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Accordion For Beginners: Learn, Practice & Play Songs
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Accordion For Beginners: Learn, Practice & Play Songs
Published 9/2022
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Learn To Play Accordion As A Beginner While Teaching Yourself How To Play Songs On The Piano Accordion & The Bass Notes

What you'll learn
Understand How To Play ACCORDION From A Complete Beginner
Learn New Skills In The Accordion And Many TIPS & TRICKS!
Mastering Many TECHNIQUES So You Will Be Able To Play Better This AMAZING Instrument
Flex Your Musical Muscles Since The Course Is Carrying A LOT OF CHALLENGES
Create A Unique Personality While Forming Songs: How To Play Your Own MELODY
Play MANY SONGS As Exercises To Understand & Enjoy The Lessons Using A VERY FUN & INTERACTIVE Way!

No Accordion Experience Is Needed, YOU WILL LEARN STARTING FROM 0
A Burning Desire To Learn And MASTER The Accordion's Techniques Since They Will Be Plenty Of CHALLENGES Before Graduating FROM MY CLASS!

Music, Once Admitted To The Soul, Becomes A Sort Of Spirit & Never Dies!Accordion has been one of the most important instrument in the world! People will think that these buttons are hard to understand, and there should be a secret recipe to be able to play Accordion!I can assume right now, that this is completely wrong, all you need to know, is just the techniques in the Piano Accordion + some tricks aside of the basics steps In THE BASS NOTES! Starting from this moment, I'm responsible of every step you take forward in your Accordion journey!As you saw in my video, I've helped many students achieving their goals in music, and, in this class, I would love to share everything with you!We made sure that this course has everything you need to take you from a beginner (even with zero music experience) and slowly take you to intermediate and finally become a professional.Section 1- Right Hand Structure:In our first section, we'll start by getting an idea on how to play the right hand (Piano Accordion). We'll start by locating the notes on the piano accordion, understand how the keyboard works, and of course, learn some songs to add some fun & enjoy our lessons! I have also left a big brain test challenge at the end, to test your knowledges at the end of section before moving on to the next one!Section 2- Basics Of Left Hand:It's time to learn how to support our melody with the left hand notes! In this section, we'll learn how to play the bass row & understand how to navigate using the left hand's notes! You will also get an idea on how to accompany the new songs that we will be learning in this section. Of course, I have also left a BBTC(big brain test challenge at the end of this section)Section 3- Important Music Theory Information To Know:Everyone will that music theory is not useful, but trust me, we need it to be able to continue this course! I will make sure to give you just the necessary information so you will be able to continue the course comfortably with me, and never doubting about missing ideas! You will also have a lot of challenges in this section to make sure that every idea that I was giving you will be clear!Section 4- Mastering The Right Hand:In this section, we will learn advanced right hand techniques, so you will be able to master this part of the accordion! We will also learn how to play scales by ear, so you will able to get a better idea of what it looks like to play by ear before directly entering this skill later on in this course! You will also have the chance to learn life hack(music hack) that will make our path easier to be able to arrive to our goal!Section 5- Mastering The Left Hand:It's time to learn advanced lessons in the left hand! We will discover new buttons, and also learn how to put them with the right hand, so they will be able to support our melody! You will understand what is the difference between major and minor, and how to play them using both hands together, while of course, maintaining the correct rhythm!Section 6- Tricks & Tips With The LEFT HAND:Do you imagine yourself being able to play the left hand in a professional way, but don't know how to put these small details that can even make your music a little bit better and easier to play!In this section, I will teach you how to play some techniques with the left hand, from the Play Stop Technique, to the stronger bass with the major chord and many other additional pitches to the melody so it can sound better!Section 7- Advanced Right Hand Techniques: To able to go way further using the right, I have also add another section for it! In this part, we will be learning new songs, that applying some tricks using the right hand, and also learn