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Renaissance eBooks Collection
[Bild: dfgdfgdg_zps1ea9551d.jpg]

Renaissance eBooks Collection l 2828 MB

This is a collection of books about the economics, history, art, culture, politics, etc of the Europe during the Renaissance time period. The books are high quality, but they don't all have OCR. They are well written, and this torrent is a must have for anyone interested in the Renaissance.

ABC-CLIO Encyclopedia of Women in the Renaissance, Italy France and England (2007).pdf 7 MB
Amsterdam University Press Rhetoric Rhetoricians and Poets, Studies in Renaissance Poetry and Poetics (1999).pdf 3 MB
Arcturus Publishing Through the Eyes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Selected Drawings by the Great Renaissance Master (2004) (no OCR).pdf 23 MB
Ashgate Publishing Philip Sidney and the Poetics of Renaissance Cosmopolitanism (2008).pdf 2 MB
Ashgate Publishing Philosophy of Religion in the Renaissance (2010).pdf 1 MB
Ashgate Publishing Queer Renaissance Historiography, Backward Gaze (2009).pdf 4 MB
Ashgate Publishing Renaissance Food from Rabelais to Shakespeare, Culinary Readings and Culinary Histories (2010).pdf 26 MB
Ashgate Publishing Renaissance Theories of Vision (2010).pdf 10 MB
Ashgate Publishing Shakespeare Politics and Italy, Intertextuality on the Jacobean Stage (2009).pdf 5 MB
Ashgate Publishing Shakespeare and Venice (2010).pdf 12 MB
Ashgate Publishing The Automaton in English Renaissance Literature (2011).pdf 2 MB
Ashgate Publishing The Cultural Uses of the Caesars on the English Renaissance Stage (2008).pdf 1 MB
Ashgate Publishing Visions of Venice in Shakespeare (2011).pdf 21 MB
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to English Renaissance Literature and Culture (2003).pdf 5 MB
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to Renaissance Drama (2002).pdf 4 MB
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to the Global Renaissance, English Literature and Culture in the Era of Expansion (2009).pdf 3 MB
Blackwell Publishing A History of Political Thought, From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance (2000) (no OCR).pdf 31 MB
Blackwell Publishing A New Companion to English Renaissance Literature and Culture (2 Vols) (2010).pdf 5 MB
Blackwell Publishing England and the Italian Renaissance, The Growth of Interest in its History and Art 4th (2005).pdf 2 MB
Blackwell Publishing English Renaissance Drama (2006).pdf 1 MB
Blackwell Publishing Renaissance and Reformations, An Introduction to Early Modern English Literature (2005).pdf 2 MB
Blackwell Publishing Spaces, Objects and Identities in Early Modern Italian Medicine (2008).pdf 1 MB
Boydell Press Allegory, Space and the Material World in the Writings of Edmund Spenser (2006).pdf 2 MB
Boydell Press Chivalry and Romance in the English Renaissance (2003).pdf 6 MB
Boydell Press Early Modern Tragicomedy (2007).pdf 1 MB
Boydell Press Empire and Nation in Early English Renaissance Literature (2008).pdf 2 MB
Boydell Press European Music 1520-1640 (2006).pdf 14 MB
Boydell Press European Weapons and Armour, From the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution (2000) (no OCR).pdf 20 MB
Boydell Press John Donne and Conformity in Crisis in the Late Jacobean Pulpit (2003).pdf 2 MB
Boydell Press King James I and the Religious Culture of England (2000).pdf 2 MB
Boydell Press Neo-Historicism, Studies in Renaissance Literature History and Politics (2000).pdf 1 MB
Boydell Press Renaissance France at War, Armies Culture and Society 1480-1560 (2008).pdf 8 MB
Boydell Press Renaissance Military Memoirs, War History and Identity 1450-1600 (2004).pdf 1 MB
Boydell Press Renaissance Papers 2010 (2011).pdf 1 MB
Boydell Press Self-Interpretation in The Faerie Queene (2006).pdf 1 MB
Boydell Press Spenser's Legal Language, Law and Poetry in Early Modern England (2007).pdf 2 MB
Boydell Press Staging Islam in England, Drama and Culture 1640-1685 (2007).pdf 2 MB
Boydell Press The Heroines of English Pastoral Romance (2007).pdf 1 MB
Boydell Press The Making of Restoration Poetry (2006).pdf 2 MB
Boydell Press The Uncertain World of Samson Agonistes (2001).pdf 1 MB
Brill Publishing Andrew Melville and Humanism in Renaissance Scotland 1545-1622 (2011).pdf 2 MB
Brill Publishing Animals as Disguised Symbols in Renaissance Art (2008).pdf 10 MB
Brill Publishing Civil Justice in Renaissance Scotland, The Origins of a Central Court (2009).pdf 2 MB
Brill Publishing Culture and Power, Tuscany and its Universities 1537-1609 (2009).pdf 1 MB
