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Ethical Hacking: Pack - Lynda
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Ethical Hacking: System Hacking - Lynda

System hacking is the way hackers get access to individual computers on a network. Ethical hackers learn system hacking to detect, prevent, and counter these types of attacks. This course explains the main methods of system hacking-password cracking, privilege escalation, spyware installation, and keylogging-and the countermeasures IT security professionals can take to fight these attacks. Security expert Lisa Bock also covers steganography, spyware on a cell phone, and tactics for hiding files and tools.

These tutorials, along with the other courses featured in the Ethical Hacking series, will prepare students to pass the Certified Ethical Hacker exam and start a career in this in-demand field. Find out more about the exam at.
Topics include:

- Acquiring passwords
- Generating rainbow tables
- Understanding where passwords are stored
- Defending against privilege escalation
- Understanding spyware
- Protecting against keylogging
- Detecting steganography
- How hackers cover their tracks

Subjects: IT

Software: Certified Ethical Hacker, CEH

Lynda - Ethical Hacking [7 Courses]

7 Courses

Ethical Hacking: Denial of Service
Ethical Hacking: Footprinting and Reconnaissance
Ethical Hacking: Scanning Networks
Ethical Hacking: System Hacking
Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Introduction to Kali Linux
Learn the Linux Command Line: The Basics

Size | 1.9GB
Files | 202

Ethical Hacking: Scanning Networks - Lynda

After footprinting and reconnaissance, scanning is the second phase of information gathering that hackers use to size up a network. Scanning is where they dive deeper into the system to look for valuable data and services in a specific IP address range. Network scans are also a key tool in the arsenal of ethical hackers, who work to prevent attacks on an organization's infrastructure and data.

This course investigates the scanning tools and techniques used to obtain information from a target system, including specially crafted packets, TCP flags, UDP scans, and ping sweeps. Lisa Bock discusses how hackers can identify live systems via protocols, blueprint a network, and perform a vulnerability scan to find weaknesses. She also introduces some of the tools and techniques that hackers use to counter detection via evasion, concealment, and spoofing. In addition, learn how to reduce the threat of tunneling, a method hackers use to circumvent network security.

Note: Our Ethical Hacking series maps to the 18 parts of the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam (312_50). This course maps to the 03 Scanning Networks domain.
Topics include:
Scanning overview

- Port scanning countermeasures
- Scanning and querying DNS
- Scanning with ICMP
- Mapping (or blueprinting) a network
- Scanning for vulnerabilities
- Using tools such as hping and NetScan
- Evading detection
- Concealing your network traffic
- Preventing tunneling

Skill Level: Intermediate

Length: 1h 43m

Subjects: IT

Software: Certified Ethical Hacker, CEH

Ethical Hacking: Footprinting and Reconnaissance - Lynda

If you watched our Introduction to Ethical Hacking course, you know the basics of ethical hacking. Ethical hackers use their knowledge for good: to test if an organization's network is vulnerable to outside attacks. But where do they start? With footprinting (aka reconnaissance), the process of gathering information about computers and the people to which they belong. In this course, Lisa Bock introduces the concepts, tools, and techniques behind footprinting: finding related websites, determining OS and location information, identifying users through social media and financial services, tracking email, and more. Footprinting relies on tools as simple as a web search and dumpster diving, and as complex as DNS interrogation and traceroute analysis. Lisa shows how to put these nefarious sounding tools to work for good, and mitigate any risks an organization has to these types of attacks.

Note: Our Ethical Hacking series maps to the 18 parts of the EC-Council's certification exam. This course maps to the 02 Footprinting and Reconnaissance domain.
Topics include:
Using competitive intelligence
Hacking with search engines
Using email for footprinting
Getting social
Mirroring websites
Using Ping, Tracert, nslookup, and dig
Taking footprinting countermeasures
Pen testing for footprinting

Skill Level: Intermediate

Length: 1h 20m

Category: IT

Software: Certified Ethical Hacker, CEH

Ethical Hacking: Denial of Service - Lynda

Ethical hacking involves testing to see if an organization's network is vulnerable to outside threats. Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks are one of the biggest threats out there. Being able to mitigate DoS attacks is one of the most desired skills for any IT security professional-and a key topic on the Certified Ethical Hacker exam. Watch this course to learn what exactly a DoS attack is and the types of techniques hackers use to cripple wired and wireless networks, applications, and services on the infrastructure, such as FTP and SIP. Learn how attackers are using botnet-driven distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks to overwhelm defenses. Author and IT security expert Malcolm Shore also explores the rising threat of ransomware like CryptoLocker, and mitigation techniques for detecting and defeating DoS attacks.

Note: Our Ethical Hacking series will map to the 18 parts of the EC-Council's certification exam. This course maps to the 09 Denial of Service domain.
Topics include:

- What is denial of service?
- SYN flooding
- Smurf and URL flooding
- Deauthenticating a wireless host
- Flooding HTTP
- Using BlackEnergy
- Flooding SIP
- Detecting DoS with PeerShark
- Defeating DoS attacks

Skill Level: Intermediate

Length: 1h 28m

Subjects: IT, Security

Software: Certified Ethical Hacker, CEH

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