how to play chords in the song using not only the left hand, but also play them with the right hand! And the best part is, we will be playing them using inversions some we can mix sounds and make our music better!Section 8- Mastering 7th CHORDS MOVEMENTS:I cannot skip the 7th chords, since they are important chords in our music! In this section, we will be learning how to put them on the power beat, and also create power using this type of chords!We will also learn how to play the dominant 7th chord in both hands, and how to add to our music. This chord creates kind of tension, most of my students love it the most!Section 9- Discovering New Notes In The LEFT HAND:There are still some buttons in the accordion that we didn't discover them yet! The diminished row! Some of you might think that it's unuseful! BUT THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG, if you will know how to put it correctly in the song, it will sound really good! And this will be our goal in this section + of course, discovering new types of 7th chords like major & minor 7th chords!Section 10- Best Of Chords Progression:One of the most important section in this course, we will learn how to build a sequence of chords progression, that will build a song! Then, we will study a new song, and we will be adding some chords to it: minor 6th-->Major 4th...and many other types!We will also be facing a lot of challenges, so I can fix these lessons into your head, and really make sure that everything was clear!Section 11- First Steps Of Playing On Your Own:This is one of the most important topic in music: Playing By Ear!In This Section, I will teach you how you will be to play any melody, rhythm and song by ear on the accordion! We will also learn how to add background to our music such as bass notes and also Major & minor chords! You will also be able to discover the melody of any song that you will hear! How Awesome Is This?Section 12- Small Effects To Our Music:Also in music, Small Details Matter! In this section, you will learn how to add many musical effects to our song, so it will sound better! I will also teach you how to add a traveling note, a trill & also how to vibrate your bellow!After this section, you will have more confidence while playing the accordion, because, it contains plenty of challenges that will help you understand & play better this amazing instrument!Section 13- Boosting Our Song:In this section, we will focus more on editing the rhythm of a song! You will learn first new songs so we will be able to edit the beats in this song! You will leave this section with a better understanding on how to play the rhythm and edit it as you wish! Section 14- Sheet Music:We can't finish a music course, without knowing how to play with sheet music! Because, I do believe that some of us might like to play with sheet music! I have add this section at the end of the course, so if you don't like to play with sheet music, it will not ruin your learnings at the middle of course!What You Will Learn In This Course: Locating Notes (Right Hand)Build ChordsUnderstand Sharps & FlatsPlay Melodies With ArpeggioOctavesUnderstand The Bass RowWhole & Half Steps (Small Idea)Major & minor 3rdMajor & minor ChordsScalesPassing The Thumb TrickLife Hack With Major ScalePlay Scales With The Left HandMajor CHORD WITH THE LEFT HANDHow minor chords workPlay Many Songs Using Major & minor chordsPlay Stop TechniqueInversions Chords Using The Right HandMovements With InversionsTypes Of 7th ChordsDominant 7th ChordCreate Beautiful Ending With The Dominant 7thMajor 7thminor 7thDiminished 7th(Right & Left Hand)I IV V Chord ProgressionAdding minor 6th CHORDMoving From minor 6th To Major 4thDiscover Melodies On Your OwnMatching Chords With The MelodyAdd A Traveling Note To Our MusicTrillsVibrating The BellowGrupetto In Our SongsAppoggiaturaMoving From Chords To ArpeggioBoosting Our SongsAdd Beats To The MelodyLearn Many Form Of Rhythm To Design It!And Of Course, While Learning A Lot Of Songs, So You Will Be Able To Enjoy The Process Improving!Hope you enjoyed the plan of our course, and hopefully see you Inside. What are you waiting, do you want to only read this, Or to take action? PS: Don't Forget To Do THE CHALLENGESI will see you in the first lecture!
Section 1: Section 1- Right Hand Stucture
Lecture 1 Vid 1.1: Locating Notes
Lecture 2 Vid 1.1.2: Locating Notes Challenge
Lecture 3 Vid 1.2: Idea Of Chords
Lecture 4 Vid 1.2.2: Chords Challenges
Lecture 5 Vid 1.3: Understand Sharps & Flats
Lecture 6 Vid 1.3.2: Challenge With Sharps and Flats
Lecture 7 Vid 1.4: Training With Arpeggio
Lecture 8 Vid 1.5: Beats With Arpeggio!
Lecture 9 Vid 1.6: Playing Our First Song
Lecture 10 Vid 1.7: What Are Octaves?
Lecture 11 Vid 1.8: Big Brain Test Challenge!
