29m 28s)
28. Armor part D - Arm A(32m 36s)
29. Armor part D - Arm B(21m)
30. Armor part E - Leg A(28m 56s)
31. Armor part E - Leg B(20m 53s)
32. Armor part F - Accessories A(27m 34s)
33. Armor part F - Accessories B(26m 21s)
34. Armor part G - ModelUpdate A(24m 8s)
35. Armor part G - ModelUpdate B(25m 1s)
Chapter 7:Armor UV unwrap
36. Armor Uv Unwrap A(31m 9s)
37. Armor Uv Unwrap B(26m 58s)
38. Armor UV layout(23m 46s)
Chapter 8:Armor detailing in Zbrush
39. Armor Sculpt Part A(29m 9s)
40. Armor Sculpt Part B(21m 46s)
41. Armor Sculpt Part C(15m 53s)
Chapter 9:Armor painting in Substance Painter
42. Baking Sculpted Maps for Substance Painter(35m 18s)
43. Substance Painter - PaintingArmor A(34m 27s)
44. Substance Painter - PaintingArmor B(32m 50s)
45. Substance Painter - PaintingArmor C(34m 33s)
46. Substance Painter - PaintingArmor D(28m 34s)
47. Substance Painter - PaintingArmor E(21m)
Chapter 10:Prop modeling and texturing
48. Sword Modeling A(22m 9s)
49. Sword Texturing B(22m 6s)
50. Flag drape in Marvelous Designer / Textuing(25m 48s)
Chapter 11:Hair grooming in Maya X-gen
51. XgenHair - Eye Brow / Eye Lash part A(28m 51s)
52. XgenHair - Eye Brow / Eye Lash part B(22m 29s)
53. XgenHair - Front Bang(28m 50s)
54. XgenHair - Mainhair A(31m 3s)
55. XgenHair - Mainhair B(26m 17s)
Chapter 12:Look Development in Maya Arnold
56. LookDev Part A(32m 57s)
57. LookDev Part B(35m 42s)
58. LookDev Part C(32m 8s)
Chapter 13:Lighting and rendering in Maya Arnold
59. Lighting Part A(32m 5s)
60. Lighting Part B(23m 2s)
61. Lighting Part C : Final(24m 1s)
Content: HD videos + Project files
Duration: 26.5hours
Software: Maya 2018 ; Zbrush 2021 ; Substance Painter 2020 ; Photoshop
System: No Specific Requirement
Project file: Maya project file (base mesh), references, some texture sources that got from the internet.

[Bild: creatingaphotorealistx7flo.jpg]

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