Brill Publishing Dispositio, Problematic Ordering in French Renaissance Literature (2007).pdf 5 MB
Brill Publishing Donati Graeci, Learning Greek in the Renaissance (2008).pdf 5 MB
Brill Publishing Herculean Labours, Erasmus and the Editing of St. Jerome's Letters in the Renaissance (2008).pdf 3 MB
Brill Publishing Humanism and Creativity in the Renaissance, Essays in Honor of Ronald G. Witt (2006).pdf 3 MB
Brill Publishing Interpretations of Renaissance Humanism (2006).pdf 5 MB
Brill Publishing Itinerarium Italicum, The Profile of the Italian Renaissance in the Mirror of Its European Transformations (1975).pdf 4 MB
Brill Publishing Jean Fernel's On The Hidden Causes of Things, Forms Souls and Occult Diseases in Renaissance Medicine (2005).pdf 4 MB
Brill Publishing Joannes Sambucus and the Learned Image, The Use of the Emblem in Late-Renaissance Humanism (2005).pdf 7 MB
Brill Publishing Neptune and the Netherlands, State Economy and War at Sea in the Renaissance (2004).pdf 3 MB
Brill Publishing Ordering the Heavens, Roman Astronomy and Cosmology in the Carolingian Renaissance (2007).pdf 10 MB
Brill Publishing Petrarch and His Readers in the Renaissance (2006).pdf 16 MB
Brill Publishing Picturing Yiddish, Gender Identity and Memory in the Illustrated Yiddish Books of Renaissance Italy (2004).pdf 3 MB
Brill Publishing Popular Government and Oligarchy in Renaissance Italy (2006).pdf 3 MB
Brill Publishing Renaissance Inquisitors, Dominican Inquisitors and Inquisitorial Districts in Northern Italy 1474-1527 (2007).pdf 3 MB
Brill Publishing Renaissance Philosophy in Jewish Garb, Foundations and Challenges in Judaism on the Eve of Modernity (2008).pdf 2 MB
Brill Publishing Renaissance and Rebirth, Reincarnation in Early Modern Italian Kabbalah (2009).pdf 3 MB
Brill Publishing Species Intelligibilis from Perception to Knowledge Vol. 2, Renaissance Controversies Later Scholasticism and the Elimination of the Intelligible Species (1995) (no OCR).pdf 32 MB
Brill Publishing Studies in Musical Science in the Late Renaissance (1978) (no OCR).pdf 26 MB
Brill Publishing Symbolic Scores, Studies in the Music of the Renaissance (1994) (no OCR).pdf 12 MB
Brill Publishing The Classic Jewish Philosophers, From Saadia through the Renaissance (2008).pdf 2 MB
Brill Publishing The Early Palaeologan Renaissance 1261-1360 (2000).pdf 14 MB
Brill Publishing The Jewish Body, Corporeality Society and Identity in the Renaissance and Early Modern Period (2009).pdf 3 MB
Brill Publishing The Nature and Function of Water, Baths Bathing and Hygiene from Antiquity through the Renaissance (2009).pdf 8 MB
Brill Publishing The Palaeotypography of the French Renaissance Selected Papers on 16th-Century Typefaces (2008).pdf 11 MB
Brill Publishing White Magic, Black Magic in the European Renaissance (2007).pdf 4 MB
Britannica Publishing English Literature from the Old English Period through the Renaissance (2011).pdf 6 MB
Britannica Publishing The 100 Most Influential Painters and Sculptors of the Renaissance (2010).pdf 7 MB
Britannica Publishing The Ascent of the West, From Prehistory through the Renaissance (2011).pdf 7 MB
Butterworth-Heinemann Italian Renaissance Frames at the V and A, A Technical Study (2010).pdf 50 MB
Cambridge University Press Anxious Masculinity in Early Modern England (1996).pdf 5 MB
Cambridge University Press Author's Pen and Actor's Voice, Playing and Writing in Shakespeare's Theatre (2004).pdf 1 MB
Cambridge University Press Benedetto Accolti and the Florentine Renaissance (1985).pdf 8 MB
Cambridge University Press Companion to English Renaissance Drama 2nd (2003).pdf 4 MB
Cambridge University Press Companion to Renaissance Humanism (1996).pdf 20 MB
Cambridge University Press Companion to Renaissance Philosophy (2007).pdf 6 MB
Cambridge University Press Crime, Society and the Law in Renaissance Italy (1994).pdf 7 MB
Cambridge University Press Criminal Justice and Crime in Late Renaissance Florence 1537-1609 (1992).pdf 6 MB
Cambridge University Press Defending Literature in Early Modern England, Renaissance Literary Theory in Social Context (2004).pdf 1 MB
Cambridge University Press Drama and the Market in the Age of Shakespeare (1992).pdf 5 MB
Cambridge University Press French Renaissance Tragedy, The Dramatic Word (1990).pdf 5 MB
Cambridge University Press Gender, Rhetoric and Print Culture in French Renaissance Writing (2000).pdf 1 MB

..........................................and many many more

[Bild: cover2_zps9d4d2646.jpg]

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