Section 2: Section 2- Basics Of Left Hand
Lecture 12 Vid 2.1: Why Do We Use The Left Hand?
Lecture 13 Vid 2.2: Understand The Bass Row!
Lecture 14 Vid 2.2.2: Bass Row Challenge
Lecture 15 Vid 2.3: Songs With The Left Hand
Lecture 16 Vid 2.4: Big Brain Test Challenge!
Section 3: Section 3- Important Music Theory Informations!
Lecture 17 Vid 3.1: Why Do We Need Music Theory?
Lecture 18 Vid 3.2: Whole & Half Steps!
Lecture 19 Vid 3.2.2: Whole & Half Steps Challenge
Lecture 20 Vid 3.3: What Are Interval?
Lecture 21 Vid 3.4: Major & minor 3rd
Lecture 22 Vid 3.4.2: Major & minor 3rd Challenge
Lecture 23 Vid 3.5: How To Build A Chord?
Lecture 24 Vid 3.6: Major VS minor Chord (Right Hand)
Lecture 25 Vid 3.6.2: Major & minor Chord Challenge
Lecture 26 Vid 3.7: Big Brain Test Challenge!
Section 4: Section 4- Mastering The Right Hand
Lecture 27 Vid 4.1: What Is A Scale?
Lecture 28 Vid 4.2: Passing The Thumb Trick!
Lecture 29 Vid 4.3: Playing Some Scales By Ear
Lecture 30 Vid 4.3.2: Scales By Ear Challenge
Lecture 31 Vid 4.4: Life Hack With Major Scale!
Lecture 32 Vid 4.5: Playing Scales With Octaves
Section 5: Section 5- Mastering The Left Hand
Lecture 33 Vid 5.1: Play Scales With The Left Hand (Counter-Bass)
Lecture 34 Vid 5.1.2: Left Hand Scale Challenge!
Lecture 35 Vid 5.2: Play Major Chord With The Left Hand!
Lecture 36 Vid 5.2.2: Major Left Hand Chord Challenge
Lecture 37 Vid 5.3: Play minor Chord With The Left Hand
Lecture 38 Vid 5.3.2: minor Left Hand Chord Challenge!
Lecture 39 Vid 5.4: Songs With Major & minor CHORDS
Section 6: Section 6- Tricks & Tips With The Left Hand
Lecture 40 Vid 6.1: Why Do We Need It?
Lecture 41 Vid 6.2: Play Stop Technique!
Lecture 42 Vid 6.3: New Song Time
Lecture 43 Vid 6.4: Adding Left Hand To It!
Lecture 44 Vid 6.4.2: Challenge Stop Technique
Lecture 45 Vid 6.5: Stronger Bass + Major Chord
Section 7: Section 7- Advanced Right Hand Techniques
Lecture 46 Vid 7.1: Playing New Songs!
Lecture 47 Vid 7.1.2: Adding The Left Hand
Lecture 48 Vid 7.2: Why Songs Are Boring With Only 1 Chord?
Lecture 49 Vid 7.3: What Is An Inversion & Types?
Lecture 50 Vid 7.3.2: Inversions Challenges
Lecture 51 Vid 7.4: Playing Songs With Inversions
Lecture 52 Vid 7.5: Learn New Song!
Lecture 53 Vid 7.5.2: Learn New Song
Lecture 54 Vid 7.6: How Inversions Will Help Us With Movements!
Section 8: Section 8- Mastering 7th Chords Movements
Lecture 55 Vid 8.1: Power Of 7th CHORD
Lecture 56 Vid 8.2: Learn New Song!
Lecture 57 Vid 8.2.2: Learn New Song(2)
Lecture 58 Vid 8.3: Building The Dominant 7th Chord!
Lecture 59 Vid 8.3.2: Building Dominant 7th Challenge
Lecture 60 Vid 8.4: Locating & Playing The Dominant 7th In LEFT HAND!
Lecture 61 Vid 8.5: Create Beautiful Ending With 7th Chord!
Section 9: Section 9- Discovering New Notes In Left Hand
Lecture 62 Vid 9.1: Forming Major & minor 7th!
Lecture 63 Vid 9.1.2: Major & minor Challenge
Lecture 64 Vid 9.2: Diminished 7th Explanation
Lecture 65 Vid 9.2.2: Diminished 7th Challenge!
