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The Digital Nomad Masterclass: 5 Best Online Business Ideas
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The Digital Nomad Masterclass: 5 Best Online Business Ideas
Published 9/2022
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Language: English | Size: 8.57 GB | Duration: 10h 46m

Create your financial and geographical freedom, make 4 figures minimum a month of passive income on Amazon and more.

What you'll learn
Sell T-shirts on Amazon Merch, Teespring and Redbubble
Publish a course on Udemy and Podia from A to Z
Edit a video
Create a fantastic ad on Facebook
Create a KDP Amazon account from A to Z | Fill in the tax information
Create and sell 2 notebooks (interior and cover) with different software
Create, sell and promote an ebook and a paperbook version on Amazon
Find free ebooks already written!
How to proofread your book before publication
How to make beautiful covers in just a few clicks!
Publish your ebook on Amazon (watching me doing it live)
Sell PDFs on Creative Fabrica and Etsy
Draw a mandala with Illustrator
Extra content: 1 free mandala + 3 notebook interiors + 30 ebooks COPYRIGHT FREE

Computer skills
Having a webcam that works on your computer
Have some creativity
Have a minimum command of writing in English

Do you want to work from anywhere from your computer and be free financially and geographically?Have no boss but yourself and manage your time as you wish while generating passive income?This course is accessible to everyone and will allow you to start several online businesses while having fun creating.I teach you how to sell T-shirts online and create courses easily as well as how to sell PDFs, notebooks and books.By the end of this course, you will be able to propose a course idea and publish it on Udemy and Podia. This course is for beginners. If you don't know what to publish, I will show you how to look at what sells and where to invest your time and energy.You'll also know where to find book ideas and how to find royalty-free ebooks. You'll know how to publish a "high content" book on Amazon, see how to find the best keywords and optimize your sales.You'll also learn how to design a mandala on Illustrator and generate sales on Creative Fabrica and Etsy.In this course I offer you two notebook interiors, a mandala, and 30 ebooks that you can publish under your own name.This 10+ hour course can open new horizons for you and even change your life!I wish you an excellent course, but most of all great sales!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Business #1 : Publish a course on Udemy
Lecture 2 Introduction: What you will learn in this section
Lecture 3 Create your account on Udemy
Lecture 4 Find a course idea !
Lecture 5 Targeting participants and structuring the course
Lecture 6 Film yourself and your screen
Lecture 7 Build a slideshow as a course support
Lecture 8 Film yourself with a camera
Lecture 9 Use royalty-free videos to illustrate your course
Lecture 10 Edit the videos of your course
Lecture 11 Curriculum and course landing page
Lecture 12 Pricing and and how much I earn every month
Lecture 13 How to create an introduction that makes the student want to buy your course
Lecture 14 Proofreading of the course and validation
Lecture 15 Do not only focus on the English speaking market and explore the world!
Section 3: Business #2 : Publish a course on Podia
Lecture 16 The difference between Udemy and Podia
Lecture 17 Create an account on Podia and explore the basic settings
Lecture 18 Create your first lesson and download it on Podia
Lecture 19 Just a few settings before publishing your course
Lecture 20 Promote your course!
Lecture 21 Sell a digital download: Publishing an ebook
Lecture 22 Create and sell a bundle
Section 4: Business #3: Create low content books on Amazon: notebooks and puzzle books.
Lecture 23 Introduction
Lecture 24 Create your account on Amazon from A to Z
Lecture 25 Presentation of notebooks and 3 techniques to find profitable niches
Lecture 26 Let's design a beautiful interior with two free softwares
Lecture 27 Create a great cover: the free version
Lecture 28 Create a cover with Bookbolt
Lecture 29 Where to find free pictures and what you can publish or not?
Lecture 30 Publish your first book from A to Z on Amazon: Choice of keywords and price.
Lecture 31 Creation of the interior of a puzzle book: automatic and fast
Lecture 32 Creation of a catchy cover!
Lecture 33 Publish your puzzle book on Amazon: Choice of keywords and price
Lecture 34 3 best selling niches + 100 Free Royalty-Free PDFs
Section 5: Business #4 : Publish an ebook "high content" on Amazon
Lecture 35 Introduction
Lecture 36 Create your account on Amazon from A to Z
Lecture 37 Presentation of different books + research of niches
Lecture 38 Finding the idea and/or content for your book
Lecture 39 Outsourcing the writing of your book: How to do it?
Lecture 40 Writing and layout: Reformulate and/or translate
Lecture 41 Layout and construction of the table of contents
Lecture 42 Check for plagiarism + extra 30 ebooks copyright free
Lecture 43 Create a cover for your ebook (kindle)
Lecture 44 Create a cover for the paperback version of our book
Lecture 45 Outsource the creation of your cover
Lecture 46 Have your work proofread before publishing
Lecture 47 Let's publish the paperback version of our book!
Lecture 48 Format your manuscript in Kindle format
Lecture 49 Let's publish our Kindle ebook!
Lecture 50 Promote your ebook on Amazon for free!
Lecture 51 Outsource the promotion of your ebook
Section 6: Business #5 : Sell PDFs online on Creative Fabrica and Etsy
Lecture 52 Introduction of this section
Lecture 53 Presentation of Creative Fabrica and how the royalties are working
Lecture 54 Open your store on Creative Fabrica in 4 minutes
Lecture 55 Design of your store
Lecture 56 How to design a beautiful Mandala with Illustrator + A Mandala template for free
Lecture 57 Create your product page for 1 mandala coloring page
Lecture 58 Create your product page for a book with 20 mandalas
Lecture 59 If you don't want to create the mandala, hire a freelancer!
Lecture 60 Design and sell a notebook on Creative Fabrica: How to design a notebook?
Lecture 61 Create your product page and sell it
Lecture 62 Presentation of Etsy and creation of your account
Lecture 63 Open your store on Etsy
Lecture 64 Design of the product page with photos and creation of a video presentation
Lecture 65 Manage your shop
Section 7: Business #6: Sell tee-shirts on Merch By Amazon, Teespring, Redbubble
Lecture 66 Sell tee-shirts on Amazon Merch: Create an account
Lecture 67 Starting on Amazon Merch: Tier 10, Tier 25, Tier 100, etc.
Lecture 68 Creation of our first design on Canva
Lecture 69 Let's publish our first tshirt on Amazon Merch!
Lecture 70 Sell tee-shirts on Teespring: Create an account
Lecture 71 Create and sell your first products (tee-shirts and more) on Teespring
Lecture 72 Optimization of your shop
Lecture 73 Track the Facebook pixel to improve your marketing strategy
Lecture 74 Create your account on Redbubble
Lecture 75 Publish your first designs on Rebubble
Lecture 76 Build your collections on Redbubble and set a price
Lecture 77 Create an amazing ad on Facebook
Section 8: Conclusion
Lecture 78 Conclusion
All people who want to generate passive income on the Internet while having fun!,Any creative person who wishes to generate passive income by working wherever they are.

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