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Drawing Nature - Quick Sketch Procreate Edition
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Drawing Nature - Quick Sketch Procreate Edition
Last updated 7/2021
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 8.89 GB | Duration: 6h 54m

Discover how to quickly draw & illustrate and color & paint flowers in Procreate

What you'll learn
Drawing flowers in a quick, yet convincing way in Procreate
Start with learning to draw a simple flower and eventually move on to complete scenes
Sketching in Procreate
Painting in Procreate
Creating captivating Backgrounds in Procreate
Capture what you observe quickly
Discover this very special Quick Sketch Method which is easy to adopt, yet easy to adapt to your own style, wishes and liking

No prior experience needed at all
Apple Pencil or other Pressure Sensitive Stylus is recommended
Procreate Pocket may work, but isn't tested

It s here! My Drawing Nature Quick Sketch Flower Edition is now available for Procreate users!Nature is such a big source of inspiration for artists. The beauty of creation is simply stunning! No wonder it brings such joy to be able to capture some of this beauty in an artwork!Accomplishing this task, however, can be somewhat intimidating. Quite some people get stuck along the way and are not happy with the results they re getting. This can be frustrating, disheartening and quenching your creative flow.My name is Benjamin Aeilkema and I m an illustrator and Artist from The Netherlands. I love creating Artworks with all kinds of materials. Next to traditional media, I love the additional world of possibilities that opens to you when creating artworks digitally. Procreate has many awesome tools and features available to help lift your creative process to the next level!This course combines my successful Quick Sketch Method with discovering how to take advantage of many of the powerful tools Procreate offers for sketching, painting, and creating stunning backgrounds.Mastering these special techniques will totally change your approach to drawing flowers. There will be a transformation of your thinking pattern in where to start and where to end. This will deliver you from getting lost in the details and give you a new revolutionizing workflow.This is what students are saying about my Quick Sketch Flower Edition Art Class:I have learnt to be more observant and be more free with my strokes. He is very good and I really enjoyed my classes. (Brenda Clark)Excellent experience. Really easy to follow Ben's teaching, Quick sketch method is highly enjoyable to learn and there are many useful applications for this style. I know I will employ this technique often. (Cher Truax)This class is wonderful! Benjamin describes everything in an easy to understand fashion. The cadence of the class is excellent. I find that I can easily keep pace with what he is doing. This is the perfect class if you are looking to learn how to sketch things quickly or if you are already accomplished and would like to tune up your skills. His methods are easy to apply to other drawing subjects as well. (Lara Smoot)You will enjoy developing your Procreate skills along the way too. If you just started working with this digital illustration app, be at rest, the beginner steps are included for you. As you progress through the Art Class, you ll be discovering how to take advantage of some powerful tools for sketching and painting flowers, along with making great backgrounds. This will include features like: setting up a grid, using symmetry and warping.So come and join me in exploring all these different techniques. Step by step we ll end up with lovely sketches and paintings of flowers that will light up your day!Additional Information:Reference PDF s: Great Time Savers in PDF formatTo help you save time, I m providing you with handy books of references. Once you ve completed an assignment, there s no need to re-watch the video lesson. Instead, all my finished works are in these booklets. Just find the lesson you re on and compare your work to the finished assignment in the book. Again, this will save you time and allow you to keep on going.That s not all though, I ve also included photo references. You ll find photos of all the flowers I ve used in the lessons. This addition will help you to work in any season, regardless of which flowers do or don t grow. While I encourage you to get your own reference material, I understand that s not always possible. So, with these booklets you have plenty of reference material to get you started.Additional demos: Join me at workWouldn't it be great to see me at work, rather than only seeing me teach? Now you can. With these additional videos you get to join me at work. While working I've filmed projects from start to finish. Once you have gone through the complete Art Class, you can see how I actually use the techniques I teach. Even better, join me in recreating these projects yourself, using all that you've discovered.Enroll now to enjoy the wonder of this Quick Sketch Method Procreate Edition. See you inside.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Support, Community and Feedback

Section 2: Materials

Lecture 3 What do you need for this Art Class?

Lecture 4 Materials List and Color Swatch

Section 3: Explaining the method

Lecture 5 The Quick Sketching Method

Section 4: Poppies with a Splash of Color

Lecture 6 Introduction

Lecture 7 Sketching

Lecture 8 Sketching different Angles

Lecture 9 Inking the Flowers

Lecture 10 Shading the Flowers

Lecture 11 A Splash of Color

Lecture 12 Adding a Background

Lecture 13 The Project

Section 5: Fun with Cornflowers

Lecture 14 Introduction

Lecture 15 Sketching

Lecture 16 Inking

Lecture 17 Shading

Lecture 18 Coloring

Lecture 19 Background

Lecture 20 Sketching Tricks

Lecture 21 Inking a different View

Lecture 22 Painting this View

Lecture 23 Tips and Tricks

Lecture 24 The Project

Section 6: Sketching Dandelions

Lecture 25 Introduction

Lecture 26 Quick Sketching - The Traditional Way in Procreate

Lecture 27 The Project

Section 7: Going Crazy with Daisies

Lecture 28 Introduction

Lecture 29 Sketching Tricks

Lecture 30 Painting with Greys

Lecture 31 Playing with Effects

Lecture 32 The Project

Section 8: Working from Photos

Lecture 33 Introduction

Lecture 34 Importing a Photo

Lecture 35 Using a Reference

Lecture 36 Sketching from a Photo

Lecture 37 Using a Photo as Painting

Lecture 38 Painting over a Photo

Lecture 39 The Project

Section 9: Creating a Composition

Lecture 40 Introduction

Lecture 41 Defining a Composition

Lecture 42 Sketching and Shading

Lecture 43 Painting

Lecture 44 The Final Touches

Lecture 45 Drawing on Location

Lecture 46 The Project

Section 10: Work with me - The Demo's

Lecture 47 A lonely Flower

Section 11: Final Words.....

Lecture 48 Watch only when really done :-)

Lecture 49 Bonus Lecture

Artists and non-artists of any level,Beginning artists,Intermediate artists,Anyone with a desire to draw nature with a fresh perspective,The lessons are presented with such simplicity and clarity that anyone can follow and do them, from beginner to advanced,Procreate enthusiasts,Procreate beginners,Procreate artists

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