Lecture 66 Vid 9.3: Locating Diminished 7th In The LEFT HAND
Section 10: Section 10- Best Of Chords Progression
Lecture 67 Vid 10.1: Intro To Chords Progression
Lecture 68 Vid 10.2: Scale Degree Explanation
Lecture 69 Vid 10.2.2- Scale Degree Challenge
Lecture 70 Vid 10.3: Major or minor Chords In The Scale
Lecture 71 Vid 10.3.2: Major or minor Challenge
Lecture 72 Vid 10.4: I IV V Chords Progression
Lecture 73 Vid 10.4.2: I IV V Challenge
Lecture 74 Vid 10.5: Adding minor 6th
Lecture 75 Vid 10.6: Learning New Song
Lecture 76 Vid 10.6.2: Learning New Song
Lecture 77 Vid 10.7: minor 6th To Major 4th
Section 11: Section 11- First Steps Of Playing On Your Own
Lecture 78 Vid 11.1: Introduction
Lecture 79 Vid 11.2: Discovering Melodies (1)
Lecture 80 Vid 11.3: Matching Chords With The Melody (1)
Lecture 81 Vid 11.4: Discovering Melodies (2)
Lecture 82 Vid 11.5: Matching Chords With The Melody (2)
Section 12: Section 12- Small Effects To Our Music
Lecture 83 Vid 12.1: With & Without Them
Lecture 84 Vid 12.2: Travelling Note In Right HAND
Lecture 85 Vid 12.2.2: Right Hand Traveling Note Challenge
Lecture 86 Vid 12.3: Traveling Note In The Left HAND!
Lecture 87 Vid 12.3.2: Left Hand Traveling Challenge!
Lecture 88 Vid 12.4: Put A Trill
Lecture 89 Vid 12.4.2: Challenge With The Trill
Lecture 90 Vid 12.5: Vibrating The Bellow
Lecture 91 Vid 12.6: Adding A Grupetto
Lecture 92 Vid 12.6.2: Grupetto Challenge!
Lecture 93 Vid 12.7: Learn A New Song
Lecture 94 Vid 12.7.2: Learn A New Song!
Lecture 95 Vid 12.8: Appoggiatura
Lecture 96 Vid 12.8.2: Appoggiatura Challenge
Lecture 97 Vid 12.9: Chords To Arpeggios!
Lecture 98 Vid 12.9.2: Chords To Arpeggio Challenge
Section 13: Section 13- Boosting Our Song!
Lecture 99 Vid 13.1: With Or Without Boosting!
Lecture 100 Vid 13.2: Learn New Song!
Lecture 101 Vid 13.2.2: Learn New Song
Lecture 102 Vid 13.3: Adding Beats To Songs
Lecture 103 Vid 13.3.2: Adding Beats To Songs Challenge!
Lecture 104 Vid 13.4: Doum Tak Tak Beat ( Valse)!
Lecture 105 THANKS!
Section 14: 14- Some Sheet Music Basics To Know
Lecture 106 Vid 14.1: Why We Need To Learn Sheet Music?
Lecture 107 Vid 14.2: Quick G Clef Reading
Lecture 108 Vid 14.2.2: G Clef Challenge
Lecture 109 Vid 14.3: Rhythms Subdivision
Lecture 110 Vid 14.3.2: Rhythms Challenge
Lecture 111 Vid 14.4: Dots Explanation
Lecture 112 Vid 14.5: Understand Ties
Lecture 113 Vid 14.6: What Are Rests?
Lecture 114 Vid 14.7: Magic F Clef Reading!
Lecture 115 Vid 14.8: Read Left Hand Code
Lecture 116 Vid 14.9: Understand Time Signature!
Beginners Who Tried To Learn Accordion Before, But Thought That It Was Too DIFFICULT & COMPLICATED!,A Person That Has Played Accordion Before and Has An Idea Of The Basics, But Wants To Improve By Learning How To Play WITH A PROFESSIONAL WAY!,Someone That Wants To Play For Fun Some Songs And Needs A Point To Start!,An OLD Accordionist That Wants To Get Back To This Instrument After A Long Brake!

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