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Raspberry Pi: Start Coding With 18 Sensors, 8 Projects!
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Raspberry Pi: Start Coding With 18 Sensors, 8 Projects!
Last updated 5/2020
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Language: English | Size: 5.91 GB | Duration: 11h 11m

Python Coding with Raspberry Pi, Working with Database, Working with Sensors With So Many Examples, Use Multiple Sensors

What you'll learn
Project Development from scratch with Raspberry
Working with 18 Separate Sensors and Using Sensor Logic Advanced
Coding with Python
Working with Database from A to Z
Using Breadboard from Scratch
Working In Terminal
Advanced Projects for Students
GPIO Library Usage
General Software and Hardware Tools and Resources Related to Raspberry Pi
Storing Error Logs in a File

You need a computer and a Raspberry Pi.
You need to know how to use computers as beginner and have a learning discipline

We have created a Whatsapp Group so that our students and instructors can interact faster and generate new ideas. You can send a message to +905494842486 to participate.In our course you will learn the basics of Raspberry Pi with Python from scratch, SQL database queries, and design and code Advanced projects with Raspberry Pi. Linux and Terminal usage, detailed sample coding with Python,With Raspberry Pi, you'll gain the ability to work with 18 different sensors and use them together. You can integrate all the work you have done during the training into your projects. You can download resources and use them on your Raspberry.Be the Master the use of cross sensors with 8 different advanced projects.If you have no idea about Raspberry Pi and Python, this course is just for you!You will learn in detail with 2 teachers who are experts and you will enjoy the lessons.You will get quick answers and detailed solutions.
Section 1: What is Raspberry Pi?
Lecture 1 About Raspberry Pi
Lecture 2 Rasbian Installation
Lecture 3 Raspbian Configuration
Lecture 4 Sensors of Raspberry Pi
Section 2: Connect Remotely To Raspberry Pi
Lecture 5 SSH and VNC Activation and Connection
Section 3: Breadboard and GPIO Usage
Lecture 6 Breadboard Usage
Lecture 7 Raspberry Pi GPIO Heading and Numbering System
Lecture 8 Calculation with resistance color codes
Lecture 9 Terminal usage and commands
Lecture 10 Section 3 - Assignment
Lecture 11 Section 3 - Assignment Answers
Section 4: Coding with Python
Lecture 12 Variables
Lecture 13 Python and Raspberry Pi with a Simple Program
Lecture 14 Some Local Python Functions
Lecture 15 Mathematical Operations and Operators
Lecture 16 Conditional Statements
Lecture 17 Coding With Python - Assignment 1
Lecture 18 Coding With Python - Assignment 1 Answers
Lecture 19 Loops
Lecture 20 Lists
Lecture 21 Dictionaries
Lecture 22 Functions
Lecture 23 Working with different files
Lecture 24 Catching Error
Lecture 25 Working with Python in GPIO
Lecture 26 Coding With Python - Assignment 2
Lecture 27 Coding With Python - Assignment 2 Answers
Section 5: Working with Database
Lecture 28 What is Database?
Lecture 29 Getting to know database systems
Lecture 30 Installation of Sqlite and working with sample database
Lecture 31 Working with Select,Where statement and sorting
Lecture 32 Working with Insert
Lecture 33 Working with Update
Lecture 34 Working with Delete
Lecture 35 Let's create our own database
Lecture 36 Making a Database Connection with Python
Lecture 37 Python database queries
Lecture 38 SQL - Assignment
Lecture 39 SQL - Assignment Answers
Section 6: Using Sensors with Raspberry
Lecture 40 Working With Push Button
Lecture 41 Temperature and Humidty Sensor
Lecture 42 Infrared Human Body Induction Sensor
Lecture 43 Rain Sensor
Lecture 44 Sound Sensor
Lecture 45 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
Lecture 46 Flame Sensor
Lecture 47 Laser Head Sensor
Lecture 48 Obstacle Avoidance Sensor
Lecture 49 Vibration Sensor
Lecture 50 Photosensitive Resistance Sensor
Lecture 51 Tilt Sensor
Lecture 52 RFID Module
Lecture 53 Hall Effect Sensor
Lecture 54 Tracking Sensor
Lecture 55 Buzzer Usage
Lecture 56 Gas Sensor
Lecture 57 Display Panel
Section 7: Project Development with Raspberry
Lecture 58 Number Prediction Game (Led Lighting by Answer)
Lecture 59 Quiz (Led Lighting and Buzzer Use According to Answer)
Lecture 60 Ringing and Sending Mail with Motion Detection Sensor
Lecture 61 Using Buzzer and Led with Flame Sensor
Lecture 62 Led Lighting and work with buzzer with vibraiton sensor
Lecture 63 Use of temperature humidity sensor with Display Panel
Lecture 64 Working on the Display Panel with Distance Sensor
Lecture 65 Atm Application
Lecture 66 Project Development With Raspberry - Assignment
Lecture 67 Project Development With Raspberry - Assignment Answers
Anyone interested in programming,Anyone with Interests IOT,All producers who wants to develop projects or products for institutions and competitions.,Anyone who wants to learn Python,Anyone Wishing to Use Raspberry Effectively

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